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Back when we still had the family computer games or the Nintendo, we all heard the craze about the Mario Brothers and Tetris games. Back then, games were small, almost like a cassette tape Inserting the game into the console, and you were off and play8ing. It's a little nostalgic, right?

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These days, popular games can be found through the applications in the latest gadgets, such as the smartphones and tablets. It's as easy as one-two-three to load and play your game on your gadget or device. And if you are on Facebook, you have surely heard of the Facebook games.

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If you're fond of using Facebook, then you have probably come across notifications inviting you to play games online and via Facebook. Basically one of the reasons why Facebook has become such a great hit nowadays, is not only due to the great interactive social media platforms they have created for their subscribers, but also due to the addictive mini games that they also have available for free - mostly.

25% of Facebook users play games on Facebook. The mini games you find on Facebook are undeniably easy and fun to play, but not only that, Facebook also has an interactive feature that enables you to interact with other Facebook users who are playing the same game.

Who would've thought the social media platform would help get you to play games online? And the great thing about is, you get to actually communicate and bond with your friends online while playing a particular game.

Finding The Best Facebook Games

Facebook has become a good web based platform that is committed to building and developing personalized applications.

Facebook has put up some highly visible promotional materials for their games and applications that are available for use. The app centers are simply some of the go-to places for locating games in Facebook. The app center icon may be found on the homepage of your account beside your page's feed wall.

To find the best rated Facebook games, simply do the following:

  1. 1
    Go to the App Center, located at the right side of your Facebook page and just below your groups panel
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    Once the App Center opens, click the "Top Rated Games" tab to find the best Facebook games available
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    Scroll down from the top rated games to choose the game you would like to play
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    Categories for the mini games
    1. Action.
    2. Adventure & RPG.
    3. Arcade.
    4. Casino.
    5. Card.
    6. Family.
    7. Hidden Object.
    8. Puzzle.
    9. Simulation.
    10. Sports.
    11. Strategy.
    12. Trivia & Word.
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Benefits of Facebook Games

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    Facebook games are all FREE (even the ones paid on mobile phones) All you need is an internet connection and a Facebook account.
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    Interactive gaming
    1. Invite your Facebook friends to see their score and ask for help.
    2. Get to meet new friends from the thousands of users who are also playing the games.
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    Stay active on Facebook even while you are playing a game.
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    Get to play multiple Facebook games all on a single account.
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