Get Oil-Free Smoother Skin with an Egg and 1 Hour

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Have you ever wanted to look pampered and elegant for yourself, or your significant other, but didn't have the time or the money? Well, now you can have noticeably smoother, glowing, younger-looking skin in just an hour! And the best part - all you need is one egg!

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Steps to a More Youthful Skin

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    Egg Facial Mask
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    1. First, crack an egg open and separate the white from the yolk. For those of you who don't know how to do this, follow these steps:  
      1. Crack the side of the egg but do NOT completely open it. This way, you can let the egg white seep through and out of the shell, while the yolk stays intact inside the shell. Then, you can get a bowl to put the yolk in.
      2. You can also try using your hands. Remember to wash them thoroughly before you do this and to put a small bowl under your hands to collect the white. Crack the egg open and let it pour into one hand. That way, you can just spread your fingers a little and let the egg white strain through, leaving the yolk in your palm.
      3. Last, and probably the most enjoyable way to separate the two, is to use a plastic bottle! Here's how to do it:  
        1. Crack the egg into a bowl and get an empty bowl ready for the yolk.
        2. Take the cap off of a clean plastic bottle and hold it over the egg yolk.
        3. Let it touch the top of the yolk but BE GENTLE so you don't accidentally pop the yolk and spill it all over the egg white.
        4. With your hands, encircle the part of the bottle nearest to the opening and squeeze the sides a bit, and then release until you see the egg yolk being completely sucked into the bottle. Magically, it grabs the yolk leaving the egg white in the bowl.
        5. Gently squeeze the yolk from the bottle into the bowl you have waiting.
    2. Next, wash your face with soap and cold water to remove the dirt on the outermost layer of your skin.
    3. Take a face towel and soak it in hot tap water (Make sure that the towel isn't too hot).
    4. Hold the hot towel over your face for one minute. Wipe your face with the hot towel. This will open up your pores, allowing the egg to work its magic.
    5. Now, take the egg white and using your hands, spread it over your face. Remember to get as little as possible on the area around your eyes and lips because those parts are sensitive and might dry out.
    6. Set aside the egg yolk and just leave the egg white on your face for 15-30 minutes as you go along watching a movie, listening to classical music or anything else you'd like to do. In just 3-5 minutes, you'll notice how the egg white tightens on your face, resembling the feel and texture of a facial mask, but a lot less expensive. Do not smile or frown, and limit your talking because stretching the mask over that way might leave little wrinkles on that pretty face of yours.
    7. After 30 minutes, wash the egg white off your face using hot water. Don't use cold water, since it may close your pores before you've had a chance to apply the yolk.
    8. Now, it's time for the yolk. Work it onto your face as evenly as possible, like you did with the egg white earlier, avoiding the eyes and the lips. You can leave it on your face for 15-30 minutes as well. It will dry quickly, again, like a facial mask. Remember not to move your facial muscles too much while the mask is on.
    9. Finally, wipe it off with the towel you soaked in hot water and relax your face for a minute before splashing it with cold water to close off the pores once again, preventing dirt from getting too deep into your skin.
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  • Apply the egg facial mask at night, up to three times a week.
  • While some may advise to only use the egg white, the yolk has also been proven to moisturize the skin while the white draws out the oils and tighten it up.
  • If you have really oily skin, you might consider just using the egg white.
  • If you have really dry skin, you might consider just using the egg yolk.
  • Remember to prepare the egg first before washing your face, so that you can do it quickly and follow each step smoothly. The pores won't stay open for long, so you must apply the egg white or the yolk immediately after washing with hot water.
  • For girls or guys with long hair, tie your hair back in a ponytail for easier application, and avoid getting egg in your hair.
  • If you want even better results, add honey to the egg white and egg yolk with.


  • Make sure that you choose a fresh egg to use for this treatment since rotten eggs are not good for anything - except maybe Salmonella poisoning, which you do not want.
  • Check the water temperature before washing your face with it! It must not be too hot or too cold.
  • Use a soft cotton towel for this so you can avoid leaving any marks on your face or damaging the skin with a roughened material.
  • Limit your facial movements when the mask is in place to avoid accidentally wrinkling your skin.
  • Avoid the eye and lip area as much as possible so as not to create creases in the sensitive skin around them.
  • Be careful not to get it onto your eyebrows, eyelashes or hair, as these can accidentally be pulled out when something sticky gets into them.

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