Get Back at Your Boyfriend for Cheating

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Having a hard time thinking of ways to get back at your boyfriend? It's hard enough maintaining a relationship, much less an honest one. Have you been cheated on by your boyfriend? Wondering how you can teach him a lesson? Some people may argue that getting back at someone who hurt you is bad, yet some people need chastisement to better them - or at least to realize their mistakes. Here are ways to get back at your boyfriend for cheating.

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First Things First


Are you really sure he cheated on you? What's your basis? Will you be able to prove his guilt? If you're not certain that he cheated, or you only want to get back at him based on loosely-conceived notions, then you'll end up hurting yourself and probably destroying the relationship. While it is normal for you to feel extremely angry due to his cheating, it will do you good to first thoroughly assess the situation and ensure that your accusation is not baseless. Once you're sure he actually, truthfully and knowingly cheated on you, then you will be justified to have that sweet revenge.

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Getting Back at your Boyfriend for Cheating

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  1. 1
    Cut Him Loose
    Did you know that boys will toil and grind to get a woman's sweet "yes" and have a relationship with her? If you look back, you can probably remember his hard work to make you his girl. What better way to get back at him than to dump him, right? You see, having cheated with another girl doesn't necessarily mean that he hit it off with that girl; most times it's just the fun of "cheating" why some boys and girls do it. Once you break off with him, you will likely reduce him to a begging puppy.
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    Call a friend
    Call your "hottest" male friend and ask him to cheer you up. Go out with him, either on a date or a vacation (why not?). Shun the cheating hurts and go wild. Also, wear your hottest clothes and make sure your photos with your cute friend end up on social media. It may sound petty, but it works.
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  3. 3
    Work that body
    Move and Groove by joining a Zumba class. Zumba will hype up your endorphins and what a better way to get those emotions of hurt and anger out by dancing them away. It is also a great chance to make new friends so you feel even less lonely!The next time he sees you face to face, rejoice when you behold his drooling. You may feel like sauntering away with a Salsa!
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    Find that woman
    Try contacting the woman your boyfriend cheated on you with, and ask her if she knew that the guy was your boyfriend. If the woman is decent, she will show remorse and empathy for you. If you happen to make friends with her, why not set up a lunch in a place where your guy usually goes? If he happens to walk in and sees the two of you having casual conversations about him, that would be priceless.
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    Gain Mom's support
    Redirect your boyfriend's mail to his parent's house. If the mother calls you to find out the reason behind it, simply list all the bad things and the cheating your guy did. Say it in a composed and dignified way; say, "He was unfaithful and cheated on me, and now it's over between the two of yous." As a woman, her compassion normally will be with you, and her son will get what he deserves from her - it's a win-win solution.
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    Cold shoulder
    Most cheaters are narcissists, it's true. So one of the best ways to get back at him is to pay no attention to him, a.k.a., the silent treatment. If you get into a shouting fest with him, he may just like it and it will feed his ego. Practicing indifference will unnerve him. Be careful as well with false "remorse" - caught boyfriends sometimes pose.
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Some More Revenge Tactics

Some More Revenge Tactics 24666.jpg
  • Do not tell him you know, and then cheat with someone else.
  • Get him a sandwich and throw it in his face, or make him a drink and spill it on him.
  • Pretend you're going to kiss him, then slap him.
  • Date his older or younger sibling. It will make him super jealous.
  • Date his best friend.
  • Use his toothbrush to clean the toilet, and then put it back.
  • Never talk to him again.
  • Mess up his collections and computer gadgets.
  • Dump him and live as if you never knew him.
  • Have his church notified of his infamy.
  • Replace his phone with a baby toy.
  • Grab his phone and text all his friends and family about his cheating.
  • Ignore all his texts, calls and chats from social media, yet keep posting things on your social media sites regularly.
  • Sell all the jewelry your boyfriend gave you.
  • Rent a local or mobile billboard.
  • Try going on-air.
  • Post fliers in your party area.
  • Warn other girls.

Live your Life


After the lust for revenge has come and gone, and when your revenge has taken its course, you might feel hopeless and empty inside. However, you should look at this in a positive way. Having been cheated on is not the end of life as you know it. There are other boys out there, so never lose faith in humanity. Remember that living well and happy always is the best revenge. Being scornful and bitter will only show him how important he was to you. This will just serve to flatter his ego; besides you will only look like a psycho ex if you become too impulsive and angry.

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Tips, Tricks, and Warning

  • Sometimes, forgiveness is the best revenge you can offer, not for him, but for yourself.
  • These suggestions serve only to make you feel better, especially after your boyfriend has cheated on you.
  • Sometimes it's better to imagine doing the above revenge strategies than actually acting on them, but it's your call.

