Get your girlfriend to forgive

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Is your girlfriend angry with you again? Chances are, you've done something that really upset her, whether it was intentional or not. It's inevitable in almost every relationship, but if she's still sticking around, you may be able to get on her good side again. Whether you forgot an important date, said something inconsiderate or got caught looking at another girl, if you make every effort to restore your girlfriend's faith in you, she may end up forgiving you. Most importantly, you must be sincere if you want a positive outcome. If your girlfriend thinks you're full of it when you apologize, this may only make the situation worse. Even though you can't change the past, if you follow the steps in this article, you may be able to soften your girlfriend's heart and get her to forgive your mistakes.


How to Ask Your Girlfriend for Forgiveness

  1. 1
    Offer a sincere apology
    The first thing to do is apologize. Make sure you apologize with conviction, and don't do it just to end the argument. If she thinks you are saying sorry just to avoid the issue at hand, she will likely get even more upset. An apology means nothing if it is sarcastic or insincere. If you want your apology taken seriously, you need to have a change of heart. If you still think you are right, then you are not ready to apologize. Relationships mean compromise, and sometimes you need to accept when you're wrong. Apologizing is not just saying you're sorry. You need to actually state why you are sorry and give her reassurance that you will try to do better next time. Even telling her that you never meant to hurt her might help. In certain situations, avoid promising that it will not happen again, as this can backfire if you make the same mistake again. When apologizing, the most important thing is to make sure you do not blame your girlfriend or make excuses for your actions. Just bite the bullet, admit your faults, make it sound like you're in the wrong and that you recognize your mistakes. This will help her believe that you see what you did wrong, and will allow her to be hopeful that you will not make the same mistake again.
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    Write her a letter
    You may not have the chance to approach your girlfriend for an apology or even get her to listen because of her anger. In this case, it may help to write her a letter expressing how sorry you are for what you've done. Just like apologizing in person, ensure that you are taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming her for the issue. Unlike spoken words, a letter is something that she can read more than once, giving her more reassurance each time she reads it. A letter is a good choice if she is angry to the point that you cannot reach her.
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    Tell her you love her
    This may stick in her mind more than the argument or hurtful situation. Saying the words "I love you" (and meaning it) can help her feelings change from totally angry to feeling loved, regardless of your mistake. Be sure that no matter how you apologize, use those three sweet words. You'll be glad you did.
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    Give her some time
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    The biggest mistake a guy can make when apologizing is not knowing when to leave her alone until the event dies down a little, so step back and let her dwell on the situation. Some guys don't understand the power of letting things cool off. Giving her time to think things over about your mistake can help her realize the situation, and it saves you from having to apologize a million times to her for your actions. If she is too angry to talk to, simply step away and chill out until she is ready to talk if the opportunity presents itself.
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    Text 1.png
    Even if you let things cool off for the day, be sure to check with her through a call, text, email or messaging. These actions may trigger a conversation about the issue if she is ready to talk about what happened. Be prepared to talk about the situation because she will not let the issue go away easily. Whenever you check in on her, be prepared to have to talk about the issue, and think long and hard about what you want to say to her. The mistake of saying the wrong thing can bring her to the point of no return, leaving you without a chance to rekindle your relationship.
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    Go out of your way for her
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    When all else fails, sometimes you need to prove your commitment to her. Find something she wanted you to do that you have never given in to. It could be doing the laundry, washing the dishes, giving up a sporting event, etc. There is something in every relationship that has been asked but not granted for one reason or another. If you really want her back, you need to give up whatever that is to demonstrate that you really do love her enough to sacrifice something for her.
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    Try to make it up to her
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    This will only work if you're still in contact with each other. Cook her favorite meal, buy her a bouquet of flowers or some chocolates, or give her a thoughtful gift. Offer to take her out somewhere fun. It's also important to show interest in the things that she talks about, and that you listen to her. She may not be open to receiving gifts or going out with you, but the gesture is important and it shows that you care. Also, it's important that you continue to treat her well even after she forgives you, or else she may believe you're just doing this for your own benefit.
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    Have patience
    If you have exhausted all of the other steps with no result, the final and hardest thing is to give her time alone without you, as time can heal all wounds when done right. Giving her time alone allows her to think over the situation. Sometimes time alone can help her realize that you're sorry without actually apologizing for your actions. Getting a girl to forgive you can be a hard thing to do depending on the reason she's angry, but the steps above can help you get her back unless you've gone too far. Lastly, if you do get her back, try your hardest not to make the same mistake again. That could force yet another chain of apologizing events, and these steps may not work if she's tired of all of the apologies.
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How to Get Your Girlfriend's Mom to Forgive You if She is Angry

