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There is a trend of racing being conducted but it's not the racing that we see on TV but special drag race events that take place all over the country. A lot of racers put their own money into the races and go for it win or lose but there are other alternatives that can help the racers make a lot more money than doing it on their own. Having a sponsor can help a racer out a lot with finances and popularity, some racers know of the option but not actually how to gain the support of a sponsor so this article will explain the steps for a racer to gain a sponsor.

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Gain the Support of a Sponsor

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    Your car will be the main focus of catching a sponsor, the car will need to be in tip top shape in order to catch the eye of a sponsor
    If your car is not being maintained well then a sponsor will overlook your car in a heartbeat also it matters how maintained a car is under the hood. A lot of racers fish out for sponsors by making their car look good on the outside but that is only half the battle for sponsors will also want to see how maintained the car is underneath all that glamour of the outside shell.
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    As a racer a sponsor will not pick the car that is losing
    Not by a long shot you will need to either have a good win/loss ratio or at least the look that you can overcome, but if your car looks like a risk to buy into the sponsor will shy away from the deal. If you do not have a good winning record then try bringing the record up a bit before looking for a sponsor to make a deal.
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    Promote your vehicle by taking lots of pictures from all possible angles along with all the stats on your vehicle
    In this day in age social media is huge, placing your car there will get you more than enough attention required so branch out and use technology to get your car seen so that it will attract the attention of sponsors.
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    Get together a good portfolio of you vehicle with photos, stats and a bit of personal information
    Put out the personal time it took to build and other personal information to get the sponsor to feel the dedication you put into your vehicle.
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    You will need to get together with your team exactly which sponsors you are actually going for so that you can have an idea of who you want to target as sponsors have different requirements
    Do not only think of big corporations as some small business can help you start off to get to the point that you dream of in the future. But at the same time try to broaden your search for all companies no matter which company it is so that you can have a bigger option in the search.
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    Use the internet
    To find the sponsors that you want to target as some companies have information for sponsorship on their website with all the requirements and also the steps to getting their attention and contact information.
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    If you ever score a sponsorship deal ensure that you get everything about the sponsorship in writing for future reference
    So that you do not get caught up in the thought of having a sponsor but it's not official. Make sure your sponsor is legit also by having either a lawyer present or even a lawyer look over your contract.
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    When you get your contract ensure that you keep up your competitive nature
    As if you didn't have a sponsor in the first place, some racers get comfortable with the sponsor and believe that they can do whatever they want because they already have the sponsor. Also remember that you are a racer do not get caught up in the world wind of having a sponsor and forgetting the mission for doing this can also get your sponsor to drop you as a racer also creating a bad image for you with other potential sponsors in the near future.
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    Keep your car and equipment in good condition while being sponsored
    Yes you will have the necessary funds to do more than you could before having a sponsor but don't feel as if you can wreck and destroy anything without a consequence towards you and your sponsor. If a sponsor notices that you are becoming wreck less and non-appreciative then they can also pull the deal from you or if they cannot they will not sponsor you when the deal needs to be renewed. When in business with the bigger corporations remember that they can find loop holes to drop the sponsorship earlier if necessary and this is not a position you want to find yourself in, so continue to take care of the vehicle and everything that the sponsor makes available for you during the deal and partnership.
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Finding a sponsor is not hard, but will take a bit of winning, promotion and upkeep of your vehicle. Also, it is important to remember that just because you have a sponsor it does not mean that the job is over and that you will need to work even harder to keep up your record and happiness of your sponsor.

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Questions and Answers

Why would it be a good idea to be car sponsored?

Getting a sponsorship for your racing car will not only help you financially, but will also help you build your image as a professional racer. Depending on the contract you sign, the other advantages may include:

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  • Ensured funds for car's maintenance during the contract period.
  • New tires. Tires are among the most expensive parts the car will need during a competition weekend. In the best case you'll need at least four sets. If you don't have your car sponsored and money for new tires, you have to drive with the old ones which is one of the biggest risks you would take in a race.
  • An option for professional tech team. This is a specific clause which only the big sponsors may ensure, but why not if it's possible?
  • Professional equipment depending on the sponsor's abilities.
  • Participating in different driving courses with famous coaches.
  • Taking part in tests - the best training for all racers, no matter if you're a newbie or advanced driver.
  • Investments in your preparation as a racer.
  • Opportunities for taking part in international races.
  • Participating in different advertisements, which will bring you new fans and will boost the brand identity of your sponsor.
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