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The first thing you need to do when trying to get rid of rats is to find how they are getting into your living area and filling those holes.

Method 1: Rat Zapper Ultra

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The Rat Zapper Ultra RZU001 is a more humane way to eliminate rats as it delivers a lethal voltage shock once the rat enters. Once you bait the trap and turn it on, a rat entering will be hit with 8,000 volts of electricity for two full minutes. Requiring 4 D size batteries, you can kill 60 rats without changing the batteries.

Using The Rat Zapper Ultra

  1. 1
    Remove battery cover
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  2. 2
    Insert 4 D size batteries and replace battery cover
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    Bait the trap
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    Place trap along wall
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    Turn on the trap with the on/off switch
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Method 2: Snap-E Mouse Trap

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Made by Kat Sense, this rat trap is the heavy duty version of the heavy duty Snap-E Mousetrap. Having a large trough for easy baiting, this trap is scientifically engineered to catch rats efficiently and easily.

Method 3: Plug2Repel

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For those of you who would rather repel rather than kill the rats, this is your alternative method. By placing one of these in every room, you can repel rats in 7 days using high frequency ultrasonic & electromagnetic technology. This technology also repels:

  • cockroaches
  • spiders
  • roaches
  • ants
  • mice

Method 4: Eco Defense Mice Repellent

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Rated number 1 seller on Amazon, this spray does an excellent job with repelling all sorts of rodents in your living space. Pleasantly smelling to humans, this spray contains a blend of essential oils that rats cannot stand to be around. Not only does it repel all types of rats, it will also repel:

  • house mice
  • field mice
  • deer mice
  • country mice.

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