If you've done something to upset your girlfriend's mom, it can put a major strain on your relationship. If you acknowledge the fact that you did wrong and are truly sorry, you may want to ask your girlfriend's mom for forgiveness. There are several steps you can take to make this easier and more likely that she will accept your apology, but it's important that you acknowledge you were wrong, and make every effort to avoid a similar mistake in the future.

  1. 1
    Apologize with sincerity
    Tell your girlfriend's mom in-person that you're sorry for what you did. Bring it up at a time when she is not overly stressed or upset. Do not do this over the phone or in an email, as she may not believe that you're sincere. Do this in private, if possible, to avoid putting pressure on her. Do not expect her to immediately forgive you, and do not make excuses for your behavior.
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  2. 2
    Show integrity
    Briefly, discuss the matter with your girlfriend's mom. Explain and acknowledge what you did and why you did it, and do not shift the blame or minimize what you did. If you know that you did not do anything wrong, you should calmly explain the facts. On the opposite side, if you are completely aware that you did something wrong whether intentionally or not, you should show your integrity by admitting your faults.
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  3. 3
    Express a willingness to change
    If you've done or said something that upset your girlfriend's mom, you must be willing to change that behavior or characteristic. You may not be able to make up for what you did in the past, but it's best to take every step possible to avoid the same mistake in the future. Whether it's a repeated mistake or a one-time slip-up, try your best to improve your relationships with those around you, and show respect to the people in your life. For example, if you had one too many drinks and said something rude or disrespectful that upset your girlfriend's mother, you should avoid drinking in the future. If your girlfriend's mother is upset about something that you did or said to your girlfriend, you should make every effort to repair your relationship with her daughter.
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  4. 4
    Enlist the help of other family members
    If you're still on good terms with your girlfriend or her other family members, you may want to bring up the situation and ask them for support. Let them know what you did and that you are trying to repair your relationship with your girlfriend's mom. If they understand that you feel genuine remorse and are willing to make up for what you did, they may be able to coax your girlfriend's mother into accepting your apology. Remember that you cannot expect her to forgive you just because you're saying sorry. She may still be feeling hurt by your actions, but if she is willing to forgive you, your relationship may improve in the future.
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  5. 5
    Try to make it up to her
    Do whatever you can to improve her day or make her life easier. Show her kindness and prove to her that you can be trusted. For example, offer her help with work around the house, buy her a thoughtful gift, cook her a meal or offer to give her a ride if she needs one. Try not to overdo it, though, as she may just think you're trying to buy her forgiveness. Be patient and consistent for best results.
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Questions and Answers

What to tell your girlfriend when she's mad at you?

Of course at first, you must apologize for whatever reason she got mad at you. Admit your fault and say that you will never do it again. Say it with all your heart. When you say you're sorry, you must mean it and don't ever blame others for your mistakes because she will only be madder at you when that happens. Then tell her how much you love her. She must recognize your sincerity upon saying all those words. She must feel that she is very important and special to you. When you say you're sorry, but it's not enough to wipe away all her resentment, then you will have to give her time to forgive you. Say that you'll do anything just to get her forgiveness, but don't keep repeating that you're sorry because that will begin to irritate her. In some circumstances, only time can heal all her sadness.

A good thing that you can tell your girlfriend is that you are sorry about the situation/reason why she is mad. Also after you have apologized let her know that you will give her time and space to cope with the situation in your hope that she will talk to you soon also express how much you love her and hope she stops being mad at you soon.

How to get a girl who is not your girlfriend to forgive you?

Sincerely say you're sorry and that you did not mean to hurt her feelings. Tell her that she is a very nice girl and does not deserve to be hurt by anyone. Tell her that she is important to you and she's a big part of your life. Also, say that you will never forgive yourself unless she forgives you. Tell her that you are willing to wait and you're looking forward to her forgiveness.

