Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

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Knowing how to get alcohol off your breath or what covers alcohol breath isn't easy. In fact, if you want to do more than just get rid of the alcohol taste or mask beer breath, you're going to need to treat your mouth and your body to hide alcohol breath. This is because more goes into stinking like alcohol than brushing your teeth or chewing gum can easily fix. In this wiki article, we're going to discuss 16 ways you can freshen up that nasty vodka breath and clean up your body while you're at it.

16 Ways to Get Rid of Alcohol Breath

This involves a whole body approach. You will brush your teeth to get rid of the alcohol breath, clean your body to get rid of the alcohol smell, and finally eat something to provide a final mask to hide your beer breath. Just keep in mind that these tips are just here to help you smell better. If you want to sober up fast, then you'll need to read our other article, because being sober and having fresh breath is always better than just smelling good.

  1. 1
    Brush Your Teeth
    It goes without saying that brushing your teeth can make your breath smell a whole lot better, but did you know that brushing your tongue is an important part of the process too? Bacteria can build up on your tongue, and even after you brush your teeth, the stink of alcohol breath can still mix with all that bad bacteria on your tongue. To combat this, make sure you brush your tongue too. Of course -- before you brush you should floss, although depending on how bad your breath is, you might want to first brush, and then floss and brush again.
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    Use Mouthwash
    There is a saying dentists like to use, that goes like this -- FBI. No, it's not the real FBI, but instead it means you need to Floss, Brush, and Irrigate. It's the irrigation part that matters here, as we'll assume you followed step one above and have already flossed and brushed. To irrigate, you can just use water, but a quick home method is to mix water and a fresh lemon for a fresh mouth wash. Alternatively, you can use one of the popular brands like Listerine or Colgate. The important thing is to make sure you rinse your mouth for at least 20 seconds to help get rid of the alcohol smell.
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  3. 3
    Chew Gum
    Once you've rinsed out that nasty alcohol mouth of yours, you'll want to grab a stick of sugar-free gum. The reason to go sugar-free is twofold. First, the bacteria in your mouth love to feast on sugar, and as they decay, it stinks. Second, you want to keep yourself from having cavities (they stink worse than bad breath). So do yourself a favor and chew sugar free gum to get rid of beer breath.
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  4. 4
    Take a Shower or a Bath
    The smell of alcohol doesn't just come from your mouth as the alcohol exits your lungs. It also comes from your pores, meaning your breath and your body stink [1]. Much like spraying a pine scented air freshening spray into a stinky bathroom won't do more than make it smell like a stinky pine forest, hiding your alcohol stink won't work too well if your body reeks. So do yourself and the world a favor, and take a nice hot shower or bath. Everyone will feel better after.
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  5. 5
    Don't Skimp on the Deodorant
    The worst thing about smelling bad is that you usually don't know it's you who stinks. In fact, if body odor was poisonous, people on buses and at sporting events around the world would slowly fall to the floor, exclaiming, "But I don't smell a thing." Therefore, when you get out of the shower, liberally apply deodorant. Then apply some more.
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  6. 6
    Use Body Lotion and Baby Powder or Corn Starch
    This is a two-part combo. The baby powder or corn starch will help to absorb moisture, which reduces moisture. Less moisture equals fewer places for bacteria to grow and stink. The body lotion will hydrate your skin, and help to mask any alcohol smell that will be trying to ooze from your pores.
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  7. 7
    Use Cologne or Perfume
    Hopefully it's a well-known fact that the more you drink, the less you notice just how overpowering your cologne or perfume is when you apply more and more as the night goes on. However, the next day you should be interested in applying cologne or perfume to specific parts of your body to mask the alcohol smell. Spray or dab once in each of these places:
    • Each of your wrists.
    • Each side of your neck.
    • The center of your chest, between your breasts.
    • Just below your belly button.
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  8. 8
    Have a cup of coffee
    A strong cup of coffee does two things. First, it will make you feel more alert. Second, the oils in coffee will help coat your mouth a bit, and provide a smell that's a bit stronger than the alcohol breath you're trying to get rid of. You can actually make your own espresso coffee on the stove top. Just follow this link to make your own coffee, and we'll show you how.
