Find the Location of Child Predators in Your Area

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Words cannot explain how important it is to make our children's safety top priority. Every parent or guardian knows that every child has an innocent heart and an impressionable mind. They can be told to do things they don't even want to do in the first place, and do them anyway, as they are taught to respect authority - their elders. These characteristics make them so easy to be taken advantage of by child sexual predators, who never stop looking for their next victim. Never!

As responsible overseers of your family's safety and security, you should protect your child from these people as best as you can. There are things you can do to avoid having to deal with the horror stories you see on the news every day. With today's technology, you have been given the ability to spread your arms over your child a lot wider. You can now find the location of child predators in your area with the right tools you can easily access online. What you have to do first is establish an awareness that such crimes do happen. You need to put your foot down now and do something about this worsening scenario. Arm yourself with information. Let others in your area know as well. But never forget - most child molesters are friends and relatives - most child molesters are known to the family.

How to Monitor Your Child's Safety

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These days, the safety of your child lies in your diligent monitoring efforts. You have to actively participate in making sure that your child is safe and secure. Below are some of the things you can do to make sure your child is safe from sexual predators:

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    Know where your child is at all times
    Whether it is at home or outside of it, you should always keep an eye on your child. Predators are everywhere and they could easily lure children into coming with them. Be sure that you can check on your child as frequently as you want. If your child is playing, be there to monitor so that he or she can easily call you and you can easily respond.
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    Be aware of your child's friends
    Schools, venues for extra-curricular activities, and social networks are places where friends can easily be made. Know the people your child befriends and send a responsible, older chaperone if they do go out together as a group.
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    Set a limit to Internet use
    Make sure that you filter your child's websites. Never let your child use the Internet late at night or enter chat rooms. Tell your child not to share too much in social networks. Sexual predators use the information they give to take advantage of their vulnerability. Never allow a young child to have a computer in their bedroom.
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    Instruct your child what to do when he or she needs help
    Tell your child to go to a person of authority for help. Screaming can also help bring attention towards him or her. You can also give your child a portable, personal alarm to use, just in case a predator is prowling about. Kick - scream - tell them to yell - I'm being taken! This is not my father!
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Types of Child Predators

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There are two main types of child predators are always lurking about. Some of them may have done their time behind bars, but they almost always revert to their old ways. The rehabilitation of pedophiles is extremely low.

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    These are the child molesters who can't help but make the headlines. Pedophilia is a sexual act or fantasy that involves sexual gratification with children in their prepubescent stage. Men are almost always the pedophiles. They can be attracted to boys, girls, or both. Pedophiles usually find it easier to relate to children who match their emotional immaturity. They tend to stick to a specific age group like pre-teens or very young children from five to 10 years old. Being a pedophile may be brought about by traumatic abuse during childhood, genetics, or a belief that pedophiles are actually helping children develop better through sexual satisfaction. Often pedophiles were sexually molested when they were children.
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    Rape is known as unwanted sexual intercourse or sexual assault. It may be classified as a violent crime or a sex crime. It is typical for the offender to use violence to get their way. Children below 12 are included in the list of rape victims. Rapists are usually people that the victims know well such as neighbors, relatives, or friends. Rape is not about sexual gratification; it is about violence and control.
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How to Find the Child Predators in Your Area

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Child predators lurk in vicinities where there are possible victims. That means your child is vulnerable to various methods of predation imaginable. You can prevent your child from becoming an unknowing victim by finding the convicted child predators in your area. These days, technology has given you the ability to spread your arms wider over your child through free monitoring websites. These websites can provide access to credible listings for registered sex offenders.

Below are some of the most widely used sites that you should check out:

  • Family Watchdog is a service that's absolutely FREE. It can provide you with the locations of registered sex offenders in your vicinity. The site offers this information and more once you register with them.
  • The national Predator Database has information about all registered sex offenders in the country. The site is updated regularly. The database is ideal for human resources departments, schools, and law enforcement. Just enter any possible combination of address, age, state, name, offense, alias, height, etc., and you will find out what you need. You can also narrow your search and look at less than a hundred photos accessible to you. You can make a radial search across boundaries of every state, use partial location data (zip, state, county, city) and check through offenses or aliases,
  • Child Rescue Network, Inc. is an organization dedicated to preserving the safety of children. They also provide information to parents in recognizing and reacting to possible dangers. The organization also provides presentations that boost awareness on victimized and missing children. They motivate people to become involved in eliciting change. Most important of all is that Child Rescue helps families in searching for their children.
  • Family Safety provides a free trial of their child predator/sex offender search and reports. They also provide useful information on how you can protect your child from child predators.
  • Map Sexoffenders. This is a private tech and web development company in Orem, Utah. Their goal is to provide valuable information about the sex offenders in the area. If you plan to relocate your family, you can use this site to find a safe location.

These sites are very reliable resources for letting you know where it's safe for your children to play or grow up. As a responsible parent or guardian, you now have the edge. Use and share this information.


  • Consider giving your child a kid friendly emergency phone.
  • You can purchase a tracker for your child that will tell you if he or she is beyond a certain distance from you.
  • You can enroll your child in self-defense classes.
  • Set an established curfew time for TV, Internet, and going out.

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.


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