Time will be the only factor on your side in regards to a person forgiving you fully. By you constantly bothering them asking them for forgiveness you will, in fact, push them back further in the process of forgiving you on their own which is the best way for someone to forgive which is on their own time and their own way.

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Message to ask for forgiveness from your girlfriend?

You need to be sincere when asking for forgiveness. You need to prepare what points you will be discussing with your girlfriend. Remember, only the points, not the exact words, as writing them ahead and telling it to her word for word will appear to be insincere, not to mention awkward. Your message should be a complete acceptance of fault, explanation, resolution, and apology. Your message to your girlfriend should contain these points:

  • Acceptance. It was your fault, a lapse in judgment, a wrong decision, a spur of the moment action. Whatever it was, you need to make sure that you recognize the fact that you made a terrible mistake. This is where most men fail. They ask for forgiveness without actually accepting that it was all their fault. Accepting you made a mistake is a humbling gesture and a good indicator that you are, indeed, sorry for what you have done.
  • Explanation. This may or may not be needed. There are mistakes that are better left without explanation, or it may only make the situation worse. If your situation requires an explanation, explain it to your girlfriend. Take note, though, that you are giving an explanation, not an excuse. Do not go over the line telling how that mistake happened and ultimately putting the blame on others instead of yourself. Explanations will help your load easier, but should not be used to get completely off the scenario. Remember, you already made the acceptance of fault, and giving a completely different explanation may make matters worse.
  • Resolution. Make a resolution not to commit the same mistakes again. Aside from that, show your girlfriend how committed are you to realize that resolution by avoiding scenarios and circumstances that may lead you to commit the same mistake. Say you cheated on your girlfriend for one night; you need to show that you are not going to do it again. Aside from that, including an assurance that you will not indulge in activities that may create the same scenario, like that you will avoid getting drunk with friends at during inappropriate hours.
  • Apology. This is the reason why you are talking with your girlfriend. This is what you need to ask for and your girlfriend to give. You have made a mistake, recognized and accepted that you made it, explained your side of it and made a resolution not to commit it again. The last thing that you need to do is to ask for forgiveness. Let her know that you understand how much that mistake hurt her. Ask for forgiveness. Apologize for the act and for hurting her. Tell her how sorry and wrong you are.

When you are done, hold her hand and attempt giving her a hug. If she tries to avoid it, do not force her. Just let her say the things that she wants to say and comfort her when she cries. Do not pressure her to forgive you. The important thing is that you have said what you want to say. Then you just have to bear with one of the deadly consequences of asking for an apology, and that is to wait until she can forgive you.

A message that can kind of sum up how you may feel will be "baby I am sorry for what I have done, this is my fault and only mine I should have used better judgment, I sincerely apologize and hope that you can forgive me and I promise this will never happen again"

This message will work but only if this is your first time making this mistake but if this is your 3rd or more time making the same mistake it may be harder for her to forgive you.

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Sample sorry letter for your girlfriend when you get mad at her?

December 19, 2013

As discussed in the preceding answer, you need to observe four points in asking for forgiveness. If you want to write it out in a letter, you can follow the format below:

I understand you are looking for a sample letter to apologize to your girlfriend but the best way for you to say that you are sorry to her will be to express your true feelings in order to help her through her rough time. The letter will be more appealing to her if you are speaking from the heart rather than a sample letter to write to her like a project you are doing for class.

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The best apology letter to be sent to your girlfriend and she will forgive you immediately?

There is no such thing as a letter to get instant forgiveness. Remember, you made a mistake, and it was a thing that hurt your girlfriend. Depending on the severity of your wrong act, the length of time it takes for your girlfriend to forgive you will vary as well. One thing's for sure: Forgiveness is not instant. You made a mistake, so you must suffer too, by waiting for her to forgive you. You do not want to put more pressure on her by asking for forgiveness immediately; that's just not the right way to do it. Just remember the things and advice discussed in this VisiHow article. Follow the tips and you will have a higher chance of being forgiven.

When it comes to women/men as a whole there is no way for you to get them to do anything definitely when it comes to their emotions. All you can do is ask for forgiveness while expressing how sorry you are for disappointing them while giving them time to heal. Time will heal all wounds over time but if you continually beg or ask for forgiveness it will turn them away further from forgiving you at that time. Tell her how you feel without her and from there give her time to heal.

