Get Hollywood Chic on a Shoestring Budget

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Hollywood celebs are envied all over the world. They always seem to be larger than life, always looking so perfect, especially when they're on the red carpet. However, people keep forgetting that it takes a team of people for them to look their airbrushed selves. Still, there are smart tricks on how you can get Hollywood chic on a shoestring budget. Before you get all pumped up and excited about your potential celebrity look, remember that a chic outfit won't do you any good if there's a "muffin top" popping out of your leather jeans. For your look to work, you need to work on that body as well, keeping it fit and fab, ready for anything to try on.

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Today, there are no longer any excuse not to get the killer bod that you want. Time is no longer an issue,, since the advent of circuit training routines, and other 5-10 minute workouts. Neither can boredom be made as an excuse since the advent of Zumba, Tabata, Pilates, hip-hop abs, and other dance routines that will burn that fat and make you feel darn good at the same time.Getting the right nutrition is another issue. No matter how hard you work at the gym, dance studio, or run for miles on the track, if you're shoving the same unhealthy foods down your throat, all your efforts to fit into your fave celeb's sexy two-piece swimsuit will be in vain. Books, mags, and of course, the internet, are flooded with delicious alternatives you can make at home, or readily buy at your local grocery stores. Choose healthy, eat healthy, and you'll definitely look the part. Finally, down to the most crucial step to pull off your celebrity look: Have the right attitude. Everything boils down to your inner confidence. Regardless of your age, color, body, or race, if you think you're sexy and beautiful, everyone around you will feel that too, because you will exude the aura and confidence of a strong, gorgeous woman who's comfortable in her own skin.

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Okay, enough already! Here are some real Hollywood fashion fab steals - from head to toe - for $200 or less!

  1. 1
    Who says you can no longer wear your maxi dress for the fall season?
    Olivia Munn has shown the world how glam it can get by pairing it with a denim jacket and some nice ankle boots
    You've probably already got one of these things in your closet. Top it off with a bangle, a cute bun, a roomy tote, and a matte lipstick.
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  2. 2
    Everyone just loves Jessica Alba's classy yet laid back style.
    Try this getup by mixing up some rich colors this fall
    Throw on your fave fitted plaid shirt and top it off with a stylish blazer. Some bold flats will go great for contrasting colors. Ditch the hair and makeup, and put on some dark shades and a gorgeous fedora hat instead. For the final touch, grab a roomy bag and you're all set!
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    Ever wonder how these hot Hollywood celebs look picture perfect without exerting any effort at all?
    Try Miranda Kerr's look for your day at the office and wow everyone - including your boss
    Get a pair of silky pants and pair them with a textured sweater; this is just the perfect look for fall. Get some vibrant colored satin heels and a bag with taffeta texture. Try this and you'll end up looking like a masterpiece! Finish the look with a pair of sunnies and your favorite lip color for that photo-finish get up!
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    Worried you can't look your runway best because of your bulging belly?
    Worry no more
    If Kate Hudson can do it, so can you. Look how stylish and comfortable she is in her pair of leggings - snug and fit, yet flexible enough for her growing baby bump. Some flat booties and a black leather jacket will finish this perfect getup.
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Red Carpet Looks for Less

  • Remember Keira Knightley's eye-catching Valentino dress at the 2006 Golden Globes?
    She looked extremely stunning in that white strapless gown with gorgeous embellishments. Smart detailing on her waist also worked wonders to give her an hourglass figure. Her classy silver accessories completed the look. A less expensive option is a White Charmeous dress by Fabiana for just $225 dollars.*How about Jessica Alba's look with Grecian draping and bust detailing by Marchesa at the 2008 academy awards?
    You need not be pregnant for this number to look good on you. Long flowing dresses like these always look great on tall women, and for the not so tall, well, you can always wear five inch heels underneath! A less expensive option is a Feathered Dress by Faviana for just $318.

Celebrity Style Beach Fashion Jewelry for Less

Don't raise your eyebrows ladies! Of course you can wear jewelry at the beach, and rock it too. Not only can they withstand the sand and sun, but they're also great for your post-beach hang-out late at night. Here are some great celebrity style beach fashion jewelry finds that will fit your budget:

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  • Grab this Fashionology, the Big Shark Tooth Necklace at Karmaloop for just $22.
  • This stylish Rose Pierre Banyan Tree Bark Cigar Band Ring from Ron Robinson is a great steal for just $37.50.
  • Forever 21 gives you one of the best deals; for just $6.80 you get to grab this cool Southwestern Woven Cuff.
  • Want something you and your friends can share for summer? Try these Aztec Friendship Bracelets by Etsy for just $24.90.


  • Just because it looks great on your favorite fashionable celebrity, doesn't mean you can pull it off too. See if you can honestly pull off their outfits first without feeling uneasy. The thing is, if you're not comfortable with what you're wearing, it will show. So if the look isn't really you, it's better not to force the issue.
  • Seek advice from family and friends. Look for people who are willing to give you their honest opinion if they think you really look good in your chosen outfit or will just be a laughing stock once you step out of the house. If you trust these people and a majority of them either gives you a thumbs up or thumbs down, it's best you listen to them.
  • First and foremost, love yourself. It doesn't matter what your outfit's price tag says. Even if you're wearing the most expensive couture creation, if you still feel insecure, you'll definitely spoil the look. On the other hand, there are people who can wear their head to toe outfits that they put together for just $100, and still look like a million bucks. Why? Because they're happy, they like themselves, and it shows.

You can get Hollywood chic on a shoestring budget if you just know where to look, and have the right attitude no matter what you're wearing. Happy shopping!

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