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Do you feel that God is too distant to have a close relationship with him? Our very future depends on us getting close to him. The Bible tells us in John 17:3, that it means our life to take in knowledge of his Word. He wants us to become his friend. (James 2:23) He invites us to come to know all about him. (Acts 17:27)

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When we look up at the stars in the night sky, or listen to the waves of the sea, or view a beautiful flower or butterfly, we can see wisdom and power and great love from our Creator. (Romans 1:19-20) However, we need to know more about him than just what he created. The Bible lets us know some of God's wonderful qualities such as he is merciful, slow to anger, and kind. (Exodus 34:6) What are a few ways we can get close to him?

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Steps to Get Closer to God

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    Bible Reading It is a very long book to read, and it might seem frightening for some people
    They may even think that it is boring. But it is God's revelation to man. It tells us things He wants us to know such as why we are here, and where we are going. He tells us what we must do in our lives to live forever on the earth. You can make reading God's Word more interesting by picturing the scenes as you are reading it. For example, you can read the account in chapter 6 of Daniel, where he is arrested and thrown into a pit of hungry lions!
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    Have a Regular Reading Schedule. If you try to spend just 15 minutes a day reading, you might complete the whole Bible in one year
    When you take the time to do this, you will feel yourself becoming drawn to God. (James 4:8)
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    Prayer Draws You Close to Him It's hard to have a close relationship with someone if you don't talk to them right
    God is the hearer of prayer and He wants us to talk to him about anything we need to. (Psalms 65:2) If we pray to him having faith, He will hear us.(1 John 5:14) What can we pray to him about? When we face troubles and tension in our life, that is a good time. He will give us the strength to make it. (1 Corinthians 10:13)He understands what we go through, because he made us and knows how we think and feel. He really wants to help us. (Isaiah 41:10 We shouldn't just pray about our needs only, but we should also thank God for all the wonderful things he has provided for us in our lives, and the beauty around us. (Revelation 4:11)The most important things we want to pray for is the coming of His Kingdom, His name, and will to take place on this earth that we may all live in peace and happiness. (Matthew 6: 9-13) What if you find it awkward to pray? Pray about it. Talk to him just like you would your friend.
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    Share With Others What You Learn About Him Let other people know what a wonderful Father we have in heaven, and how he loves all his people and wants everyone to come to know him and help them anyway he can in their lives
    People may respect you for your beliefs, or make fun of you. But isn't your relationship with God who gave you life, breath, and all things most important? Remember, that he has all the answers we need to know right from his Word. He can guide us through any difficulty we face. (Psalm 46:1) And the best part is we will be blessed and rewarded for our faithfulness to him!
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    Have fellowship with other believers We should not forsake the gathering of believers as we will be able to encourage one another and pray for each other as Christians
    A born again christian should go to church, have fellowship and share his or her christian life experience with other believers.
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  • Try to read the Bible everyday.
  • Get assistance from a friend to understand God's Word.
  • Pray to God for help.
  • Join ministry to serve God with your talent

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