Get Your Girlfriend Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated on Her

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For many women, honesty and loyalty are the most important qualities in their relationship. Because of this, obviously, cheating can definitely create a big scar in the hearts of many women. Not only does it hurt emotionally when women learn of an affair, it creates a lot of doubt and adversely affects the way they handle future relationships.


How Cheating Hurts Women

  1. 1
    It makes women lose confidence in themselves
    Women have a tendency to take things personally. They look at themselves based upon how other people treat them. In this case, when a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend, it causes the girlfriend to think there is something wrong with her that led her boyfriend to seek for someone else. The bottom line here is that, at the end of the day, the girlfriend feels like a loser and unwanted. This is difficult to overcome, especially when it is felt because of something that the man that you love the most did to you.
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    Women lose confidence, because so often, not only does her love cheat on her, but when she confronts him, he not only lies again but has a way of making her feel like a fool for even asking
    By the end of the conversation, he's made her paranoid, and now she believes she's imagining things and a terrible person for asking him. If only men could learn, women usually know. If she has the guts to ask you tell her the truth!
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    It leads women to feel disrespected
    When you cheat on a woman, they believe their feelings are not respected and considered. Cheating tells a woman that her boyfriend did not think of her and did not care if she would be devastated by his thoughtless behavior. It makes a mockery of the relationship and says to her that you do not take any promises seriously.
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    It makes women feel that their intelligence is being underestimated
    A lot of men cheat in a very obvious way, yet they think that their girlfriends actually don't notice it. This is a major part of cheating that really hurts the most. Not only does it hurt that a boyfriend is doing something behind his girlfriend's back, it also hurts to think that a boyfriend assumes the girlfriend is stupid and has no idea about it. The malicious intention hurts a lot.
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    It makes women lose trust in their boyfriends
    Trust is very difficult to earn and unfortunately, once women lose this towards their boyfriends, it is very difficult to gain back the trust, even with the next boyfriend. There's a feeling of betrayal that is difficult to forget. It hurts a lot to accept the fact that the man you have trusted with your heart has actually taken you for granted and taken that trust for granted.
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How to Get Your Girlfriend to Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated

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    Show her how sorry you are
    It takes a lot of courage for men to admit that they have done something wrong. Women know that for men to be able to do this, it will be a big blow to their egos. When you show your girlfriend that you take responsibility for, and recognize all the mistakes you have made and that you are sorry for all of them, it might touch a bit of her heart and she may be on the way to considering forgiveness.
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    End your relationship with the other woman
    It doesn't really matter if you said sorry a thousand times if you still carry on with the forbidden relationship with the other woman. If you really are sorry about cheating, you have to make sure that you put an end to that mistake. Also, it would really bode well for you if you completely cease any communication with the other woman, in whatever form. You owe that to your girlfriend. Women can be tricky, and if you even have the smallest contact, she'll find a way to let you know she needs you, and you know how easily you fall for that. Your girlfriend will definitely not appreciate it if you still greet that other woman on her birthday, even when that greeting is not malicious at all.
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    Prove to your girlfriend that you won't do anything like that again by being transparent and completely honest in your actions
    Women appreciate communication and like to know what you do throughout the day. If you volunteer this information to her, she will appreciate that you are making an effort to correct the mistakes you have made in the past. It will also demonstrate your respect for her as a girlfriend and that you recognize her needs in the relationship. Do not get frustrated if it seems like you are suddenly being monitored down to the how many swipes of your deodorant you used that day. She may need constant reassurance and you need to volunteer it to her.
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    Give her time
    Cheating and the pain that it causes will not be resolved overnight. Do not expect that your girlfriend will just come crawling back to you after you say sorry. Recognize that this may take some time and be prepared for that. Never push her to forgive you, as that will only tell her you really don't understand and care for her. This stage will definitely be lonely for you, but you have to bear it as a form of consequence for what you have done. Having an affair does not make you a man, compassion, and patience after you've damaged someone you claim to love and helping her heal, that is being a man.
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    Straighten out your life
    Responsibility and maturity are always a turn on for women. If you show her that you really are making an effort to improve yourself and avoid committing the same mistakes you've made in the past, she will begin to feel that maybe it's not a bad idea to invite you back in her life again. Actions definitely speak louder than words. If you say you will fix your life, do it.
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    Regain her trust by fulfilling your promises to her
    Recall all the wonderful promises you've made in the past. Analyze whether you have done all those. If not, it's about time that you really make an effort to fulfill them. When she sees this, she will realize that you are a man who honors and commits to promises. Do not stop even if she doesn't acknowledge everything you are doing for her.
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Questions and Answers