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Sample letter to an extremely angry fiance?

Dear Love,

I know that you are angrier than hurt with what we are going through right now. I know that I may lose you because of what I have caused you. I have loved you since the very first time I set my eyes on you. I have been dreaming of growing old with you and now, I am just so angry at myself for ever hurting a very nice lady like you.

All relationships go through tests, and we are facing one of the greatest challenges in ours. I would like this to work out so we can be the same old happy couple we used to be. Please tell me that I can still gain your forgiveness. Let me know what I need to do to win you back again. If you aren't ready yet, I am willing to wait.

Please forgive me. You are my life and the only love I know. I want you to be the last woman in my life. Please come back.

Waiting for you, as long as it takes. I love you.

As said in the article one of the main things to consider while writing a letter will be for you to express your true feelings towards your fiance so that they will be able to understand clearly your thoughts and feelings rather than a made up letter that you will be writing for them in this moment.

How can I get my girlfriend to forgive me for continuing to call her to ask if she is okay?

This is what you're going to do if you want forgiveness from your girlfriend through a call when you call her and she accepts it, call her through her nickname like "babe", "sweetie" or "honey" as an introduction of your call and make your voice seem so worried. Then say what you are going to so say like "Babe, please listen to me, are you OK? I really want to know if you are OK. I'm so worried about you. If I did something bad, I am really sorry If I accidentally do those things that you don't like, it gives me so much heartache if you act like that. Now I have learned my lesson, I will not do it again. I don't know what I'm going to do and it seems like you're really hurt so I'm so sorry, I know that many apologies are not enough but I will show you how sorry I am. Babe, are you OK? I really want to know if you are OK. Please babe."

Remember that it is much better if you sincerely talk to her and you are really sorry, and when she talks, listen very carefully, take notes or always remember what she says to you, take note what actions that she doesn't like and try to understand her. And when she is OK, tell her how much you love her, date her, make her feel that she is the most important person to you, make an effort, show her that you are really sorry, make her smile everyday and say sweet words to her and while you are saying this to her it must come from your heart.

You need to show your girlfriend that you are sincere in asking her forgiveness. Constantly calling your girlfriend to ask if she's okay will only make her feel more restricted or will make her think that you are constantly monitoring her every move.

Below are my suggestions for you persuade your girlfriend to forgive you:

1. Give her a gift with an apology letter.

- Give your girlfriend a gift of her favorite thing or food and attached an apology letter stating that your only intention is for her to be safe and also state that you sincerely feel sorry for what you did.

2. Give your girlfriend enough space.

- Constantly calling your girlfriend is not actually a good idea even if your intentions are good. You must also learn to give your girlfriend enough space or time for her to do her own personal things. If you truly love each other, you need to learn how to truly trust each other. As for now, try not to call her or see her for a few days to give her enough time to cool her head.

The above tips will help you properly persuade your girlfriend to forgive you for constantly calling her.

Please forgive me sample message for my fiance?

Here is a sample "forgive me" message for your fiance: "To my one and only love, please forgive me, I am so sorry for those things and actions that make you angry. I am so sad if you are like that to me. Please accept my apology, I will do my best to make it up to you, please give me another chance. I can't focus on my work and can't sleep early because I am so worried about you and how you feel. Please message me or talk to me. I really hope that you are OK there because I am really worried. Sorry for my bad actions, I will be aware of my actions next time. I am so uncomfortable now because you are not here with me and I did something bad to you and I am so sorry. I really don't like seeing you sad, mad, angry at me because it also makes me sadder and it hurts. Please give me a chance, I love you so much my love, please forgive me. I love you."

There is no perfect formula to ask for forgiveness from your girlfriend. However, the best solution is to state in your message that you recognize your mistakes and you feel very bad for even doing that. Women like it a lot when they see that their boyfriends are recognizing their mistakes. It shows that you are humble enough to admit that you hurt her and that you are willing to do anything to get her forgiveness. Women know that humility is rather difficult for me because of their ego.

She is mad at me because I beat her over another guy she just started dating?

