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A pokemon in the wild grass

A Pokémon is a creature short for pocket monsters. There are all kinds of Pokémon in the Pokémon games you can run in to. You find wild Pokémon in the tall grass and if you have a Pokémon [you get to pick a Pokémon at the start of the game] you can battle other .


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    After you start your journey and get some poke balls, run around in a patch of grass
    When a Pokémon appears, your character will release your lead Pokémon from its poke ball You can see a heath bar on the top left, as well as on the bottom left. In Pokémon, these bars are called HP bars. The one on the top is for the opposing Pokémon, while the one on the bottom is for your Pokémon.
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    Now you have to either choose "fight" or "bag" at the bottom of the screen
    Choose fight.
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    Next you have to choose a move
    I recommend a weaker attack like "tackle" or "scratch" to ensure that you do not knock the opposing Pokémon out. Every starter Pokémon starts with a weak attack.
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    Once the opposing Pokémon has very little HP, go to bag and press poke balls.
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    Select a poke ball you have in your bag and press "use"
    Then your character will throw that poke ball. If it wiggles three times and little stars come out of the ball, then congratulations; you've caught a Pokémon! If it doesn't, either try weakening it some more, inflict a non-damaging status condition such as paralysis, or try and throw another poke ball.
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