Hi admin. I would like to share my story and seek for advice. I am together with my girl for 3 years

Last year was a long distance relationship. She was older than me by 10 years. She is my longest girlfriend as for now. Throughout the 1 year's when we are a thousand miles apart. I do fly over to see her every month or two. But everything came to an end just a few weeks back as I did something wrong the 2nd time in this relationship. I went party with my group of friends and with girls and I lied to her saying I was stuck in immigration so I couldn't get to see her. This made her dead worried for 2 days as I was unaccountable. She gave me chance to tell her the truth but I lied and told her another grandmother story. By doing so, she got really disappointed as I could feel her hands turning cold. The first incident happened the same but she forgave me and gave me a chance. I really love her a lot and she's the only one that I want to marry and spend my future with. Can you advise me on how to get her back and tell her that she's the only one that I want to get married with as she is there for me no matter up and down? I really appreciate her and cherish everything in her. I regretted it so much. She asked me if I really love her with all my heart why am I doing such things and why would I choose to hurt her. This questions left me wondering for few days. I know it clearly in my heart, I love only her and the one I would want to get married with. But I myself don't know why am I doing this. I asked myself is it due to boredom. But the answer is not as we don't make video calls daily. But things are not going the right way for me. I need to get her back and I need to get this marriage done. I will do anything just to prove my love and most sincere apologies

You need to fly back to her and officially propose to her. The lies you told were extremely harmful in the relationship. You are correct to questions yourself as to why you were not honest with her. Psychologically this is the first real serious relationship that you have had. Now you are getting to the point that you either make a commitment to marriage or end the relationship. This could be why you are acting out, misbehaving, and lying to her. Still, that is not an excuse to use. Instead, if you really want her permanently in your future, you need to propose to her and start making those permanent plans to live together. Involving the immigration process will cause further stress in the relationship so be prepared to weather that with your girlfriend.

My girlfriend says my cheating was unforgivable, and the thought of me touching her is repulsive.

How do I get my girlfriend to open her heart and mind to the idea of forgiving me?

Through words instead of hands, tell her consistently how she is attractive to you and how she makes your heart feel complete. You need to realize that each time you touch her, she is remembering that you touched someone else and that brings up all the hurt again.

It will take time and rebuilding of trust for her to feel relaxed in intimate situations with you again. Be patient.

How to get my girlfriend to love me and trust me after cheating?

After I divorced my first wife, I had 4 kids that I didn't know what to do with. They were so small and young. Then I met this woman that was divorced and had 2 kids from her ex-husband and she was living in Palestine and that time of the year I was in Jordan with my kids. I met her at my sister's house, she was depressed and she said I wish that I can stay here in Jordan longer to see my kids more often but she couldn't because in our culture women can't live alone except if they are married so she had to go back with her family to Palestine. We had an agreement that I would marry her so she can take care of my kids and she can stay here in Jordan to see her kids. And she agreed and I never loved her After 2 years I met this beautiful woman and at that time my wife already had a girl from me. But she knew that if I fell in love that I was going to get married. She approved. I never wanted to have kids from her but she begged me and cried so much for it. And when I met my girlfriend, I told my wife about her and that I love her. She said that I could marry her without divorcing her. I refused and she said that she's going to break us apart because my girlfriend never knew I was married. I was afraid to tell her that because I thought that I'm going to lose her this way. My girlfriend and I were together for 5 years and when she found out I was married, she left me. She won't forgive me and I never went near my wife every since the girlfriend, except one time. I've already divorced her.

You lied to the other women and she can't be blamed for walking away after she learned that you were married. Although your wife originally agreed to allow this woman in your life, the woman has determined that this is not a relationship she wants. Unfortunately, you started a relationship on a lie. You have a child with your wife as well as a blended family of the other children you both brought into the marriage and need to consider stability for them above what you may be feeling right now for the other woman.