Questions and Answers

I'm very heart broken and very emotional?

He is cheating after I gave him everything. What can I do to feel better?

Coming to terms with the betrayal you feel when someone hurts or cheats you is never an easy thing to deal with. Many times it's because of what we believed we were building, and the great expectations for time and a future together. Because of this, the emotional loss can be the same as coping with a death. To help you can read our article on understanding the stages of grief, and try to work your way through each stage.

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One of the things you can do to help yourself through the rough stages is to focus on the positives. Ask yourself what you learned, and what you can take with you to new relationships, or in other parts of your life. Consider how you've grown as a woman, and how you will better be able to support the next person you love. Focus on the strengths you built while with the other person, and think about what a good person you really are. When you keep your mind on the good things, and especially the good things about yourself, the stages of grief will be easier to overcome.

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How to get revenge on a sociopath?

Basically for some time I have been messing with this guy and recently I started to like him, of course, I told him this and he just was nonchalant about it but he's a guy so I kinda expected him to be like that. Until a couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend around him, and he grabbed the phone and started to talk to her, at first I was jealous about it but then they both explained that it was innocent conversations and that they would never hurt me like that. So I let it go. Yet just yesterday I find out that he had been flirting with her since he first started talking to her. Telling her how he wanted to do this and that to her, basically try and get in her pants. He is basically telling her the same things he's been telling me (trying to have his cake and eat it in two). She wasn't having it, she told me EVERYTHING he was trying to do; now I have all this built up anger and I have no idea how to release it, but to pour a little more gasoline on the fire I also found out he's a sociopath!

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End all contact with him. Send him a great picture of you with the message that this is the last time he will ever see you again. Delete his number or the other ways you have communicated in the past and do not respond no matter how much he begs. Clearly, he was not serious about you so why give him another second of your time. Ask your friend to do the same to him if she has not already stopped communication with him.

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How can I get my boyfriend to feel the way I do without cheating?

Every day my boyfriend puts his needs and the various needs of his female friends before me and mine?? I am so hurt and insecure, and I want him to feel the way I did, please help!! By the way, some of my insecurity comes from the high number of girls he knows, talks to, and flirts with.

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You can either become an iron fist or give him all of the freedom that he wants. By giving him the former, you will make him suffer enough, but avoiding the middle ground is always hazardous, as the partner might either want to escape the suffering or just feel free to go. The other way is mimicking the partner. Fight fire with fire. Find as many partners as you can and talk to them often. If he continues to do the same, ignore his demands towards you or his promises of not talking to other girls (let actions speak for him; words are just words, after all).

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I found out my boyfriend hadn't really ended it with his previous girl and lied to me and now I know he has been with her?

I confronted him and he denies it and says they are friends. I want revenge. He posted on Facebook that we are engaged without even asking me. Now everybody is congratulating me while I am in hell with this info.

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You should screenshot the engagement post and repost it with the caption "SHE SAID NO". He probably posted that as his idea of a romantic gesture but yet it did not come off as romantic at all. If you want to continue a relationship with him, you need to learn to trust him again. Ask yourself if you really ever can trust him again and is he worth the constant wondering about what he is up to.

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I have been with a guy for four years and have a kid together, I trusted him so much and loved him, I want a revenge, what can I do?

All I want is to revenge because I have been crying for days, now I want him to stop taking me for granted This is tough because you share a child together and need to consider any impact revenge may have on the child. To get the perspective you may need to distance yourself from him for a time so ask him to move out or take your child and stay at a friend or relatives so that you can think without being around constant memories of your life with him. He broke your trust and if he wants a relationship with you then he needs to understand that he has to earn that trust again and only if you are willing to take him back again.

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How do I get even with a boyfriend who hurt me the 2nd time?

We have a long distance relationship. Last summer I stayed with him for 2 months and everything was great. We continued to write and Skype after last summer and this summer he invited me back to stay with him. I did not realize that he already has a new love interest who he claimed as his new tenant. He told me this when I arrived from overseas. We continue to do things together but I detected a change in him. He was irritable, often preoccupied, he often went to the restroom when we were out, sneaking to talk on the phone, read a message from his so called tenant. All in all, he ruined my vacation by inviting me over when he clearly was not interested in me any longer but had LED me on. To add to all this, he asked me to leave when I confronted him with these issues. What makes matter worse is that I had bought him a non refundable airfare to Africa which cost is 900 US dollars. He has no reservation in using the ticket I bought him yet I felt hurt by what he did. I want to forget all of this but I am angered and frustrated that I am stupid enough to let this happen to me for the 2nd time. The first time was similar, he LED me on but was blatant about his involvement with another woman. What should I do? Thank you for "listening".