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  9. 9
    Eat Raw Garlic or Onion
    For most of us, this is a date killer, but unless you were out drinking with someone other than your date, it's not going to matter. The easiest way to do this is to mash up some raw garlic or onion (or both), and mix them with something to eat. For those of you who deserve an iron man award, you can eat them straight. For everyone else we recommend the food mixing method. What you mix it with is up to you, but we have some suggestions below.
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  10. 10
    Eat Salmon or Tuna
    Both of these delicious types of fish will provide you with a great dose of protein, and some Omega 3 fatty acids. That's a great healthy combination by itself, but more importantly you can mix in some fresh garlic and onions with it to get a double or triple power boost in helping to get rid of alcohol breath.
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  11. 11
    Eat Something Spicy
    Spicy foods will boost your metabolism. This will help your body process things faster. It's also a great time to consider mixing in that garlic or those fresh onions we mentioned earlier -- particularly if you normally wouldn't eat them. The spicy hot of your food will help you get down the garlic and onions, and while anyone sitting next to you won't probably appreciate it, they'll unknowingly be thankful it wasn't alcohol breath they had to smell instead.
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  12. 12
    Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich for Lunch
    Far too many of us remember the dreaded peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of our childhoods, but now they can help rather than hurt. In this case the oils of the peanut butter will act much like the oils of your earlier tuna and salmon breakfast, or the coffee you should have had. They will also help get rid of bad breath by providing a stronger and more pleasant smell than vodka breath.
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  13. 13
    Do Not Mix Drinks
    As a general rule, each type of alcohol has its own potent stink. Anyone who has ever smelled spilled beer versus whiskey, wine, vodka or gin can attest to this. Likewise, each of them will bring a special nastiness to your breath and body the next day. To help combat the overpowering smell of alcohol breath, make sure you only drink one type of beverage the evening or day before. That way you're only fighting one unpleasant smell and not the whole bar.
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  14. 14
    Drink Water
    The more water you drink, the more hydrated you will be. The more hydrated you are, the less alcohol stink you'll push out each hour. This means you'll smell a little bit better, in addition to feeling better. Of course, this doesn't do much, but it's added ammo in your arsenal of tricks to get rid of alcohol breath.
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  15. 15
    Eat Fruity Candies
    We don't like to recommend doing things that will cause your teeth to rot, and in all honesty, the sugar in candy can contribute to its very own type of nasty bad breath. However, if you have some mint candies or Wintergreen Lifesavers, now's the time to indulge. They'll at least make you smell a little fresher, and on top of everything else we've suggested here, it's the way to go.
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  16. 16
    If You Smoke
    Nonsmokers should not follow this advice under any circumstances. We here at VisiHow don't advocate smoking. In fact, smoking while drinking alcohol can actually make your hangover much worse, not to mention your breath. However, if you haven't quit smoking yet, then now is the time to have a cigarette. Non-smokers will naturally keep their distance, and other smokers will just accept the stink of cigarettes as part of hanging out with you.
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Tips and Suggestions

  • Eat a good meal before you drink alcohol. When you eat a good meal, it will help your body be more healthy and will lessen the stink of alcohol the next day if you didn't go crazy and drink too much.
  • Make sure to drink responsibly. This should go without saying, but honestly many people forget it. This is because alcohol inhibits your ability to make good decisions. That means you might think it's a good idea to have too much to drink. Then you end up trying to get rid of vodka breath the next day.
  • Consider trying to drink without getting drunk. While it isn't exactly 100% science, there are things you can do to help yourself drink without getting drunk. When you do that, you have much less trouble trying to get rid of alcohol breath the next day.
  • Be a designated driver. It's no secret that designated drivers are all rock stars. However, it is a secret that their amazing fresh breath is directly attributable to -- wait for it -- not drinking the night before. That's right. The single best way to prevent alcohol breath is by simply not drinking alcohol.

