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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

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Double tap to unlock and my Samsung Galaxy Ace?

When trying to make a call on a Samsung Galaxy Ace, you get double tap to unlock every two seconds. How can I remove it? Can you help?

When your Samsung Galaxy Ace is in TalkBack mode, your lock screen will show a message saying that you need to double tap and swipe to unlock the screen. However, this is a case of mistranslated -- what it actually means is that you need to use two fingers to swipe to unlock your phone. Once you've used two fingers to unlock your phone, you can follow the instructions in the VisiHow guide below to disable TalkBack mode, which will remove the message when you get a phone call. It's worth noting that this message appears every two seconds when you're in a phone call in TalkBack mode since TalkBack mode is designed for people with visual impairments; the two-second lock is there to make sure that people don't accidentally hang up when they're on the call.

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Removing 'Tap to Unlock' feature during calls?

When I make or receive calls, the screen becomes dimmed and I have to double tap it to use the phone. How do I remove this feature? Thanks

Disable TalkBack completely. If the problem persists then put your phone into Recovery Mode and choose Wipe Cache Partition and then choose Clear Dalvik Cache. This will remove any interference. You should also disable your screen lock for a few hours to see if this makes a difference. Then go into Settings and choose Clear Security Credentials.

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Double tap seems unrelated to TalkBack?

Double tap to unlock lasts 2 seconds then needs a double tap again and again and again

If you have used TalkBack in the past., it can still be causing this problem. Some users reported they need to Wipe Cache Partition and Clear Security Credentials for the TalkBack to completely disable. Others have gone into Applications Manager, and Force Stopped the TalkBack even though they already disabled it.

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My friend has a Samsung Galaxy J mini and a friend's name is on the home screen, how do I get rid of it for her. Also, somehow in the contacts, there is nothing and now all the contracts numbers are in the phone symbol sign how does that work?

Removing the person's name from home screen, also what has she done as now no contacts they are all in the phone symbol. I have tried: Don't know how to fix it. I think it was caused by: Not knowing the phone and pressing all different buttons.

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Have your friend log in to her Google Play or Google Account. Under devices, there is a section to assign names to specific devices in the list. Once she syncs her Google Account on her device, the name change will appear. As for contacts, in the upper right-hand corner, there are three lines. Tap that to go into a menu. There are options there for how to view your contacts. If this fails, have her resync her contacts app with Google Contacts.

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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3
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Please, I am using Samsung -G313HU?

While calling always double tap will be showing

If you never initiated TalkBack then it is your Proximity Sensor that is enabled and causing this issue.

I cannot take the double tap [pad lock] off when making and ending calls?

When making calls I keep getting a padlock and it says double tap I've been and check the TalkBack mode and that is off. Its not any different but I cannot remove and its not in TalkBack settings

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