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Hi, you are watching VisiHow. In our last tutorial on the Dungeons and Dragons online game, we showed you how to create your first character. Now that character is created, we are going to show you how to start in the world. To do that, you are going to go over to the right and click on your character's name. If you have more than one character then there will be more than one name listed here. Since we are starting, we only have one character. To enter the world you can either: click on 'enter' or you can double-click your character's name.

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  1. 1
    Wait for the world to load
    Many times while the game is loading there will be little tool tips that show up on the bottom of the loading screen. In this case it tells you that "mousing over a Mapnote will display its tool-tip". That means when you are looking at your map and you have a list of icons, you can hover over the icon and a little tool-tip will pop up and tell you what it is. This can be helpful when you are in a new area or you are just getting started off, you do not know where things are, you do not know where to go, or you have a quest and are unsure about how to do it. At any rate, we are going to wait for this to download and then we will be able to start playing. The blue bar on the bottom of the screen shows the progress of the download. Usually, the first time you load into a zone or area it can take a little bit longer to load. However, once you have been somewhere the load process is usually relativity fast. In addition, once we are in the game there may be a brief pause while I adjust any sound and volume settings so that they don't obscure my voice for the tutorial.
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    Talk to Jeets Shimis on the beach
    Once the volume has been adjusted in world. There is a guy, named Jeets Shimis a rogue, that is going to be calling you from the beach. You are going to walk up to him, and double-click on him to talk to him. He is a bit short, but he is going to give you a quest and ask what is going on. When we talk to him, our response will be on the bottom. To bring up the next section of the conversation we will have to click on our response. The last response will be "lead the way".
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  3. 3
    Follow the rogue
    Follow Jeets Shimis and see what he has to say.
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    Choose a weapon
    Once up the hill the rogue will ask you what type of weapon you would like to use. He is going to offer us a sword, which we are going to accept. Now, we can press 'I' to open our inventory, and double-click on the sword to equip it. Jeets has more to say, so again the dialogue will pop up. He has a task for you. From the dialogue box you can ask about the task or if you prefer you can choose another weapon. The weapons list includes items like heavy mace, great axe, crossbow, etc. We are going to keep the sword because we are going with the most basic options in this tutorial.
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  5. 5
    Accept the task
    Once you are finished with the weapons and are ready to ask about the task, double-click on Jeets again. This will bring the dialogue box back up and you can then ask him about the task, read the deal, and accept. Sometimes, you may have the option to refuse a quest as well. Click on your response to continue the dialogue and Jeets will tell us what we need to do.
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  6. 6
    Collect any money you find and break the crates before leaving on your quest
    Beside Jeets is a pile of coins, double-click it to pick it up. Then you will be able to see a flashing box with the word 'crate' above it. Go up to the crate, break it open with your weapon, and pick up the money you find. It is a good idea, especially when you are just starting out, to break everything that you can. This is because there will often be helpful items hidden inside which will help you later on in the game.
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  7. 7
    Follow the next guy to the grotto
    There is a guy who is going to escort you to the entrance of the grotto. You can also view your map by pressing 'M'. The red dot on the map is you, and the green dot is where you need to go. He tells us that it is snowing because the dragons have frozen the island.
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  8. 8
    Go inside
    The guy tells you to go inside and speak to Cellimas. Now, you see these little glowing spinning circles? These always indicate an area that you can go into. You will also notice that the mouse pointer has changed into a little door. We are going to go ahead and click to go inside. At that point, we will be starting our next adventure. In the next set of videos, we will continue with that adventure, and let you know how things go. As you can see on the right-hand side, we also have a list of the quest objectives. We have completed everything except for going in. So, let us do that now by double-clicking. Once we double-click a box, will pop up letting you know where you will be going and letting you select the difficulty of the level. According to the box, this will be a solo quest and there will be no grouping options available. Click 'enter'.
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  9. 9
    Once you click 'enter', the next level will begin to load
    Usually, this load screen will give you some details about the next area. This shows us the three people we will be working with.
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  10. 10
    We will have to wait for the next video to find out if this is the cleric we were sent to find
    Thanks for watching VisiHow, and we look forward to showing you more about this fun game later. Have a great day!
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Video: getting started in DDO

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