Sources and Citations

  1. Alcohol Rehab Article

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Questions and Answers

How do I get rid of beer breath?

If I drink red bull and vodka, then some of these tips you left really work, but I can't seem to get rid of beer breath and I don't know if it's just me who can tell or if it's everyone else too. Do these tips work for beer breath too?. I have tried: I have tried most of the suggestions in this article, and while they seem to work, I can't tell for sure.. I think it was caused by: Drinking too much beer caused this problem. The beer just smells different on me, so I can't tell like I can if I drank vodka or rum the night before.

In order to get rid of beer breath after a night of beer drinking, you should take the following steps:

  1. Drink at least a half glass of water between each glass of beer. Not only will this slow your drinking a little, but it will also give your body plenty of fluids with which to flush out the beer. If you don't drink water, then you'll notice that you do stink more the next day. This is because when you drink too much beer, the smell of beer comes out of your pores too. By drinking water, you help counteract that by diluting the stink that would otherwise come out of your pores.
  2. Eat a healthy meal and stay away from beef or oily foods. We linked an article above on eating before you drink. The tips in that article are magic. When you eat a healthy meal before you drink, it gives your body something that is easy to digest. This not only helps your stomach, but it also helps your body to process the stinky part of beer (which is most of it, since by volume there is way more water than alcohol in most glasses of beer). By not having a heavy meal stuck in your gut, you won't run the risk of having indigestion, or waking up with a belly still half full of beer stink.
  3. Have a ginger drink. Unless you really don't like Ginger, make sure to have a look at the article we posted above where we show you how to make your own ginger drink. That stuff is magic. By drinking that instead of water, but between sips of beer, you will not only be able to make the drinks you have last longer, you'll also find that you get rid of beer breath fast.
  4. Suck on a cinnamon stick. You can get cinnamon sticks in most grocery stores. Buy a pack of them, and suck on the cinnamon stick instead of chewing gum. If anyone asks you, tell them that you are trying a new diet. They don't have to know you're hiding beer stink. In fact, you can do this in the evening while to get rid of the smell when you drink beer. That way your party will be a bit fresher, and so will you the next day.

Most effective method of getting rid of beer breath?

How do you effectively get rid of beer or vodka breath?

Drinking non-alcohol beverages such as water while you are drinking your beer will help. It is not necessarily something a stick of gum can remove as the smell comes from inside your body. As you drink alcohol your body sees it as a toxin and immediately starts to remove it via sweat, breath and any other way it can. This is why when you drink, you use the restroom more frequently.

Show up in church with beer breath after a night of football?

Show up in church with beer breath after a night of football, how to get rid of. I have tried: Listerine

Nothing like shaking hands with the ushers while reeking of football watching beverages. To avoid this, Listerine will help but will not completely remove the smell. Drink plenty of water and swig a glass of milk before you leave home. Take a shower and put on fresh clothes. Stop drinking three hours before you have to be somewhere.

How to reduce alcohol smell from mouth quickly?

I drank last night too much and got caught by cops. They smelled my mouth breath

There is no quick fix to completely eliminate an excess amount of alcohol in your system. It will smell from your body sweat and not just your breath. Although public intoxication is a crime, as long as you are not driving and the police feel that you can get home safely, there are usually no arrests or fines. Causing a physical altercation or walking home in frigid temperatures could result in being confined by the police for risk of harm to yourself or others. If you do decide to go out and party, have a plan in place ahead of time on how to get home safely. Drink in a group of friends where one remains sober through the night. Know your personal limits and the effects of alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol breath-how do I get rid of the smell? its not obvious any other way that I have been drinking?

How do I get rid of the smell of beer (apple ale) so my husband doesn't smell it. or how long before he gets home should I stop drinking? and no I don't get drunk - so its not obvious in any way accept the smell

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