Get in the Varsity Volleyball Team

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Have you wondered how tryouts determine who gets onto a varsity volleyball team? I have the answer for you. If you feel like you've been missing something, this article may give you some answers.



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    Your attitude is the most important thing. You must feel like the King of the Court!
    1. Confidence. If you feel confident enough, you will have faster reflexes, more strength, and better endurance.
    2. Your respect and courtesy to other players, both on your team and on the opposing team, will be taken into consideration.
    3. Communication.
      As volleyball is a team sport, coaches look for team-building skills and leadership when it comes to tryouts.
    4. Team Spirit. Try to organize your future teammates, reassure them when they make mistakes, and congratulate them when they do well. This can lead you to becoming the captain of the varsity team!
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    Minimize Errors
    Errors during a game are most often made because of lack of self-confidence and/or stress. Therefore, believe you in yourself and trust yourself and you will make less mistakes and score more points.
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    Start preparing at least one month before the tryouts.  
    1. Physical Training. Start doing some physical exercises. It's important to be in great shape when playing any sport. Choose exercises specific to Volleyball to strengthen the muscles you'll use and need in a game. Coaches will notice if you're out of shape, and it will affect your game. Even if you don't have the best technique, if you jump higher than the others, you will stand out from the crowd.
    2. Training Videos. There are countless training videos available on the internet that will help you improve any part of the game you're having issues with. Make sure you take the time to watch these, as you'll probably notice some things you're doing wrong, and things to help you improve your game.
    3. Over-Training. Training can only make you better, however, try not to over-train, as you might tear a tendon or even a muscle. This can stop you from participating in the tryouts, and you won't even have the chance to show off your skills.
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  • Make sure you do not over-train.
  • Rest two to three days before the first tryouts.
  • Wear bright colors during the tryout - this will help you be noticed and remembered.
  • Arrive early. The coach will see that you are experienced, committed and serious about the game.
  • Meet the coach. This way you will make sure he recognizes you from the tryout.

Questions and Answers

I am a setter in the 8th grade. How do I make varsity for my limited position?

I am on a national volleyball team. My 7th and 8th grade teams both were undefeated for the season. I am a setter/outside hitter.

Making varsity is all about how good at the game you are, and how well you are able to prove it to the coach during tryouts. Make sure you record all of your previous season's highlights, how many points you scored, how many points you helped to score, and if you were the deciding factor in any matches. Then, remember to keep practicing in the weeks leading up to the tryouts. Statistics are one thing, but showing the coach that you still know how to play the game and that you have improved since the last season will show that you're a dedicated player and will help the coach decide to make you a part of the team. Simply prepare yourself for the tryout and make sure that the coach knows you are a valuable asset he won't want to miss out on. If you can successfully prove you are a great player and you'd help the varsity team win many games with your presence, the coach will likely bring you on the team. Just try your best, and if you're really good, you'll get on the team with no problems. Good luck!

Actuality this has nothing to do with varsity volleyball.

I was wondering if you didn't try out for volleyball freshman year, and you want to try out in your sophomore year, is there any chance you'll make the team? What can you expect when you enter the gym?

There are many factors you have to think about for this question. First, the smaller the school, the better chance you have of making the team. Also, if you are talented, practice in the off-season, or play club volleyball, you will have a better chance of making the volleyball team. But chances are, if you go to a school that is pretty good at volleyball, and you've never played before, and are trying out your sophomore year, you are most likely not going to make the team.

How Can I Practice Volleyball At Home?

I really want to make the volleyball team at my school. I'm not really the star player and I need to practice. The problem is I don't have equipment to practice; I just have a volleyball. I do have a net set up in my back yard but it's too low and I don't want to get used to serving over a low net. I'm desperate for answers the tryouts are in 2 weeks! Help!

Practice your hitting approach and your blocking/jump blocking approach in your house. It will help you jump higher, especially if you wear some sort of soft weights when you practice this. Practice ball control by passing or setting to yourself, or against a wall. Roll shots against the wall are extremely helpful too. Volleyball also requires conditioning. Box jumps and things that give your core a workout, make your jumps better. Push-ups are good for arm swings. To help with digging, you can practice shuffling. there are a lot of resources available on the internet; just do a search.

How does the "setting formations" work?

I'm going to be a freshman. Last year my coach last year didn't explain the formations for setters, and I was confused at the workouts today with pushing the hitters up and switching places. The coaches are studying us, and I really need to prove myself to them. Please help me with the formations. I have tried: Watching videos on YouTube. I think it was caused by: My coach did not teach us the formations.

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I'm a sophomore in high school who is 5'6 ½. I want to get on the volleyball team and I'm not really experienced.

I want to at least get on the JV team, but I'm not an experience player and tryouts are next week. I know the basics. I have tried: Bumping, passing, shagging balls etc. I think it was caused by: I don't know.

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How can I prove to my coach that I'm not only good in the back-row but in the front row too?

In my volleyball team I was placed in the back row for my good passing skills, and I was grateful for that spot (also not to mention being only 5,2). Deep down I was slightly (okay not slightly) sad that she didn't put me in the front row. Now, more than ever I would like to be a wing spiker but I have no idea how to prove to my coach that if she lets me be front row, I won't let her down.

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How hard is it to make the varsity volleyball team as a freshman?

What should I expect going in to the gym for varsity tryouts? how likely am I to make varsity as a freshman... will I just be embarrassing myself? I am asking how hard is it to make the varsity team as a freshman not questions about tryouts like most other questions. I have tried: I have been playing volleyball for 3 years now and have always been top of my team... now that I'm going into high school I'm curious to know how difficult making the varsity team is coming in as a freshman. I think it was caused by: I have been told countless times to expect the worst due to the fact that priorities are given to the people who have been on the team in past years.. it got me thinking.. what are my chances of actually making this team

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How do I make it on an established volleyball team?

Hi, I'm relatively new to volleyball, but I know I have talent. I was recommended to be moved to the A team in my first year of school volleyball and I'm absolutely loving this sport. My coach says that I should try out for a club volleyball team and there's a really elite (at least to my opinion) team in our residential area. All the girls who go there are very elite and have been playing on that club team since 12U (so three years now). How am I supposed to make it on the team if the coaches basically know who they're going to pick? I believe that this situation can be important to newer volleyball players. I know for sure that I'm not the only one who started volleyball late thinking 'How am I supposed to be given a chance if all these girls have more experience than me?'. I have tried: Since club volleyball tryouts are in November/December, I've started working on my overall fitness and basic fundamentals every day. I think it was caused by: To me, I believe that it is just lack of experience. I feel like there should be more advice on how to stand out without having to be on a fancy club for three years to make it on the club team.

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