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This article will be on how to handle rejection from a person who you had feelings for or wanted to be in a relationship with at the time. Rejection can hurt and not all people take it the same way but a lot of people take rejection in the worst way causing depression and also embarrassment depending on the way that the rejection occurred but there is always a way to get over rejection and to continue your life without any negative feeling towards the person who performed the rejection. This article will help a person who has been rejected so that they can continue their life and put the rejection behind them for the best.

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    Understand that rejection is normal and everyone goes through at least one form of rejection in life and that you are not alone with your reflection
    People get rejected all the time either for a relationship or many other things in life so it is good to know that you are not the only one who has been rejected at anything in life. Nobody wants to have to face rejection but it's perfectly normal and of course you didn't want to have to be rejected but it happened so getting used to it would be a better way to continue in life for you will face other forms of rejection and it is good to face it and understand that is normal and will happen again unfortunately. By understanding this it will not cause you limit actions in life for the fear of being rejected later on, so facing and understanding that it is normal will help you to press on in life and continue to pursue the things in life which you desire.
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    Feel bad about the rejection for it is only normal do not try to act as if you don't care because deep down you to care about the rejection
    Feeling bad about the rejection allows you to accept the fact that you have been rejected. The more you bottle up your feelings the bigger the explosion later on when you finally let out the anger but it will not be in the sense that you expect it to happen for it can be against somebody else unfortunately or the wrong, place. While feeling bad is a good thing ensure that you do not let this feeling continue for long for it should just be a short process and then ridded of later on in your process. When you hold on to this sadness and anger for too long it will effect things that you do in your everyday life such as work, school and other activities which you are involved in during your life. While allowing yourself to feel bad about the rejection remember that you have full control of your emotions and that is yet another learning experience of the journey through life and that you can take from this experience the positive.
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    Get rid of the delusion of this rejection that you have faced for a lot of rejections leave a delusion in our mind that whatever we were rejected from is something we feel we need to survive
    Just like a relationship if you are rejected by someone you have feelings for to be with them then the delusion will be that you need that person and you will continue to pursue or feel the need that you have to pursue that person in order to live a happy life, this is totally incorrect on any level of rejection you face. Things that you are rejected from may be things that can give you a sense of happened but only for a temporary period in life so do not let the delusion make you feel otherwise as this thing is the number one cure to all your sadness in life and that without it you cannot succeed. This delusion will make you continue to chase what you have been rejected from in order to keep you in a circle of sadness and rejection so be careful and assess the situation to ensure that you do not follow these delusions.
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    Get out of the negative thought that because you were rejected, that you are the most undesirable and the most unlovable person in the world
    You are feeling like this because all your thoughts, efforts, and energy were focused on one person, on whom you have wished will reciprocate your feelings. Of course, because you were turned down, he or she did not have the same mutual feelings with you. Think about all the people who love you: your friends, your family, your colleagues. It might not be romantic love, but then, they have accepted you as you are (with warts and body odor and all). You have a lot to live for, and you have a lot of people to love, although it is not romantic love. Eventually, you will have your special someone in the most unexpected places. Just be patient and enjoy life as it comes.
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    Do not take the rejection process personal for it is not only a reflection of yourself but also on the person who is doing the rejecting
    When being rejected you feel as if you are the problem and start to question yourself as in what did I do wrong? What's wrong with me? What do I do to fix this problem within myself? But understand that it is not always you is has the issue for rejection is sometimes the reason through the rejecter. Its normal to take it personal for this rejection may have come at a cost to you whether it was your time you put in, planning, dreams and in some cases you have based the things you did in your life about this one proposal that has gone completely wrong. The person who rejects doesn't really take the time out to think about what the other person is thinking, feeling or has been through so do not always put the blame on yourself when being rejected have an open mind and find the faults that may be in the person doing the rejecting for this will help you to not take the situation too personal damaging your beliefs in yourself. The person may have rejected you due to issues going on in their life for not everyone is perfect so as much as they do not know about your back story you do not know about theirs either so take the rejection but don't take it so personal that you give up on yourself in the process.
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    Respect the person who is doing the rejecting, this doesn't mean that you have to like the person who has rejected you but you can at least respect their decision and wish them good luck in life
    After the rejection you do not need to avoid this person at all costs for sometimes the person who has done the rejecting feeds off your negative energy making them feel more powerful about the matter. In any form of rejection the person performing the rejection will feel a sense of power from the situation but you take this power away when you continue to be respectful and keeping your smile on your face. Aside from this the person who is doing the rejection is not a big part in your life or person meaning they shouldn't affect you as much for in reality they may be a "nobody" or anyone who you would even recognize on a regular day so there is no need to even let this person get stuck in your head as anyone you will even have to deal with in your life. Be sure to not hate the person after the rejection for hate takes a toll in your life more than even the person who is doing the rejection so in actuality you will be holding on to a situation when the other person will care less or not even remember the situation at all. So while you still have the issue in your head it will be in your heart as well and the other person will be free and clear of this issue being in their heart or taking it with them daily in their life so respect this person and wish them adieu.
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    Lose the hope that the person who rejected you will someday change their mind about the situation
    This is basically like holding on to false hopes for this person may never every change their mind about the situation but you will be holding on to this emotion in your life for no reason which may cause you to not take on certain challenges or things you desire for you will be holding on the hope that the person will change their mind about the situation. Having little hope is one thing but to hold on to that hope for a long period of time will be turning this little hope into an unhealthy form of hope that can take a toll on your life. The object is to not make yourself believe that you need this person to change their mind in order for you to continue on with your life for this is certainly not true or healthy. If the person who rejected you is someone that you are stuck seeing for a certain period of time then the hopes may just be a form of embarrassment for the person who rejected you is someone who you may see a lot and the hope for them to change their mind will make things easier for you when out and about or at work but the key is to understand that life can go on without this persons acceptance and that it is not necessary in order for you to function properly.
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    Sometimes the rejection process was caused by something that is wrong with you in some cases, rather than feel bad about the situation look at the things that you can do to improve for the next time instead of harp and feel bad about the situation
    From here you make all the necessary changes in order to better yourself when the next opportunity presents itself later on in life. When you have reached this point you will then get to see the possibilities in life that can be accomplished by this rejection for it is a learning process but you also have to take responsibility for your mistakes and fix them the best way that you can. Some things in fact are not changeable such as making a person attracted to you but you can also fix the other things that are workable but not only for that person but for the others you will meet later on in your life. Those are the great possibilities at hand for you to discover after you have fully reviewed everything about your rejection including the reasons on your behalf, what you need to change, how to change them and apply them in your life.
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