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Twitter is one of the social media giants that pave the way to innovative internet media. With the influx of other new social media platforms, Twitter has still managed to herald its position in a strong way. Being popular on Twitter is an advantage, especially if you are selling things or driving traffic to your website. You do not have to cheat to get more Twitter followers, because there are natural ways you can promote your Twitter and get a lot more legitimate followers. Below are the simplest ways to get more Twitter followers:

The Simplest Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Without Cheating:

  1. 1
    Upload some real pictures
    Who would want to follow you, if you do not have a real profile picture? The viewers may think that you are a newbie or a spammer, so the idea of following will not cross their minds. Use your real picture, and a better headshot will do, to drive viewers to your profile page.
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  2. 2
    Fill out your biography
    Do not leave something there empty. Fill it all out if possible. One of the primary actions that viewers take before following you is to review your biography, such as your country, other linking sites, what you love and hate to do, etc., The viewers will think that you are worth following because you are real and not a fake. Additionally, if you want to be unique, create an interesting biography.
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    Link your Twitter to your website
    If you have a website, you should link your Twitter to your website or vice versa. When visitors stumble across your website and become interested in you, they can follow you on Twitter. Make sure that you link your Twitter to your website by using widgets. Your Twitter followers will also visit your website if you publish some interesting posts and articles on Twitter from your website. They may also share them on their page, which will attract their followers, too.
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  4. 4
    Post inspiring and intriguing posts
    If you want to be retweeted, you should post intriguing comments on your Twitter page. An intriguing or interesting comment will attract the viewers, and they will likely retweet. This will also be seen to their profile page and will attract their followers. This helps to drive traffic to your Twitter page and they will probably follow you. So, be interesting, be informative, and be interactive.
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  5. 5
    Avoid using an auto-responder
    Like in emails, they can be quite annoying. Using an auto responder will make followers think that you are not real. This is just a mess in your followers' Twitter inbox, and they are not actually interested in them. You will make your followers annoyed, and they will not retweet you. This does not help boost new followers.
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    Do not promote too much
    It is OK to promote your website or sell some things on Twitter, but do not overdo this, as you will wear out your current followers. Many of them may unfollow you because you are annoying. They may think that you are a spammer.
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  7. 7
    Follow other people on Twitter
    You can follow some people you know and those who follow you. Their followers will do the same if they see that you are an interesting person. If they retweet you, they will also introduce you to their followers. It will be seen on their page, and they will then follow you. That is why you have to have a real picture and an interesting bio on your Twitter page - so that they will see and read them before deciding to follow you. If they think you are interesting, they will follow you and retweet you. You will then be introduced again to their followers.
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  8. 8
    Be active on Twitter
    Your goal is to get more Twitter followers without cheating, but this does not mean that you will not retweet those who tweet you. You have to reply to their posts and they will also do the same. This allows people from any corners in the world to see your posts, and they will probably retweet you as well. So, be considerate to others.
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The aforementioned tips are just few of the simplest ways to get more followers without cheating. Just remember to be informative, be inspiring, and be considerate to others, if you want to get more followers. Also, it is impossible to get what you want, if you are not active every now and then on Twitter. So, be active.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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