Get over a Broken Heart for a Man

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Recovering from a failed relationship can be difficult. Some space for reflection, processing, and working through your feelings is necessary, but you also must take action. We understand that getting over a broken heart is a process that can take some time, but there are things you can and should do to help get over a broken heart quickly. The tips below are here to help you overcome the pain of a broken heart now, rather than suffering through the pain. This will allow you to move on, finding the happiness and love you deserve in your life.


Get Over a Broken Heart Quickly

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    Keep yourself busy
    One of the best techniques you can use to recover from a broken heart quickly is to stay busy. How you choose to occupy your time is up to you. Some popular choices are to work more, take up an old hobby or start a new one, or even exercise more. The rationale behind this tactic is simple: by keeping yourself busy, your mind will be focused on other things. This will leave you less time to think about your lost love, and less time to feel sorry for yourself. Engaging in activities that improve yourself will not only help you have fun and meet people, it will also help you feel better and increase your level of self-confidence.
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    Reconnect with your friends
    For a wide variety of reasons, you may have spent less time with your friends and more time with your significant other throughout the course of your relationship. Now that you are single, it's the right time to reconnect with your friends. Your friends can help keep you busy and your mind off of your old relationship. They can also serve as an excellent network of support and encouragement, as well as boost your confidence as you work through this difficult period of your life. If you've surrounded yourself with very honest friends, they may even be able to help you examine your role in the dissolution of your relationship so that you don't fall into a pattern of negative behavior in the future.
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    Follow the "no contact" rule
    It will be easier for you to recover from a broken heart if you have less time to think about your sadness. Part of what you may need to do is not be in contact with your former love. This means no telephone calls; no showing up to their house or other places where you are likely to see them; no letters, e-mails or text messages; and no checking up on them via social media. In some cases, such as in a divorce, and especially if there are children involved, this may not be possible or even recommended. If you are able to, however, not allowing yourself to maintain contact with your former love for a period of time can help you break your romantic attachment to that person. Whether you need three weeks, three months, or an unspecified amount of time depends on several factors. You may decide, or in the case of children need to maintain a relationship of some sort with this person in the future. That's completely fine. Whatever relationship you do have, however, should be defined and understood by both parties. And remember, it's perfectly acceptable to not have any relationship at all until you're able to -- even if you do have shared children.
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    Give yourself time, then move on
    As mentioned above under "Follow the 'no contact' rule", you need to give yourself time to recover. You may be able to be friends with your former significant other at some point, but when or if that happens, you should take care of that relationship and make sure you set boundaries. The amount of time you need to recover may depend on several factors, including the nature and length of your relationship, as well as your own personality. A period to process and reflect on what has happened is acceptable, but at some point, this must end. Spending too much time dwelling on negative emotions will harm you and be a toxic factor in any of your future relationships. Do keep in mind, however, that getting back into the dating game too quickly can be just as damaging to your self-confidence. However, if you're not sure when you should get back into the dating game, make sure to visit our article on when to start dating again after a breakup or divorce.
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Things to Remember

There are a variety of things you can do to help yourself get over a broken heart. Some of the tactics we discussed above may work for you; others may not. Each person's reaction to a break up and a broken heart is different. When all other methods of distracting yourself have failed, allowing yourself time to feel upset, time to process what happened, and time to recover may prove to be the best option. It just might take trying all of the options we've suggested to understand that, as broken hearts aren't always honest with us about what they need.

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