My girl is mad at me because I found out she ID dating another guy and I beat her

Instead of beating her, you must ask her, confront her and ask her these:

  • "Is that true, that you are dating another guy?" Even though you know the answer, you must ask her because it really has an impact if it comes from her mouth and to confirm it.
  • "Why did you do this to me?" If it is really that she is dating another guy, ask her why she did that to you and because you need an explanation of that.
  • "What's with that guy?" Ask why that guy and why she date him so through this you know what are the reason why she dated him.
  • "What did I do to you?" Ask this to her and found out the reason why she is finding and dating another guy. And ask also yourself, "What did I do to her?" because it can also be you are the problem why she is dating another guy.

Since you have just beaten that girl, the girl will really be mad at you because you beat her, she doesn't deserve to be beaten. Remember that no girl wants to be with a guy who beats her. If you want to say sorry, show how sorry you are. Give her time since you have just beaten her, if she can face you now, tell her how sorry you are and make an effort.

Anger with violence is not the solution to control those people around you, you must control it and you must avoid hurting others especially yourself. So if you want to have a progress in your relationship, change that bad actions, so here are some tips for managing anger without violence:

  • Go to anger management support groups like National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or visit their site and you must stop those bad actions since it is the only way to have a progress in a relationship.
  • You may also visit this site for online support / Online SupportLine at and since there are reasons why you acted like that, just like if you experience trauma as a child.

You must know and learn how to control your anger. So the tips are for yourself because it is always will start with you that can make yourself happy and satisfied.

First off it is very wrong for a man to ever put his hands on a female. You will need to leave her alone fully for she has a reason to be mad at you at this point, even though she may have cheated on you the act of placing your hands on her was totally wrong. The best advice will be for you to leave her alone to let things cool off between the both of you at this time.

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How to get my girl to accept my apology?

There are various factors that a guy should take into considerations for him to properly get his girl's apology. Here are some factors to consider in asking your girl's forgiveness:

  • Accepting your fault. The very first thing to consider in asking for forgiveness is to fully accept your fault. Some guys don't usually consider this factor in seeking their girl's forgiveness which makes asking for forgiveness more difficult. In asking for forgiveness, try to accept your fault and avoid making excuses. By accepting your fault, your girl will realize that you are man enough to accept your fault.
  • Try to understand your girl's feelings. Your girl is upset with you for a reason and you need also to understand what made her upset. Putting yourself in her situation is one way to effectively understand your girl's feelings.
  • Give her gifts. Another way to express how sorry you are is by giving gifts with an attached "sorry letter". Her favorite thing or the things that usually made her smile are the best gifts that you can give to your girl with an attached letter. Your letter should be brief enough for you to say that you accept your fault and how sorry you are.
  • Try not to be over possessive or obsessive on your girl. Guys that exhibit these negative traits are the most common factors why their girls are upset to them. Possessive or obsessive behaviors often make your girl's time and action limited which makes her feel like suffocating. To correct this, you need to give your girl enough time for her to do her own personal things and try not to be jealous of her every time she hangs out with her male friends.

To sum it up, your girl will easily forgive you if you sincerely accept your fault and change your negative attitudes.

What can I do to soften up my girl, she's mad at me and sad?

Your girl is mad at you and at the same time sad probably because you did something terrible. If you want to soften up your girl and seek her forgiveness, you need to frequently tell her how sorry you are and think of a way that will make her happy like for example, giving your girl a cute stuff toy or anything that will make her smile or frequently visit their house and serenade her. Moreover, in asking for her forgiveness, you need to be more sincere in talking to your girl and tell her that you accept your fault and you are willing to change your negative character for the sake of strengthening your relationship. If she's not ready to talk to you, give her enough time to cool her head off and once in a while send her a text message saying how sorry you are and tell her that the incident will not happen again. Softening up your girl if she's mad at you takes time and effort and the above mentioned tips, if done frequently, will slowly soften up your girl and eventually forgive you.

I said something stupid that hurt her and I didn't mean how do I fix it?

My question pretty much sums it all up

The best way out would be to make up for it. Correct your mistake and promise her that you will not do it again. Make sure you do something special to make up for it.

Sir how should I get her back in my life?

Sir I would like you to really help me I have been writing her so many letters, but sir I want you to help me get her back in my life

How you get her back in your life depends on a lot of what you did. If you just grew apart, and she decided that she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with you, that's going to be very difficult to overcome. However, if you actually did something wrong, such as upsetting her by having too many girlfriends, or forgetting dates that were important to her, you can try to get back on the right track by changing your approach.