If you had stopped, for just one moment, and thought about all the lives you were affecting with the focus on what you want, I want someone to take care of my four kids, I want the beautiful woman. You think quite a bit of yourself, but you've left a lot of people harmed by you, who don't feel the same way.

Literally, how do I make her forgive me? She is a strong-headed Maori lady.

We were drinking, I was drunk and there was a girl in our little group of friends (a sister of a friend) me and my wife were talking to a couple and our group (the wife of couple is the sister) and apparently I left the table walked up to this girl put my arm around her and went to the bar. My arm was around her while we were at the bar (so I was told). All right in front of my wife and the couple and a few others. Now I remember going to bar and having shots, putting my arm over her shoulder but I didn't think it was in the type of way to look like I was trying to hook up. Then my wife packed up and left the bar. I followed her home. I knew I put my arm around her, but she was saying that I cheated on her. Now I've never even thought of cheating on her, what do I do? I have tried: Tried to explain but she doesn't want to hear it. Doing all house work? Sort of not too good at trying to explain myself. I think it was caused by: Alcohol but probably just my greediness to top shelf. Not controlling the way I drink.

You committed, what your wife determines, is an indiscretion. You are making good steps in atonement towards her and now all that is left is giving her time to get over the situation. Keep in mind that you offended her in public around other people you both know so she may be feeling some embarrassment from your behavior.

Prove you love her, and prove you love yourself. Quit drinking. Simple. When you can't remember what you've done... Need I say more?

How to win her back after I cheated on her?

I have cheated on my girlfriend with the mother of my kids. It was wrong, I apologized for my actions and it wasn't enough. I have tried: Talking to her, telling her I am sorry. I think it was caused by: Pictures

You not only cheated, but you cheated with the mother of your children. When you did this, your girlfriend lost a lot of relationship security. Consider that you already have children and she may be thinking that you want your family with this woman back. It may be time to make a bigger commitment to your girlfriend to signify that you chose her. You also should arrange a public place to pick up your children or have your girlfriend present so that she can begin to regain trust again. This is very troublesome for you, as one of the first suggestions when a man cheats, is that he stay away from the girl he cheated with which in your case is not possible. Maybe it's time to go home?

Will she forgive me? Will the pain ever go away?

I cheated on my girlfriend for several months with a woman at my work. We are still together now, but she can never let it go and always brings it up and questions our relationship. What are things that can make her happy and know that I'm done cheating?

It is no less important for her that cheating took place. Even if there will be no similar episodes, the fact will always be brought up; and anything will cause her to doubt her and your love. Unless you move far away to a place where you can live together with no one nearby or break up for some time, she will remind herself of the past. If you wish to attempt to fix a relationship without breaking up or living away from civilization, seek professional counseling that will act as a therapy for both of you. If that does not help, change the place where you live completely. Sometimes, new excitement will conquer bad feelings for some time. Keep proving that you love her, bring something new every time into her life, and do everything possible to allay her bad thoughts.

You'll usually find in life when a woman keeps bringing up the past mistake of a man, it's because she doesn't feel he's completely taken responsibility for his actions.

How can I prove I will never cheat on her again?

I need some way to prove to my girlfriend that I will never do it again. It happened with one girl when I was sober and it meant nothing, and the next day with the same girl when I was drunk and I didn't remember it. I regret both times and she finally found out a few days ago. I have tried: I've tried explaining how much I care about her and how much I love her and how much I need her. I've also told her how much I regret it and hate myself for it. I think it was caused by: I accidentally lied about the first night and told her I was drunk. She forgave me mostly after that but then I told her I was sober the first night and now we are so close to breakup. I ceased communication with the girl right after the second night and told her I didn't want to hang out anymore.

You will need to establish trust with her again. Offer complete access to your phone and if she thinks you may still hide stuff. Give her complete accounting of your day and where you were. Make sure that if she needs to hover over you for a bit that you allow it and do not show any frustration. Tell her that you recognize how hurt she is and that this incident has made you realize that you never want to lose her again.

Never listen carefully, never tell a woman that you risked your relationship with her, and all the things you've built over time, for nothing. What you mean, is you don't love the woman, what she hears, is you have so little respect for her, you'll cheat on her for no reason. Make sense?

