Flirt with a Shy Guy

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How to Flirt With a Shy Guy

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    Get to know him
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    Find out what he likes and what he dislikes. If you find out what music he likes, what his hobbies are and what really interests him, then you can connect to him on a deeper level and really get into his head, and hopefully his heart. Discussing things he is passionate about will draw him to you, while showing that you are interested.
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    Compliment him
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    Say something nice to him. It will help to bring him out of his shell while subtly letting him know you're interested. You can compliment his clothing, something he's recently accomplished or even his eyes. Just pay him a compliment which will show him you are paying attention to him.
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    Make him laugh
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    Tell him a joke or a funny story. Make him laugh and he will feel more at ease with you, and the more you make him laugh the more he will likely pick up on your romantic vibes. Plus he will know that you can make him smile.
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    Make eye contact
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    When he is around stare at him until he notices and then smile and look away. If he is talking, look intently into his eyes and give him your undivided attention. This will show him that you have a special interest in him and what he has to say.
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    Spend time with him in his element
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    Does he like to read? Does he play a sport? Does he like playing video games? Is he in a band? Does he always hang out at a certain place? If so, try being around him while he is doing something he is comfortable with or passionate about. The more you become a part of his favorite activities, the more memories you both will share.
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    When you are around him, smile often. Smile at him from across the room. Smile when he is speaking and smile whenever he says something funny. It will show him you are paying attention to him and once he gets comfortable with that, it's easy to start flashing a wink here and there.
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    Allow him to make a move
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    Create an opportunity for him to make a move on you. You don't want to act like you have no confidence in him and if you come on to a shy guy too strong, you'll risk chasing him away. Instead, why not plan something that will allow him to make the next move. This may require some help or advice from trusted or mutual friends.
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    Be patient
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    Don't rush it. Be patient and if he's shy and he knows you like him, he will appreciate you giving him the time to become comfortable enough to take the next step.
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    Be intelligent and interesting
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    Peak his curiosity. Be mysterious. Give him a reason to try and figure you out. Shy guys are usually intelligent and not interested in shallow people. If you show him you have hidden complexities he may become more interested in picking your brain, asking questions and getting to know you better.
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    Find ways to be close to him
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    Hang out in his circle, sit next to him and find ways to use the power of touch to your advantage. Touch his arm, lightly brush against him as you are walking by him or even find a way to bump into him seemingly by accident. This is a pretty strong signal that you are interested and if it gets his attention and he likes you too, you will likely be able to tell by his reaction.
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  11. 11
    Maybe he's not interested
    Just because a man is shy, doesn't mean he's a pushover, or desperate. If he doesn't respond to all your overtures, he may not be into you.
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