Right now, she expects letters from you. In fact, if you have written so many, she might not even be reading them anymore. It's sort of like when someone says the same thing 20 times. You only really hear the first few times they say it. So you need to switch up your game a bit and start being much more creative in your apologies. Try these steps

  1. 1
    Apologize in color
    Go buy some crayons. Make a picture, or even a few pictures, showing her just how sorry you are, or just what a stupid guy you were. Making her laugh is a great first step.
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  2. 2
    Flowers are wonderful
    Since she was your girl, you know all about her favorite flowers. Send her some. Just don't go crazy. Sending 100 flowers will just inconvenience her, and look like a gesture you made to say, 'Yeah, I'm the man." Don't be that guy. Just send her a few flowers, or even just one. You do know her favorite flowers, right, or is that why she's mad?
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  3. 3
    Just like the flowers. You already know her favorite kind (not your favorite one - hers). So, you need to switch things up again. She knows you're going to send her the one she likes best. Don't do that. Go buy a perfume sized box, and then go to any perfume store, and buy a bunch of nice smelling pretty (real - don't go cheap on her) tiny perfumes. They don't cost much, and having so many to choose from will make her smile, and actually read your letter.
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  4. 4
    Stop apologizing
    She gets that you are sorry, and she obviously doesn't believe it. You need to pick yourself up, color some silly pictures, send her a few creative gifts, some flowers, and anything else creative that you can think of to make her smile. When she is laughing and feeling better, you can invite her out - and not apologize. You already did that. Do something different now if you want to keep her.
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These are just some steps to get you started. The sad truth is that when a girl decides she's done with you, there isn't much you can do to get her back. If you tried the "I'm so sorry baby" approach and she wasn't buying it, then you don't have much time left to shift gears and do something that will open her eyes to what a great guy you are, and why she should be going out with you. You are great, right? Yeah, that's what we thought. So get out there and show her how great you are.

My girlfriend has not spoken to me in 2 and a half months?

I was exceptionally mean to her, I called her terrible names and really hurt her. I thought I was losing her, but it was all me. She finally sent me an email tonight and again told me how much I hurt her and that I would have to live with it. How do I get her to date me again? I know she loves me like I love her.

You can't persuade her to come back to you, but she may still have some sort of feelings for you or she wouldn't have sent you an email after so long. If you truly feel sorry for what you've done, tell her openly and honestly. If she is comfortable with it, apologize to her in person. If not, stick to a phone call or email. Own up to what you did and make every effort to avoid treating her like that in the future. Tell her that you were wrong and that you'll try your hardest never to do something like that to her again. If she really wants to come back to you, she will. Have some patience after apologizing. If she doesn't take you back after a while, it's best to just let her go.

Hi. Please, read the question details?

Hi. I have a major problem with my girlfriend. Recently, I did something that I should not have done, and she got very mad at me. In addition, during our relationship, we both were in the first semester of the Nursing program. I made mistakes, but I immediately say that I was sorry, and she did accept it. However, because of the recent mistake that I made, she said that she is over with it, and she is not going to stay with me. Could you please give me some tips to be able to get her back? Thanks.

Make a list of everything you love about her and what makes your relationship so great. Ask her if she is really serious about ending your relationship after your recent mistake once she reads the list you provided. The list hopefully will remind her of everything she is throwing away and she may be willing to work things out, especially since you are expressing that you are willing to make the commitment.

How can you help me in this situation?

OK., at first we were dating and then suddenly asked if I was cheating on her. Later on, she told me it's over but now I'm trying to make it up to her. I can't because she now dates someone else and she has a friend who tells her not to talk to me. I really liked her. Then she says that she wants to talk to me but her friend tells her not to. One day I saw her talking to the boy that she is dating and when I walked up to her, she hid from me. Can you help me?

It seems that she is definitely done with your relationship and has moved on.

How does this work? is this a chat thingy?

Too short? I don't want to go into something too deep and just have it not answered

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All the above, I drank too much, she got angry and said it is done?