Will she and I be together again?

I had a relationship with her a year before. She is an open person and her talking with other (boys) bothers me but I never told her that. Instead, I keep doing breakup and patch-up with her. One day she decided to leave and since then (a year ago) we have not been together. I tried to explain to her that I am sorry, and I want to make things right but she didn't agree. Still, after a year, I feel that I want her back in my life? What should I do? I love her

Get in front of her on your knee and express to her how much you have missed her this past year. Let all of your feelings flow out in the open so that she can really see that you care for her 100% and are genuine. She may still say no to you but you will be able to know that you did everything you could. If you are willing, this is the time to propose to her in a grand gesture to really show her that you plan on never letting her go again. Whatever you do, proof that you will not break up with her over and over is essential.

I want to get my true love back, and I had an affair with another girl.

I've been loving a girl for the past 6 years, and I still love her. 2 days ago my girl logged onto my Facebook page and saw the pics of the other girl with me, now she wants to break up, which I can't do it. I love her a lot. I don't want to break up with her. I want her in my life. I have tried: I forced her to meet me and she met, and I was often saying sorry, but she's not listening to me. The only words I hear from her is to leave me and go. I think it was caused by: Having an affair with another girl

Because of your length of devotion, she may come back to you if you apologize, promise to never do this again and offer her something permanent. Allow her to monitor your phone and social media so that she can gain trust again. Do not ever speak to the other girl and if you have not already you should unfriend that person on all your social media accounts and delete any contact information you may have for her. You may have to be separated from your girlfriend for a period of time and during all of that time, you need to remain true to your girlfriend. Even if she still pushes you away, do not get into a relationship with another person for at least 3 months in case this is a test period for your girlfriend to see if you really meant that you only want her in your life.

Is it possible to win a girl back after cheating on her?

The closest I've got with this other one was going out on a lunch and giving a friendly hug. But she felt like I cheated on her because I didn't tell her. Actually, I really love this girl and I want to marry her, but even after 1 year in our relationship, she couldn't meet my expectations. And I'm not talking only in terms of physical the relationship, there are many other things such as time and undivided attention. Then I met someone else who loved me more than she ever did and we started to connect with each other emotionally in no time. It was getting a little physical, too. Not much, though.. Then I was caught and she has left me. But she is the girl I want for my life and I want her back. The only problem before was I did not have much of her attention even though we were in a relationship. I have tried: Texting, calling and going to talk to her but she insists that it is over. I think it was caused by: Divided heart. But I want her alone now.

For starters even in the explanation of your question, you are blaming your cheating ways on her. If you gave her those same excuses, I can see why she said adios. It is hard to understand why you would want to be in a relationship with her because you did nothing but complain about her and then in the next sentence you said you wanted to marry her. Seems like you do not have a good emotional handle on what you want out of life. Stop making excuses for your affair. Even though you only had lunch and hugged that other person, your intent was to look for someone else to feel your voids so that is still an affair.

Feels like you even lied here. After saying you only had lunch, you said you did other things, but not much. Smile. And you felt your girlfriend did not live up to your expectations. Do you think you lived up to hers?

I am very transparent with her but my battery died while I was out and I did not realize it the whole time.

"Then my friend got into a fight and had his phone crashed by his girlfriend then leaving me with nothing to communicate with her by."

If you still do not have a phone, send her an email or mail a love letter. There are many forms of communication other than phone calls and this is why she is so upset with you. It is not because she does not trust you but instead, she feels that you did not try other methods to reach her.

I did some wrong after my breakup, now I realized the whole situation, want to say sorry for her and want her back. Want her to know that she is the most beautiful girl of my life, I want her back by any means and make a beautiful future with her?

