Fix your scratched gaming disc

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If some of your favorite gaming discs have been out of commission due to scratches on them, don't worry. You don't have to go out and purchase new copies. Instead, you can follow the directions below in order to fix the discs and continue playing them.

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    The first thing you will need to do is completely wipe the disc of all debris, leaving the disc clean, except of course for the scratches
    A good tool to use is either a paper towel of good quality (two or three ply) that will not leave any dust on the game disc.
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    You can then use a handkerchief or glasses cloth to polish off any extra dust you may not have seen to give the disc a definite clean and clear look, and also ensure that you clean the disc in a vertical motion versus a horizontal motion.
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    From here you need to apply a small amount of window cleaner onto the disc, and use either the handkerchief or the glasses cloth to rub in the glass cleaner onto the disc
    Again, remember to wipe in a vertical motion to not damage the disc any further and move from the middle of the disc outwards. After you have completed the wiping of the disc, let the disc dry.
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    From here you can utilize any type of car wax which will harden the disc fill ins but ensure that you only place a small amount
    After you have done this last step, let the disc sit until it is completely dry before use in your console.
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Some More Tips on How to Fix Scratches on a Gaming Disc:

The aforementioned tips may not be enough for some of you out there. We all know that a little scratch in a gaming disc can make it jump more when played, and this is really annoying. Some of you will repurpose damaged gaming discs to a fashionable decoration. Do not repurpose them yet, because they can be fixed. In this section, you will learn some more helpful ideas on how to fix scratches on gaming disc:

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  • Take note: When cleaning your gaming disc, make sure that it really needs a repair. Scratches need a fix. If it is only because of dirt or dust, then you do not have to follow the steps below to fix it. This section is only for scratches.
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    Materials you need
    1. Clean water
    2. Cottons swabs
    3. A mild abrasive cleaner: Toothpaste or Brasso
    4. A chamois cloth (or any soft and lint-free cloth)
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    1. Jot down where your gaming disc skips when played. This helps because after you follow the steps here, you will need to play your gaming disc and see if it jumps again or not. If it doesn't, then it's fixed.
    2. Clean the disc with a mild soap and water. This helps to see if they are really scratches or not. They may just be dust or dirt.
    3. Wipe the disc with a dry cloth from the center to the edge.
    4. Look for any scratches at the surface of your gaming disc.
    5. Polish it using a cotton swab.
    6. Fill a cotton swab with the toothpaste. Here, you should use a new cotton swab.
    7. Gently rub the paste-covered cotton swab over the scratches until they disappear. The paste can cause more scratches, but these are only superficial and can easily be removed.
    8. Rinse the disc off with clean water and dry it using a soft and lint-free cloth. Never use tissues or paper to clean the disc.
    9. Play the disc once more and see if it jumps again. If it still does, repeat the procedure and rub a paste-covered cotton swab on it a bit harder. If the toothpaste doesn't work, use the Brasso instead.
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  • Try a fundamental way to clean a gaming disc before fixing scratches on it. Clean it with a mild detergent, a soft cloth, or a disc cleaner.
  • Play your gaming disc in another player. Sometimes, the damage is not because of your gaming disc, but in your gaming player.

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