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Creating an animated GIF image is quite fun and interesting, especially with a lot of GIF editors these days. If you are fond of making quirky animations with a personal touch, you need to have the right image editor, along with your ability to create interesting images.

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Before finding GIF editors available today, you should learn to understand what GIF animation is all about. What is a GIF Animator? A GIF animator is something you can use in creating animations by linking different images together, similar to creating a flip book. You just insert each different image into the editor and set the desired frame rate so you can determine the speed.

After you have carefully inserted all your preferred images, you can then save these files either as a gif image, an .avi movie, or a flash movie. The GIF editor will then generate a specific HTML code that will help display your project on your webpage. Here are some great GIF editors you may wish to consider.

How to Find the Top 10 GIF Editors

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    This is a very popular GIF making application that houses tons of great features. You can snap photos through the app or import images right from your phone. After the animation is ready, simply share it on social media.
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    Though quite similar to Gifboom, this is actually an amazing hybrid between videos and photos. This will allow you to animate minute features of your photo. While your photo is standing still, the only thing that is animated is the one portion of your choice.
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    This is an application that has a striking similarity to the interface of Instagram. Here, you can find identical menus at the bottom part, along with other Instagram-like selection of photo filters. Upload your pictures from your files and choose from a wide array of customized playback rates for your animations.
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    This is a great and user-friendly interface that allows you to make animated GIFs quickly. If you have tons of parts of your pictures to move, this is the best alternative to something like Cinegram.
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    If you wish to record videos through the in-app camera, or even upload existing video files and transform them into GIF files with high resolutions, MyFaceWhen is your perfect choice. You can even incorporate them with your text messages.
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    This is one GIF editor that has gotten a lot of great reviews though its user interface may look for more different than others. Giffer is relatively easy to use and it houses lots of great features if you are equipped with the latest version.
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    This is an application for Android gadgets where you can take pictures with just a simple touch of your finger. You can easily tweak your preferred animations and immediately share them everywhere online. Apart from Gifboom, this is one interesting Android application that is worth a try.
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    GIF Camera
    Tap your screen and capture different frames from your phone camera with just a single one by one sequence. Preview your GIF file by hitting the "Play" button and see how it moves. You can even speed up the framing if you feel like it.
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