In past two months, my ex-girlfriend come in the relationship with another guy, whom she is seeing her future. But still I do love her very much and earlier she also did, but after she came in the relationship. We used to spend nights together and lots of promises we did. Our story began as a travel partner and our bonding was too strong, As traveling is her passion but now a new guy came who is far stable in tours and travels sector than me. And I still love her a lot and want her back and make her believe on that I can get stable asap... Now the problem is that guy was staying with her at least a bit more than a week and I know the whole scenario making my mind too unstable so I decided to meet her and talk to her but she was neglecting me and then one day I was at a bar with friends and after they left me, I was drunk too, I lost control of myself, I don't know how it came to my mind to go to her flat at around 2 AM to talk to her, but unfortunately her boyfriend too was there. So it made her cry and terrified but we both handled the situation well but after I feel that some promises were broken which was obvious as they are staying together but that time I am not in a position to understand well, so I said some very wrong words that hurt her a lot. After few days she blocked me from everywhere from the phone, WhatsApp, Facebook and moreover from any mode of communication. And I feel so much regret for her but In my relationship, I was always loyal to her, that she knows well, but now she thinks I am the best wrong person in her life but truly I am not, there is something unintentionally happening which I can't control. I love her a lot, want her back in my life and want to love her again, want to repay my guilt and the wrong I have done. Is there any way possible out of this problem!. Help me out what should I do to get her back.

She is in another relationship and you need to respect that. Unfortunately, you made some errors when you showed up at her flat in the middle of the night. Those words can't be erased and left a bitter taste in her mouth. The best thing you can do right now is to start to put your life back together without her in it. If you are meant to be together then you will find your way back to each other but you can't force your feelings on to her.

I told my girlfriend lies about what happened when I met her sister.

Hello, please I need to seek forgiveness from my girlfriend I bought some things for her and I had to give them to her sister (not the first time). I had a conversation with my girl's sister about my girl and other stuff like their family and other stuff. During the conversation, my girl sent me several text messages to call her but I didn't. So when I was done talking to the sister we promised each other not to reveal what we discussed. On my way home, I returned to ask her sister to do something for me and get back to me (the sister doesn't use a phone). On my way home I called her and the line was busy. She was annoyed and asked what do I want and also I shouldn't call her number again. So I called back to explain what happened but in explaining I ended up saying the truth with a bit of lie so as to protect her little sister. For two days she picked my calls and called me a liar and it hurts me. I don't know what to do. Please help! I have tried: I have tried calling her and apologizing and letting her know how much I love her but she kept calling me a liar and also kept saying some people were born with lies. I think it was caused by: I think I was pushy and I asked the sister questions about her and also for lying to her.

Come completely clean to her. Tell her that you lied to protect her sister and then tell her the truth. When you ignored her phone call, you started suspicion which snowballed into fact when you did not tell her the whole truth. Although you want to protect her little sister, your real responsibility it to her.

Hi, My girlfriend is also my best friend and I hurt her like hell.

My girlfriend is also my best friend and I hurt her so much. I hurt her mentally also. We made a plan in January 2016 to go for a trip out of the Country in April 2016. We booked flights but I didn't inform my parents about my trip. The day before we were to leave on the trip, I told my parents that I am going for a trip with my girlfriend, and my parents told me no - straight away. The day we were supposed to leave for the trip, I told my girlfriend that I wasn't able to go. She started to cry, started to shout a lot. She cried a lot but my parents told me not to go so I couldn't go, as I couldn't disobey my parents. She went alone. Waited for me at the airport. Cried a lot but I wasn't able to go. The next day her brother joined her for the trip, but one whole day and night she was alone and crying a lot and by the next day, she stopped talking to me. When she returned from the trip, I tried my best to get her back, but she told me straight away not to message her or call her anymore, but I am trying my level best to get her back, I text her every single day, saying my feelings but she never replies to my messages or calls. She didn't block my number and has not removed me from any of her social networks. I know she read my message but everything is over between us. Please suggest what I should I do. I have tried: I am texting her, messaging her daily. I am apologizing almost every day. I think it was caused by: My negligence.

Since your parent's approval means so much, you should have spoken to them before you booked the trip. The best you can do now is to offer to reimburse her for the trip. Even though she went, it was not with you. Then invite her to speak with your parents so that you can explain with them there. It may help to ease the burden of what you have done. Ask your parents before the meeting for the permission to plan a trip with her. Then surprise her with this trip.

Whoa. How can you expect her to have respect for you, when you don't respect her? What you did was pretty awful, but even afterward, she's asked you not to call, or text or message her, and you ignore her and do it anyway. You need to give this girl space because what you're doing, isn't working.

