Get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to read back a text message after speaking it

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Three of the most useful apps you can use on your Galaxy Note2 are:

Driving Mode.
Car Launcher.

The first and third apps will read a text message out loud to you as it comes to your mobile device. This is much more than a convenient feature. Around the world, one of the biggest causes for traffic accidents is from distracted driving - a driver using cell phone while behind the wheel. A rather daunting figure is that about 24,000 victims in America suffer injuries annually, due to a driver focusing on their cell phone instead of their driving. About 1,000 people in the United States lose their lives each year from such driving behavior. Deaths from drunk driving are no longer the number one cause for teenage deaths in the United States; today, texting while driving has the ignoble title.

Get The Samsung Galaxy Note2 To Read Back A Text Message After Speaking It

Due to the high volume of injuries, damage to vehicles, and deaths, the Samsung Galaxy Note2 apps: Driving Mode, Car Launcher, and ReadItToMe apps are well worth having on your Galaxy Note2 anytime you are traveling in a car.

Apps For Receiving Texts On Your Note2 While You Drive

There are a few options that will allow you to drive more safely while using your Note2 for receiving texts as you drive. One option is the Driving Mode. When it is enabled, it replies to any calls or texts as they come in to your Galaxy Note2. It will read the text message out loud to you while driving, and broadcast how many emails have been sent to you.

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  1. 1
    The Driving Mode is easy to enable on your Galaxy Note2
    1. From your home screen, launch "Setting".
    2. Scroll and select "Language and Input".
    3. Next, tap "Test to Speech output".
    4. Slide along"Driving Mode" to turn it on.
    5. It should have a check-mark once it is enabled.
    6. Tap "Driving Mode" to be able to select the notifications you want for incoming messages.
    7. Make sure that you have S-Voice activated from the Notifications bar.
    8. Tap the option to read text messages now so that you can speak a text message.
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  2. 2
    The Car Launcher application features large keys
    1. This is another safety measure for you while driving.
    2. With just a tap you can open and show the latest local traffic warnings and many other driving-related apps, such as Navigation.
    3. The Car Launcher app will launch anytime it is on your Note2 vehicle dock. It will shut off when it is taken out of the dock.
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  3. 3
    With ReadItToMe app you can only have text messages read to you
    This will allow you to focus on driving.  
    1. To enable ReadItToMe, have your Bluetooth paired with your Galaxy Note2. If you are without Bluetooth you can still launch this app by either plugging in the headphones, or turning on your speaker phone.
    2. The ReadItToMe is especially unique in that it can decode slang or jargon, and even common texting acronyms. Then, it will speak the message to you "translated" to standard English.
    3. For example, it can decode, "Aye m lmao 'bout that." It will say to you,"Hi, I'm laughing my ass off about that!"
    4. ReadItToMe will also accept new slang/jargon and add the words to its dictionary.
    5. It will also allow you to respond to text messages aloud. It can also read app notifications to you.
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    The basic ReadItToMe is a free application, but these two functions are about three bucks
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In conclusion, it is essential to have these apps on your Galaxy Note2 whenever you are driving. If not, just turn your phone off - don't be tempted. Your life, and the lives of others driving on the same roads as you could be in jeopardy.

All three are so convenient to use, and are so very useful that once you use them while driving around the block or around the country, you will be pleased that you have them. Now you can get the Samsung Galaxy Note2 to read back a text message after speaking it. The Car Launcher app will be very useful for navigating even though it is the only app that cannot read back a text message out loud. Buckle up, bring your Galaxy Note2, and drive safely.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • Make sure you have S-Voice activated on the Notifications bar in order for Driving Mode and ReadItToMe to read messages out loud.

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I have a Note4 and want to have my text read out loud in my car and also be able to respond back. Any suggestions?

I have a Note4 and want to have my text read out loud in my car and also be able to respond back. Any suggestions?

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