I made a blunder that I'm paying for on Easter long weekend, I had too much to drink, said some things I shouldn't have, first I said sorry then promised I'd change, and she'd see the results. Now it happened today that we broke up so it's just time, and if she loves me she will contact me again. I'm not going to text her, can't see her at the moment because we are long distance. I have 6 months before I go there so I'm hoping for the best with time. I really hope she forgives me and what she said was just out of anger. I have a condition she knows about and knows when I drink I forget to take my medicines, I told her I'm a different person when that happens and I told her the solution is for me to stop drinking altogether, and I said sorry. I have tried: A few text messages, I can't see her in person until 6 months from now. I sent to her I was wishing and praying that we can continue and will prove to her in the results when she sees me in the actions and changes. I'm making most of all, I said sorry. I think it was caused by: Drinking too much and not taking my medication, she said she was angry but I'm not leaving unless you do, I said I know you are, she said what, yes if you want me to, I said I know you are angry and no I don't want you to leave NO, she said if you want me act on my anger, I didn't at first get it, I said I don't want you to leave and she said and we are done good bye. I then sent I don't want you to act on your anger and don't want us to be done. I sent my last text which she has not seen; Take your time, I'm never leaving, the only time I will is when I leave on the 26th Oct to see you, don't want you to walk away from me or feel your fire. I will wait no matter how long it takes.

Keep apologizing. Unfortunately, she will not be able to forget what you said until she forgives you. In the meantime, take the money you would spend on alcohol and spend it on her. If she is unwilling to meet with you, then send her flowers. Show her that you really mean to make a change and do not want to lose her. She may just begin to forgive you. It will take time and effort, though.

I betrayed her and feel awful. How Can I get her to trust me again?

I kissed a girl in a club while I had a girlfriend. This is not what I'm like, and I feel as though I have ruined something great. What can I do? I need direct information relating to my individual situation.

You have greatly damaged her trust in the relationship. What were you thinking when you were in the club? You may have thrown out a fantastic relationship for one kiss with another girl. To rebuild her trust, it would be best to avoid the clubbing scene. You should be prepared that she will be extremely wary of trusting you for some time. Let her almost stifle you with questions about where you have been or what you are doing. Eventually, she will begin to trust you again.

I lied to my girl for the first time then I told her the truth is there a chance to get her back?

I lied to my girl for the first time I felt bad so I told her the truth with an apology that I made a mistake and the reason why I lied. What the lie was about which was going out even when she said it was OK. I lied because didn't want to make her feel that she couldn't go with me because she had to work. She found out that I went out when I told her I didn't. I didn't cheat on her yet she is upset about the lie. We have been together for a year now and it has been 4 days of no contact after I apologize to her. I'm confused because she didn't tell me that is was over or leave her alone. I haven't texted her after the apology. Should I contact her or what should I do? Or should wait longer to text her the relationship was going what should do? It's different because she lied to me before but we got past that but when it was the other way around she doesn't want to talk

It has been four days and you should contact her. If she ended the relationship, then you both need some sort of closure. If she is still mad, then you need to do all you can to gain her forgiveness. Even though you did not want her to feel that she was being left out because she had to work, you created a bigger issue by telling the lie. Contact her with another apology and throw yourself on her mercy. Do not make excuses for your deceit or bring up her past lies.

My lady is really upset because I was running late?

My lady is upset because I was running late to go pick her up from work. What should I Do

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I want you to send me a letter that I can forward to my future wife for financial assistance?

I want my future wife to assist me and complete a payment that she been helping me before he got angry with me. I want to ask my future wife to help me financially

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Hi she will not talk to me she was on holidays and I phoned her to much?

She will not talk to me or anything I phoned her and said I was was sorry but nothing. I should have waited for her to call me I should not have called so many times when she was away. I have tried: Calling her on the phone .sent her a card.that all. I think it was caused by: I think I missed her and wanted to talk to her but did not realize what I did and her family thought I was crazy so she phoned me and said don't pick me up at the airport in London Ontario Canada .

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How do I make her understand that it was not a mistake intended?

I was carried away by a text I got. the text was asking me to leave her since she was going to her ex boyfriend... with that anger I called her asked her when we can meet and talk then she started blaming me that I used her phone to text her ex boyfriend. I need to know what I can do because I have tried that provided but seems not to work. I have tried: I have tried apologising to her... I have written a lot of messages telling her how I love her... but she is still the same... I have tried going to hr place she sends people to tell me she is not in. I think it was caused by: The text I got from her...she says she is not the one who texted me the text bt what I wonder is why me

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