Get Rid of Puffy Swollen Eyes Naturally Fast

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Hi, you watching VisiHow. In today's beauty department I will show you how to make eye pads that will get rid of puffy swollen eyes using only mint green tea.


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    What I need to do is put about 2 teaspoons of mint to green tea into a cup.
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    Add freshly boiled water into the cup.
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    Cover the cup for 5 to 10 minutes. This will allow the tea to steep. Let's wait.
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    It has been about eight or ten minutes let's stir the tea. Okay, it is ready. It smells really good. It is Haley's mint green tea.
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    I am going to hold a strainer over a second cup and pour the liquid into the cup. This will help remove all of the tea and mint leaves.
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    We just pour it in and all of the leaves are collected in the strainer and left in the bottom of the cup.
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    The tea is still hot. You can wait for it to cool down or you can go ahead and soak the cotton discs in the tea and place them on a small plate until they cool. At the moment they are burning hot. As you remember I was using boiling water. It will cool down in just a minute. Right now the discs are warm and I am going to apply these to my eyes.
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    You just watch me making these pads for my eyes just using green tea, I am now going to apply them. Squeeze the pads over the plate so that the excess tea does not end up running down the side of your face.
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    Place a pad over each eye. Ideally, you need to lay down, like this, and keep them on for 10 to 15 minutes. Green tea and meant will help to calm your eyes down, remove swelling, and any signs of being tired. Green tea has natural antioxidants and meant is refreshing. You can turn on relaxing music and think about pleasant things. These pads will do their job. The pads will be cooling down, but that is okay. When the pads are warm they shoot the green tea affects onto your skin and eyes and when they cool down they began to remove swelling. If you had a sleepless night or if you had some drama and cried this is a tip for you. When you take the pads off your eyes you will feel as if you have had a really good sleep and your eyes will feel relaxed. Also if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer this is a very helpful exercise for your eyes. It is basically a vacation for your eyes and skin around your eyes.
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    Okay, it has been 10 minutes, it is time to take the pads off of our eyes. It feels really nice. We can now throw away the pads to keep in mind that every time you would like to do this, you have to make a fresh cup of green tea. The green tea is not reusable, so make sure you make a fresh one. Thank you for watching VisiHow . My name is Kara. If you have any more questions, or if you would like any tips on beauty and makeup, please do not be shy and leave me a comment in the section below. Bye-bye.
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Questions and Answers

What is the easiest method to get rid of the natural swollen eye?

If you have an eye to which you cannot apply eye shadow and look cute. I have tried: the cucumber method

The easiest method is to hydrate yourself and drink water. Hydration can help the organism to process water faster and get rid of it with more "eagerness". This will cause less swelling in your eye. Hydration is drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water each day. Please do not overhydrate yourself by drinking much more water. You still need minerals in your body that wash away with water. Reduce the amount of spice (salt, especially) you eat daily to reduce water retention in the body. Avoid diuretics like caffeine or soda drinks. Never use methods for flushing water from the organism (tricking your organism into getting rid of water on a certain day): they do not work in the long run and can be harmful for your health. Instead, follow the scheme written above.

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