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Cancel the flight ticket and ask for him to reimburse any cancellation fees plus the price of the ticket since it is non refundable. Contact his tenant if you do get proof that they are in fact romantically linked and have her become aware of who he really is. This is the second time he has had inappropriate relationships with other women. Once is a mistake but twice is the beginning of a pattern. End things for good this time. There are better men out there for you that will give you respect as well as honor the trust you have for them.

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What can my friend and I do at the water park, that won't hurt him or hurt his feelings really bad?

Yes please, a guy that has been my friend for a while just started going out with me today, but then I found out that he is also dating my best friend. I don't want to hurt him, but I want to invite him and my friend to a water park over spring break, both of us looking cute, and just have both of us there with him while I and my friend have no plan...Could you help me come up with one that won't hurt him?

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There is a certain purpose in your plan, even if you think that there is "no plan". You intend to look well-dressed for his taste. You intend him to see you both and realize that you both know more than he actually thinks you do (that alone will hurt him!) Do you wish to let him know that you are fine with his romantic involvement with another girl? Do you intend to continue your relationship? Do you intend to break other relationship of his? Do you want him to choose? Do you want him to become just a good friend of yours or hers? After you find answers to those questions, you will know what to do to hurt him less. Otherwise, it is like throwing different ingredients at random into a blender and expect something delicious to come out of it.

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What do I do when I know that he's cheating but he won't admit it, he just keeps saying that he was talking to the girls which in my book is cheating?

My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a month. He admitted that he was talking to the girls but he won't say that he was cheating...

Jealousy may cloud your judgment, but do not let it cloud his feelings by your constant interrogations. This will only make the relationship worse. Forbidding someone to talk to others is not a way for a healthy relationship, as it will only distance the person from you, or, in the best case, make him very dull. Besides, the hardest thing to live with is residing with someone who admitted to cheating on you. If you still have doubts but wish to discover the truth, hire a detective to see what he does or a female friend to try his feelings. Do not interrupt either process too early: if he, for example, talks or eats with someone in a cafe, then it is still nothing bad.

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A ex of mine who lives in England that I was cheating on him and played him the whole time and put it all over social media when actually he was the one playing me the whole time and he's trying to frame me for something I never did.I was the faithful one not him. Is there any legal things I can do?

This jerk I was dating for 2 years was totally playing me and he's just mad cause he was caught, now he's taking revenge on me and paying all kind of money trying to ruin my life on social media when I never did anything, he was the one that was unfaithful with me. I live in Pennsylvania and he lives in England.Now when I go on the internet I'm getting hate mail from all these people who believe him and I'm the innocent one here. Is there anything I can do.I'm now going with a really great guy and I don't want anything to ruin it because of these lies. I am a Christian and I am a very good person, how can I stop this before he ruins my reputation.

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The Communications Act of 2003, as well as The Harassment Act of 1997 laws in England, make what he is posting online as illegal in that it is menacing to your character. Contact his local authorities for how to press charges against him. Having the police show up at his door asking him to stop posting his lies may keep your ex from continuing your character assassination.

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I want to teach a lesson to my boyfriend?

I have loved a boy for the past 3 years but how he does not want me to marry him? Sometimes he says it is because his parents are not agreeing and sometimes he says if we both marry we will not be happy in life but really I do not know what is the problem? I want him to back and to marry me

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He is listing several reasons of not getting married. He may not want to go against his parents, especially since you are in a caste system. Whatever the reasons are he has stated that he does not want to marry you and does not think marriage would make the both of you happy. If he loves you he will overcome anything to be with you. Give him one final chance and if he still says no then you need to move on.

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How to get the max online revenge in the shortest amount of time?

My lying cheating ex is an online cybering / game addict and I want to put it out there so girls are warned about adding him to games, Steam or Skype. Any advice?

Start posting online in social media sites as well as gaming forums that you know he uses with all your warnings about him. In gaming forums list the games he plays and his user name. Be careful what you say though as in some geographic areas this would be considered cyberbullying and illegal.

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If only it were that easy, once you catch them cheating, are they really worth any further effort?

He cheated more than once, I love him, just don't love his emotional immaturity

For your case the only effort may be to end the relationship. He does not just have emotional immaturity but most likely no respect for you or your relationship. Sometimes we love someone yet are not meant to be with that person. It will hurt to end the relationship yet he already has hurt you numerous times in the relationship and will probably hurt you again with his infidelity.

