Fix Networking Problem with Korean Version of S4

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If you've got a networking problem on your Korean Version of the S4, and you think that there is no other solution for you than to dump it, then maybe we can be the ray of sunshine you have been waiting for. There are a number of solutions for this problem, but if your problem is a pretty serious one, then maybe a Factory Reset is your last option. However, there are chances that it is something a little less serious and that it can be dealt easily. No matter what the original cause of the problem is, try out these solutions and see what works out for you.

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    Choose your operator manually
    In normal mode, your phone automatically looks out for network signals and tries to configure it on its own. However, there is a chance that there is something wrong with this setting. You need to choose your operator manually. For this, just follow these steps:
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    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Choose "Wireless and networks".
    3. Choose "Mobile networks".
    4. Now, go to "Network operators".
    5. Lastly, go to "Choose Your Operator", and choose any operator/network that is not 02. Once you have chosen this, you need to locate "Unable to Connect". Once you have located this, select 02 again. Now, switch back to "Automatic". Restart your phone.
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    Check for the Airplane Mode
    There is a huge chance for this possibility. Many times, users accidentally switch to "Airplane Mode". Airplane Mode is the mode in which you are unable to send or receive messages or call. You need to make sure that the Airplane Mode is off and your phone is in Normal mode.
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    Disabling the Wireless Networks
    If your "Use Wireless Networks" option has been accidentally checked off, then your phone will not be able to receive any signals whatsoever. Make sure that this option has been selected, so that your phone can successfully catch signals. For this purpose, follow these steps:  
    1. Go to "Settings".
    2. Choose "Location Services".
    3. Now, select "Use Wireless Networks".
    4. This should pretty much solve your problem.
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    Perform a Factory Reset
    If none of the solutions have worked out for you, then maybe you're in trouble. This is your last option, and if the phone still doesn't show any progress, then there must be some internal defect in it. You would have to take your phone to the company and ask them to repair it. There may be some problem with your SIM card slot. Whatever the issue is, the technicians at the company will likely be able to help you in this regard.
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    A quick note
    Before you set out on the mission of resetting your phone, make sure you save all your data on your PC. For this, you can use any backup application. The most recommended one is Samsung Kies. Use it to make a backup copy of your entire data. Once you have stored all your data on your system, you can apply the Factory Reset on your phone. Then reboot your phone and check whether things have worked out in your favor or not.
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Questions and Answers

How to change network mode in Samsung S4 Korea?

You can change the network mode of your Samsung Galaxy S4 by following these procedures:

  • Get to your Home screen by tapping on the Back key for a few times.
  • From your Home screen, get to your Home screen options by tapping on the Menu key located on the lower-left part of your phone.
  • From the list of options, tap on Settings.
  • From Settings, tap on the Connections tab.
  • From the Connections, tap on "More Networks".
  • From Wireless and Networks page, tap on "Mobile networks".
  • From the Mobile Networks page, tap on Network Mode.
  • From the Network modes available, tap on the network of your choice.
  • You are done with changing the network mode of your Samsung Galaxy S4.
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Follow the steps below:

1. go to settings

2. tap on the connections tab

3. tap on more networks

4. tap on mobile networks

5. from here you will be able to tap on network mode to make changes

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When I call in Samsung S4 Korean mobile network not available error on display?

Korean S4 network problem so how to solve this problem thanks in advance

If you can send and receive SMS without any problems on your device but you cannot make calls, then first, make sure that you have enough credits on your account to make a call. Next, make sure that you are at a place with a good signal so you will now have problems with placing calls. If you are in a place with little to no reception, simply move to a location with a better reception.

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You can solve this problem quickly by pressing and holding the power button the side of your device. Once you have held the button you can tap the selection Airplane mode so that you can turn off your services, after repeat the step only turning Airplane mode off on your device and your network settings will restore themselves.

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Hello, I just bought a new unlocked S4 clone, it recognizes my SIM but cannot make any calls, it says not network available?Please help?

Hello, I just bought a new unlocked S4 clone, it recognizes my SIM but cannot make any calls, it says not network available?Please help

This may be happening because your mobile network recognizes that this device is a clone and is not an original device. From here you will need to contact your mobile carriers customer service in order to help connect your device/SIM to your mobile network successfully.

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My network connection is Showing H+ but net is very slow?

In my Korean Galaxy S4 copy m facing this problem

This sometimes happens when you have too many apps running at the same time. You may want to close down some apps and then observe if you still encounter the same problem. In some cases when net is very slow, it does not always have to be a problem with the connection.

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Also, this may be because your current location has a very bad signal. It does not show you that you've lost your connection but it gets stuck in the previous H+ status but actually, your connection has gone off already. You may want to go to another place with a stronger signal.

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My network mode cannot change only goes for GSM?


If you are using an Android phone, you can change your mobile network options by doing the following:

  • go to settings app (or press menu button and choose system settings)
  • tap more
  • tap mobile networks
  • tap 3G service
  • tap network mode
  • choose your preferred setting:

GSM/WCDMA (auto connect)

WCDMA only

GSM only

WCDMA preferred

GSM auto (PRL)

CDMA auto (PRL)

CDMA only

EvDo only


If by any instance this is not the case, please explain the issue further.

I have S4, and when I boot, there is no signal, it shows, (Emergency call only - GLOBE) how to fix this?

I already cut the stickers on the lower back of S4, I think it is used for the signal bar?

I have read that the sticker that you have in fact removed is used to generate a signal from your device. When you, in fact, remove the sticker or back plate to the device you will remove the ability for your device to access signal. You are going to need to in fact:

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-Contact your carrier in order to be able to receive a new back plate to your device so that you will be able to pick up signal on your device. This will allow you to once again be able to generate signal from your device.

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Below is a link to verify the information that I have explained to you above:

How to fix registration problem?

My mobile cannot able to register SIM card in my Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a common Android problem that occurs in Samsung Galaxy S4 and other Samsung Galaxy phones. The primary cause could be that you are running on an outdated phone firmware or software. Here is what you do to fix this network registration problem:

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  • Insert SIM card on your phone.
  • Go to "Settings".
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select "Software Update".
  • The phone will then reboot and complete the update.

If in case the prompt "No Firmware Found" appears on your phone when you hit "Software Update", then you need to use Kies to update on the computer.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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