When a girl stops talking to you, but still keeps you in your friend list on Facebook, and doesn't pick up your calls and messages without a fight?

We met on Facebook. I sent her friend request and later on, I found she is a friend of my classmate. We use to talk every day, call on Facebook daily for several hours and I never asked her for her number or proposed her even though I started liking her. After a week, she did the same - stopped talking to me and after three days looking at my sad status on Facebook she called me and she was ignoring me because we were getting close. Later on, things become normal. One day, she gives her number saying that her data is over and I can call her on the phone because she works at night and I can call on her break. She was impressed because I don't talk like other boys. I never approached her for a relationship, but I use to give her hints that I liked her. On the other hand, her family is looking for a boy for marriage and she is not so happy and she told me her family, on her mother's side, is narrow-minded and her ex-fiancé texts her through email to bother her...or she will call. We were so close in one month that we use to talk whenever we got time. I told her I was coming next month to see her. She lives in Calgary and I live in Vancouver. I told her if she needs any help I am there for her. One day she said she was short of money for her college fees. I helped her with $1,000.00 for her fees and she returned a call to me in evening and told me she was testing me. Last Friday we talked in morning and all of sudden she stopped talking again. I understand she was working and had college on Friday. I sent too many text message and calls, but the next day I didn't call or text. Yesterday, after two days, I called her once and sent 3 text messages, but she didn't reply. It's been 5 days now I don't know what happened and why she is doing this. If she doesn't want to talk, she can unfriend me on Facebook or block me, but she is not doing that. She hardly comes online on Facebook. The last time we talked she was totally happy talking to me like all the time. I don't know what happened that she started behaving like that. Even I text so much that day and said sorry for bugging her. She has an exam next month she has to clear that too because if she doesn't clear it, her family will fix her marriage somewhere and also she has to apply for permanent residency on the basis of that. Maybe she's trying to avoid me because she is not able to study for exams because of college assignments and work. My friends are saying she might be having problems just wait she will call you. What do you think? I have tried: I tried calling her texting her. She didn't respond for five days. I think it was caused by: I think she has an exam next month and she's trying to divert her mind for some days to concentrate on her studies.

If you are serious about this girl then you need to get to Calgary as soon as possible. Her parents wish to arrange a marriage for her. The good news is that you both reside in Canada where you have the right to be in a relationship with anyone that you wish to. This may mean though that her family will disown her and that could be part of the issue on why she is avoiding you.

She did not block you on Facebook so this is a good sign that she is still interested in you. Perhaps she does not have data again or her phone is low on minutes. Either way, wait it out a bit. If you can, send her a care package for her exam studies. It is a small gesture to let her know that you are thinking about her.

I am thinking of writing a letter in blood, she loved me so much!

She got to know I cheated with someone else. I have tried: Just told her that I am sorry and that kiss with other girl was consensual. I think it was caused by: My infidelity

Rebuild Trust in a Relationship is a VisiHow article for you to read. It contains steps on the process of how to gain back your girlfriend's trust. For now, the only thing you can do is shower her with attention. Let her vent all she wants and just keep saying that you are sorry. Realize that you will probably get frustrated and she will be monitoring your every move. If you want this relationship to work then you will have to let her have complete access to your entire life.

How can I get my woman back, due to my selfishness?

I got myself in friendship with a lady, who claims to be good to me and unknowingly to me that she's in love, she does call from time to time and my woman had been warning me about it, but I thought I was doing the right thing. But recently, I got to know that this lady wants to separate me from her. She called and my woman answered and since then she was angry and never wants to be with me again. The relationship is divided now. What do I do? Please, I need your help, I don't know what to differentiate

You need to stop all communication with the other woman. Then get on your knees and beg for forgiveness. You know that you made a selfish mistake and the only thing to do now is to confirm a promise that it will not happen again with your daily actions.

Should I let her gone and see if she'll come back?

