Get In Shape For Bootcamp

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I will be explaining how to get in good shape before going to boot camp regardless of the branch these instructions will ensure you are in good shape before you start your journey in the military.


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    Running -- This will be one of the biggest things you will do while in boot camp so if you get started before you go then you will have a head start on all the running you will be doing while in boot
    Ensure that you focus on your endurance and speed being that most of the activities will require you to run great distances in certain amounts of time so 3 miles in 20 minutes is a great goal to have while conditioning. If you can accomplish the time of 3 miles in 20 minutes then you are in great condition to take on the challenging jog, runs and marches in boot camp.
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    Dieting -- It will be very important to start a diet plan before going to boot camp because while in boot camp you will not have access to the same foods as you will at home
    During your boot camp training you will only eat three times a day if possible unlike having the freedom to eat whenever you feel so a diet plan according to times will help you build up your appetite while in boot camp the schedule should be one meal at 7 a.m., one meal at 12 p.m. and one meal at 6 p.m. Also start eating fruits and vegetables to get used to the routine for you will not always have access to cakes and sweets.
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    Workout -- While in boot camp you will workout a lot but all workouts will not occur with weights so train with pushups, pull ups and sit-ups
    These workout routines will increase your strength enough to have you ready for the extensive workout regiments during boot camp also boot camp workouts determine important scores needed for promotions, moral and leadership positions available.
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  • Water -- Water will be your best friend while in boot camp so drinking water before boot camp will help you get a taste for what you will receive every day all day in boot camp training. This is very important being that you will not always receive juice and soda so if you do not develop a taste for water successfully you will have the desire to drink it causing you to be dehydrated and effect your performance.
  • Vitamin C -- A small dose of vitamin C each day will help you go a long mile in surviving well at the bootcamp. It will make your immune system stronger and you do not get easily affected by viruses and things like that. You can take in fruits that are rich in vitamin C everyday. If this is not handy, you may just want to take in those vitamin C supplements as those are more convenient to bring.

Why Is It Important to Get in Shape for Bootcamp

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    It improves your stamina
    Whatever is waiting for you at the bootcamp, it will be a breeze for you when you are well in shape. It makes your body feel totally energized and you don't feel tired easily.
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    It helps you not to be sick easily
    Military training can really be very harsh and in fact, exposing you to harsh environments is all part of it. If your body is not well-trained for this, you can easily get sick. Also, when you get sick and you are in shape, you can easily recover only after a few days. In other words, you are not dragged to a long period of sickness.
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    Your mood is better when you are in shape
    Being away from your family for a long time for the bootcamp can be rather daunting. A good number of people falter just because of this. They cannot fight off the loneliness and their negative mood affects the quality of their performance. If you are in shape, you will notice that your mood is mostly positive and that you do not get easily affected by negativities around you.
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    It helps you perform better in all aspects of the training
    When you feel better, you become more competitive and perform well accordingly. Military trainings require that you are always competitive and ready for any challenges along the way.
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