Find the Right Keywords for Your Website

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Having well-written content on your site is just as important as having the right keywords to go with your content.

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Why is this so? Because the main point of establishing a website is to turn the traffic toward your business or your page and in order to generate that traffic, keywords are necessary to enhance your site's number of visitors. One of the best sources for this traffic is from the search engine, so that's why it is important that you make use of relevant keywords to make sure that the people will be able to find your site or article through the search engines.

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Before you find the right keywords to go perfectly with your site's content, having an understanding of how the keywords and search engines operate is an essential element toward generating excellent content and site traffic.

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What are Keywords?

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Keywords are simply words or groups of words that consist a particular content and represent the content of website. These are the words strategically positioned so that the search engine provider and the user become ultimately geared toward the site.

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These keywords are purposed all throughout the site in such a subtle way that the readers won't be able to notice that they have stumbled upon keywords all throughout the site's content.

This is where Search Engine Optimization or SEO enters into the picture of your writing, because in order for the people to find your article or your business site and generate traffic, the people must be able find you first.

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What is SEO?

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SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization; in short it means that you are simply maximizing search engines to maximize visitors into your sites. The goal and objective of SEO is simply to place your site's link at the top list or at the first page of every user's search results. How will this happen?

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Major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing post web page links based on their relevance with the user's typed keywords in the search box; that's why keywords play a vital role in ensuring that the users get the sites that contain the most relevant information needed. Since these sites are basically not paid for advertisement fees, keywords are the basic necessity for generating more site traffic.

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Before giving you how-to guidelines toward finding the right keywords to go with your site, here are the basic guiding principles that you should live by to maximize SEO.

Good Search Engine Optimization

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    More than all the keywords you use, whatever your site contains is what will bring you the people and what will help keep them coming back to your site. If they see that what you're saying is relevant to them and useful enough, then you can be sure that they'll keep coming back to your site. All the right keywords in the world will not give your readers and subscribers the content they need. It will always be based on your content. So, make sure that your site's content counts in terms of relevance and information.
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    Keywords Presentation
    Your description, title, and keywords are important, just as how you present it in a way to make it attractive to your readers. Tags, keywords and descriptions must be compelling enough to stand among the rest so that users can't help but click and go to your site.
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    Simple Design
    Sites that have clean cut, easy to use features make it easier for the users to browse through the rest of your site's content. Remember the cliché, that simplicity is beauty? This goes to saying that simplicity here is now not a beauty, but rather a necessity so people will be able to stick through on your site. Chip off the slow loading animations, high bandwidths, etc. Just always remember to put yourself in the user's shoes and think if you'd wait for a slowly loading site. Make it clean, make it simple, keep it straight to the point and keep it organized.
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Finding the right keywords

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After looking through the basic guiding principles for a good SEO, it's now time to find the right keywords to go with your site:

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    Who are you
    Determine the products or service that you are offering. Find related keywords for your products that should be present all throughout the site's pages.
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    Identify your target audience
    Determining who your target audience will help you to focus on how the website will be. Depending on your audience, you will adapt according to their needs, and their wants, in this case, on how they speak and even think. From here, you'll be able to choose specific keywords according to who your audience is.
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    Jot down the words related to who you are
    Put yourself in your audience's shoes and determine a list of words and phrases that people will look for when they're looking for your website. Creativity and uniqueness are two of the keys.  
    1. Google Adwords and Bing AdCenter are some of the paid keyword tools that will also give you keywords and figures to determine how competitive they will be in the long run.
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    Focus on the general content
    Include at least three related keywords and phrases that are specific to your site. For example, if your site is focusing mainly on cooking pans; other keywords to go with it would include Teflon cooking pans or ceramic cooking pans - different words, but all have the same general content.
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  • Tips, Tricks & Warnings

    • Do not use misleading, confusing and incomprehensible words as keywords for your site.
    • Use keywords that can relate well to your target market.
    • Use unique keywords for your site. The more unique the content and the keywords you use the higher the chances to be listed on the first page of the users' search results.
    • Keep your keywords subtle and free flowing naturally all throughout the site's content.
    • Steer clear of any attempts of confusing Google spiders regarding the keywords you use.
    • Be clear, concise and straight to the point with your content.
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    If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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