My girlfriend is not affectionate at all. Very self-centered, single-minded, wants constant attention, a drug addict, an alcoholic. I love her unconditionally, however, I "cheated" by messaging a couple of women months ago when my girlfriend was breaking up with me. I need attention, as well. I have been faithful physically, but I needed someone to talk to. My girlfriend is also a user, as she borrows money, thousands, and has no attention of paying it back, although she makes good money. Help!!! In her mind, I'm a cheater. By definition, I guess I am, but I have sacrificed so much for this woman with nothing reciprocated by her except "what I and everyone else can do for her". My funds are limited, and so is my heart. She has put herself in this predicament, but I still love her. I just needed companionship that she would not give me! Again, help, please!!!! She has come into money by selling land, so now she doesn't need me, I feel. She knows that I have not been with anyone but her for the last five years, since we met on June 4, 2012! Should I just let her go, or I am wrong and should see if she'll come back? I have apologized until I'm blue in the face. I needed to talk to someone. I did not cheat physically. I was lonely. I have tried: Apology, humbling myself only to be ridiculed on Facebook, etc.! I think it was caused by: Her lack of affection towards me! It's all about her!

You are not going to like this answer but get out of the relationship. You are in a toxic cycle and this will not change for a better outcome. Once you do end the relationship, cease all contact with her for a minimum of 6 months. During this time, seek the help of a mental health professional to work through the mess that you have been in. If nothing else, look into local ALANON meetings. Being an enabler to an addict is extremely emotionally damaging. Save yourself.

How can I get my girlfriend back after hurting her so many times?

Hi My Name Is Arnold Moagi, I have been in a long distance relationship with my ex girlfriend for 5 years and she would come home during holidays. I had a lot of bad I friends and she knew that. So as my friends couldn't date one girl so I took that as like being a man and I joined them. Every time when she came back people would tell her about my behavior when she is not around, some they were just exaggerating so I couldn't admit to what they told her when she asked. She would breakup with me and still texts me and call me and that way we got to fix things. Sir I almost caused her a heart problem as I never seemed to change. She came back home December 2016 and we had a lot fun only to find that she was only pretending to be happy because January When she went back she sent me a message of which she was ending our relationship as I do not want to change, well that was when I confessed and told her that I do not deserve because I always hurt her.She came back again last year December, we went to church in the morning and went back again in the evening on the 31. It was fun but then we were not dating, she would cry to me when we met asking me why I wronged her that much! We never stopped chatting and calling each other,even tonight(11/07/2018) as I am typing this we heard a nice conversation. What hurts me the most is that she seem to be moving on with a guy that used to hang out with,she's even writing his name as her status on WhatsApp. It confuses me a lot now because I don't know if I should let her go or continue to hold on until she gives another chance!! This girl really loved me and she would do anything to make me happy.I love her sir she's the only girl want to spend the rest of my life with, tell me what to!! She is now posting pics that have closer to another guy but still talks to me and calls me. Our conversation is still the same but when I asked her to love me back she pretends to not see my texts. I broke her heart but my love for her never got weak and am her 1st love. I have tried: I asked for forgiveness and ya she forgave me. I admitted my wrongs and asked her to love me back but she do not want! I think it was caused by: I never stopped cheating and I regarded her as my main girl, she heard a lot of different stories about me when she came back home but she would just take them as nothing and hang out with me. She thought I would but then I took time to change.

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My girlfriend has forgiven me after I cheated on her but she's not responding like she used to?

I wasn't really cheating on her but the problem here is that I didn't want the other girl to feel bad and I've been knowing the other girl before I could get in a relationship with my present girlfriend. When The present girl and I just got together, I explained to her about my past relationships. I told her, all my past girlfriends, I haven't broken up with them yet but I thought that distance should have made them understood that I was not interested in them again. But the first girl and I still used to chat on face book but in person, she and I have never meet. So my present girl told me she was OK with it. But on Thursday, I mistakenly sent my present girl number to the past one and she called the number and the both of them talked about me which made the both of them upset and they broke up with me. I told the past girl sorry and she should move on with her life. And I begged the present girl to forgive me. she has forgiven me but she's not responding to me like she used to. What should I do?. Is she mad at me? She has forgiven me but she is not responding to me like she used to. Always giving excuses for hangouts and so on. I have tried: I tried to give her all my attention but it's not working. Sending her messages even when she's not on line, calling her but she said she doesn't have a phone, tried proving to her that I never meant to hurt her, asking her to hang out, to call me, asking to go see her at her house but all my efforts are like drowning in vain. I think it was caused by: She said I cheated on her and I lied to her about my ex.

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