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My boyfriend has gone on holiday for 2 weeks with his ex, I knew nothing, he had arranged to meet MW and found out he was on a plane to Tenerife?

I want too upset with his holiday, I know exactly where he is and want to pay him back. I have tried: Phoning the hotel room. I think it was caused by: He is a compulsive liar

Take any items you may have of his and box them up for when he comes back. Arrange to meet with him in a public place then hand him all his stuff while loudly telling him how you know he is a liar and cheater. The revenge will be even better if you meet him where he frequents often because he may not ever visit there again due to embarrassment. Guys hate public scenes.

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I am currently in a triangle here at work?

Its really a at work..and I'm tired of being in it...but its here at work so it makes things difficult. the other girl is married and he is separated so I don't want to start any trouble with spouses....but he plays both of us...she won't go against him that would be great...but won't happen so instead she does things to let me know shes with him kind of complicated

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Kind of complicated?

Well you broke a sacred work rule of not dating in the workplace and your situation is a classic example of how it can make a person feel stuck and trapped at work. The other two people involved in this triangle do not seem like the most moral people. Both are married, though he is separated or so he claims, and she is being petty by trying to make you jealous that she is seeing him as well. Good grief it sounds beyond complicated and the advice would be to break off any relationship you have with this guy. Hopefully the situation will not damage your employment situation.

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How can I forgive him? Is there a way out from the pain?

I had a 17 months relationship with the man of my dreams. I loved him so much and did and had all kinds of details together, we were together on valentine's day, thanksgiving, Christmas, new years, everything.. A month ago I found out he was having a serious relationship with a woman in Honduras. He has seen her twice in his life total of 6 days. He proposed to her... He send fiance papers to USCIS ( immigration) After a month that I caught him in the lie, he is telling me that he wants to be with me, that I am the woman he can marry and that he has no talk to her ever since the last 3 weeks... is there a way out of my pain?

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He seems to have chosen you to spend the rest of his life with, however, you have trust issues which are completely understandable. It is not easy to file USCIS fiance paperwork and he went through all of that trouble so he must have had feelings for the other woman. The only way out of your pain is feeling secure in your relationship with him again. It will not happen overnight if you decide to make things work with him, it will take time to trust him again but it is possible. Good Luck!

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I want to know if I should dump my baby father for cheating on me and lying to me?

Before I was with this guy I was lonely during that time. He told me that he has a girlfriend who has already has a new guy in her life but wanted to have a backup in case she has decided to be with that guy. So I decided to go along with it. A couple of months later, I got pregnant, and his girlfriend found out and left him. After she left he found someone else during that same month and disrespected me for them.

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Here is how you know if you should dump him, he cheated on his girlfriend with you then cheated on you with another girl. He has absolutely no respect for you. The only thing you should expect from him is child support after that baby is born.

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Should I go back to ex boyfriend? He texted me after I left and I replied to him?

I moved out of the apartment after living with him for few months. When we were dating, everything was fine. There were signs of someone in the apartment when I was gone for 2 hours or more because of appointments with the doctor (medical conditions) and sometimes I ran errands and was gone for a while. I discovered yellow stains in the bed after some weeks, and it was not from me. There was powder makeup that I saw twice, lipstick line in the other bedroom door, extra glass that was out in the kitchen counter. I would see the lady walking past a few times outside in the apartment building where we live when I got home. There's lot of coincidence. I told him many times about my doubts but he always says I'm here with you all the time, like at night. He never admitted anything. He would be on the phone when I take a shower in the morning, cause I heard him talking and then will suddenly become quiet. Faithfulness is the number one trait that I look for in a relationship. I still care about him but at the same time I feel there's another one he's involved with.

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If you are finding lipstick in your house that is not you or a friend's regular shade, it is cause for concern. If you do move back in, keep your guard up. See if you can catch him by telling him you are going to an appointment but stake out the apartment instead. You may have to do this several times before you get your answer.

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How can you get your boyfriend payback without hurting him because you still love him?

I still love him but I want payback to show him what I'm capable of. In the article says how to get revenge but my problem is without hurting him

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I've been with my partner for 10yrs and he's cheated on me multiple times, how do I get even?

My partner of 10 years has cheated on me so many times!. I have mental health issues and I have a fear of being alone!. I think he's cheated about 8 times to my knowledge, I know that's bad but I can't seem to do anything!!. I hate myself for feeling like this and for letting him hurt me in this way!!. should I just set fire to him in the yard?[just joking] or do I do it tastefully to make me feel better?. its always the same girls he does it to me with, and says its me being paranoid!

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