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Relationships provide happiness, but they can also cause suffering. The pain felt after the end of a relationship is a universal experience that can greatly affect a person's life. A broken heart heals in time, but there some steps you can take to accelerate this process. First and foremost, you will need to open up to new experiences and change your perception of your former partner, your former relationship, and yourself. If you cannot imagine what life will be like after your separation, we hope that the tips you find here at VisiHow will guide you through this difficult time.


How to handle a breakup?

The pain and grief associated with separation is natural and you don't have to be ashamed of the emotions you experience. Allow yourself to cry after a breakup -- this is an important step that you must go through to have a better sense of the end of your relationship. Even though this step should be allowed to happen if you feel you need it, it's important not to grieve for too long. Plunging into despair will not bring you anything good. Additionally, depression and negativity will not bring your beloved back. If your breakup crushed you to the point in which you can't deal with it, you can always look to your family and friends for support. They are meant to cheer you up and help you forget the pain and loneliness.

How to get over a broken heart?

It is always difficult to deal with a breakup, especially if you're a woman. It is common knowledge that women tend to be more emotional. Getting over a broken heart, however, is not impossible!

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    Scientists compare being in love to being on a narcotic high. When you are in love, you are under the influence of hormones that make you feel extremely lucky and excited. From the point of view of neuroscience, your suffering after a breakup is understandable. You are like a drug addict that is quitting cold turkey because you have been deprived of the power necessary to live. That's why just after breaking up, you still feel love towards your ex-partner and your desire to still be in the relationship increases. The only cure? As in the case of other addictions -- complete separation. No meetings, phone calls, e-mails or checking your former love's social networking profiles. Clear your space - hide photos and gifts that you received during the relationship and avoid places where you might run into your former partner.
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    Avoid Negativity
    Do not waste your energy on false friends that gossip, or on people who are toxic and self-centered. Look for someone who has had a similar experience and will reassure you that your suffering will pass. Nothing will cheer you up more than knowing that your once unhappy friend is now enjoying their life, even though this person once went through the same miserable time that you are going through now. You may also meet for coffee with a friend who will remind you of your suffering after the breakup with a prior partner, and how you managed to recover from that experience. Even if you do not want to go out and feel like you would rather run away or lock yourself in the house -- don't. Your world may have just collapsed, but others are there to show you that there is still normal life, and that sooner or later you will become part of it.
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    Do Something for Yourself
    If you've been dreaming of visiting some place -- do it now! Right now is the best time to plan your journey, take some time off from work, buy a ticket and go! If you are presently unable to afford a vacation, think of something you can do to bring joy to your life. Maybe you can begin a new hobby, such as taking dancing classes, going to the gym, or even running. You may also decide to start a diet and lose any weight you've been wanting to get rid of, or even change your hairstyle. Another action you may consider is changing something in your home or apartment. For example, you can paint the walls, rearrange furniture, or buy new furniture.
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    Keep Yourself Busy
    Nothing changes your perspective quite like focusing on someone or something else. If you have been abandoned, your self-esteem typically drops and needs to be raised. Some ideas to change your point of focus include adopting an animal that loves unconditionally and increases your level of serotonin, a hormone responsible for your good mood. You will feel more responsible and better able to manage your free time. If you are unable to adopt a pet, try to take care of animals in a shelter once a week or even help other people in need. You can regularly go shopping for a lonely neighbor or donate money to help a child in need. Look around, as there are many people in a much worse situation than you. You can give them your heart as well as your time!
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Tips and Suggestions

  • Remember, a breakup does not equal the end of the world. You are neither the first nor the last person who will experience this type of loss.
  • Keep in mind that although some of these suggestions may seem impossible or difficult to do at the moment, they are in fact the best solutions to help you. Following them will let you take your first step into a future without your previous partner.
  • Don't forget to share this advice with friends. When you overcome your problem, you will probably end up using very similar advice to help friends when they ask you to help them get over a broken heart.

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