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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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Found picture of coworker and phone calls on husband's phone?

I found a picture of husband's co-worker in a fitting room. My husband took the pictures, and in one picture he is seen since its a reflection of him taking the picture. When I asked him, he said that all co-workers went before Christmas party to the mall. They had to buy a present for the guy who had the party. She tried on two dresses and requested him to take the picture. He sent her the picture on WhatsApp and those are the pictures I saw. When I asked him how come you didn't take it from her phone, he said, she asked him to because she was busy trying on dresses. There were several phone calls between each other. But my husband calls other co-workers as well. He said they were work-related phone calls as she would work in afternoons and he would work in the morning. He would have to call her to take information about previous days shift. It does make sense, but sometimes my heart doesn't agree. He also admits that he stopped calling her, which he did because he realized that she might have infatuation towards him. He also admits that one time she called him to IKEA, he went to help her and her friend brought sofa. When I called her and asked her about phone calls and the pictures, she said, it is not her fault, your husband wanted to be my friend. He would always call me (which is a lie because the phone history shows she called him too), she also said that he bought her a black dress and said, "I won't bother you after this." My husband says that he has no idea why she lied like this. Did she want my husband? My husband only goes out on Saturday nights with his friends and then comes home pretty early. He is always loving and caring as well. Never lost interest in me. So should I worry?

You do have some valid reasons to worry. Starting with why was your husband in the women's fitting room in the first place? Is she the only female co-worker because it would have been more appropriate for her to ask a sales clerk to take the photo, and what happened to just looking in the mirror? All that being said, you called her, and she immediately got defensive which says she has an infatuation with your husband. Although he claims that he is not speaking to her any longer, it may be prudent to put a spy app on his phone. Look into ones like Spyera that can record phone conversations. Unfortunately, he works with this woman still, and even though they are on opposite shifts, their paths will cross.

Just because your husband loves you and shows interest in you does not mean that he is immune to the temptations of another woman. Either your husband is completely clueless at what this woman is starting, or he is foolish to think that he could play with fire and not get burned. He should take protective measures because situations like this in the workplace can ruin a career with that company. Stop an Affair Before It Starts is a VisiHow article you can benefit from reading.

My husband was sick and he got well and started a fight with me, called me names and all, he even slapped me?

I want to know what to do! I told him to leave, he left for 3 days. I really don't care but sometimes I do, I just don't know what to do, he works for me in my business, I don't know but I think he is talking to someone else. He is so secretive, I want to really catch him!

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33 Sure Signs Your Husband Is Cheating

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