Gain Wi-Fi from your home when you are up to a mile away

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Requirements and Instructions

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You will need:

  • Unidirectional Antenna
  • Wireless Network Adapter (USB)
  • Wireless Relay or repeater
  • Wireless Signal Booster

(All can be purchased from local computer or electronics store)


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    First you will need to take off the original antenna that is located on your router and switch it out with an unidirectional antenna, the reason for a unidirectional antenna is to channel all of the signal into a single direction which will amplify the power a lot more than with the standard antenna
    The standard antenna emits signal in all directions which may cause your signal to be restricted to just your home but using a unidirectional antenna it will amplify it more to be able to receive signal from a lot further. You can go about changing the antenna two ways either by contacting the company you have got the router from or purchase one yourself from a computer store to replace the other antenna.
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    Now you will need to fully remove your PC's access card completely and install a wireless network adapter (USB), a wireless network adapter will allow you to pick up signals better than the typical PC access card installed in most computers so the better choice will definitely be getting a wireless adapter to increase the range on your PC to pick up signals from a further distance than you would without it
    Your PC card may be able to be taken out by either a push of a button or having to actually open up your PC, so if you are not computer savvy your best option will be to get a technician to do this procedure for your to extract your PC card and install the network adapter which will be extremely easy as it will be connected through your USB port.
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    From here you will need a wireless relay which will catch the signal from your home and relay the signal to your computer
    The maximum distance that you can place this relay in between your home router and yourself is up to a mile. You will need an outlet to plug your relay into in order to power it up using the relay will extend the reach of your wireless signal in order for you to catch it, you can purchase a relay from your local computer store, some will call it a wireless relay or wireless repeater.
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    Now you will need to go into your wireless networks online settings and change your channel settings
    Changing the settings of your router can help cut out interference on its way to your computer from home. If you cannot find a way into the router settings you can use the manual that came with the router in order to gain access to the router settings page.
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    A wireless signal booster will be needed in order to amplify the signal of your router to reach up to a mile from your home, the booster can also be used purchased at a local computer store also
    With this booster purchased you can connect it directly to your router at home to boost the signal from the router to the relay and your computer will be able to pick up the signal with no problem as if you were home, also the network name will be the same as it would be if you were connecting at home.
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The purpose of this is to stay connected to your wireless internet from home even when a up to a mile away from home, also if you are at a friend's house not too far away you can utilize your internet service when they do not have service and also help them out by allowing them to use your internet service when they do not have internet service of their own.

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