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This article will be on how you can get a patent for an invention that you have made. A patent is like a copyright, only it is for an invention and a copyright is for a document or anything that is printed. Getting a patent will ensure that your invention is safe from anyone else attempting to steal your idea and also your invention will be safe when you put it up for consideration by a company to help you produce your invention and to help sell it as well. A patent can be given to either one person or a group who helped create something unique. There is a certain amount of type of steps that you will need to take in order to get a patent for your creation successfully.

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Steps to Take to Get a Patent

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    Understand that there are different kinds of patents out there at that you will need to pick the perfect patent that goes with your invention to ensure that you get the right protection for your idea/invention
    These are the types of patents that you can have approved to protect your idea depending on the type of idea that you are trying to have patented. Before going any further you will need to come up with the type of patent that your creation will require.
    1. Utility patent. This a patent that is awarded for any idea that is new and an original invention that has benefits that can help society. These patents usually only last for about 20 years from the day that you get the patent approved in order to protect your invention.
    2. Design Patent. This is a patent that is given to an original idea that can improve the design of something that has already been invented previously and this parent only can last 14 years after the day that it is approved to be used. This patent for example is something along the line of you inventing a watch that tell you the time through a hologram (which has not been invented) for it is an original idea on something that already has been invented in the world today.
    3. Plant Patent. This patent is for all ideas related to a new creation of a plant that is asexual for it can reproduce on in its own. With this patent you will be able to protect your new plant species for 20 years (just like the utility patent) from the date that you have the idea approved.
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    Look through all inventions before yours in order to make sure that your invention is unique
    There are a lot of inventions out there that may be similar to your invention so searching for the inventions similar to yours will ensure that your invention will be different than the other inventions so there will not be an incident about your invention already being invented previously. The search is a valuable asset for you to use in order to ensure that your invention is without a doubt unique for the idea will probably have already been invented without your knowledge this path will also help you to not waste your time and also to change the type of invention/idea that you have yourself. This may in fact only change your patent request from a utility patent to a design patent instead so all hope is never lost but it is important that you search for all alike ideas that match your invention/idea. You can do a search by utilizing a patent library either at your local library or you can go online in order search for a patent record site. There are a number of databases where you can search for this information online or if you prefer to do it the standard way you can visit your local library where you can also find this information as well. It is recommended that you use the internet for the information in a library may be out dated for the internet will update this information by the second.
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    Make sure that your invention meets the guidelines in order to qualify for a patent
    At times your invention may not qualify for a patent in little ways but can all be fixable. It is important that your invention meet the required guidelines for if they do not then you will spend a lot of time trying to get it patented for no apparent reason at all so ensure that your invention qualifies before going any further in the process of getting it patented. Some of the requirements to get your invention patented are as followed:  
    1. Patented for originality of your invention or project.
    2. Invention must in fact be useful and qualify for a design patent.
    3. Must be a plant patent that is proven.
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    Get in contact with either a patent attorney or a patent agent in order to help you through the process for it will not be an easy task to complete on your own without the proper knowledge of how things are supposed to be done in order to get the patent
    These people have the necessary knowledge to help you through the law process and how the application of the patent can be successful for you at the end of your process.
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    Fill out the paperwork for your patent application in order to get the ball rolling on the process of getting your invention patented
    When filling out the paperwork for the patent be sure to include as much information about the invention/idea to the best of your ability, you will need to be very detailed and descriptive about your invention for the lack of being descriptive can hurt your chances at getting your idea patented for you will need to get the people who are reviewing you patent the most vivid description so that they can almost see what you have described. Also you will need to put in the application exactly how your invention will work in order for them to determine its usefulness for the world. Also in the paperwork it will be important for you to provide the information about everyone who was involved with the inventing process by giving their names and addresses so that they can be associated with the patent as well for they have put their work into the invention along with you as an inventor.
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  6. 6
    File your patent via online services or electronically if possible, but only a couple of patents are authorized for you to file electronically such as the Utility Patent and also the Design Patent
    These patents can be filed on the website through the US Patent and Trademark Office. Only these two patents can be done online for the plant patent can only be done through the manual patent route. Manually submitting a patent can be done for all three patents Utility, Design and plant these can be done manually through going through the official patent office which you can find online in order to visit them physically. When filing these patents it is important that you understand that you will have to pay a filing fee in order to file your patent so research exactly how much it will cost for you to file your patent paperwork. The rates for the patent fees will be based on the type of patent which you are trying to apply for, each patent is a different price because each patent will require a different set of paperwork for each so understand that each patent type will be a different fee which you can find out about on the website.
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    Waiting is the last step after you have submitted your application to be approved or denied, the application process will take a while ranging from weeks to months as the patent examiners will have to research your patent to prove its usefulness and also its original design
    Plus you will also have to understand that you will not be the only person who will be submitting applications for a patent.
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