Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest

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There are many ways to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest, without having to go to each individual law enforcement agency to ask them if there is one. The following steps will help you figure out if you have a warrant yourself, so you won't have to deal with the surprise the next time you are stopped by the police. The last thing you want is to live your life with a niggling fear, so finding out is the best option. Then, you can figure out your next step -- you can continue to live your life free, but always looking over your shoulder, or you can turn yourself in and take care of the situation.

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    Use the internet to search the specific directories of counties where you have either lived or gotten in trouble
    Many counties and cities will have websites where all their court information is listed and you can find your old cases, open cases and even closed cases. The website will also likely contain information pertaining to civil cases, traffic court cases and higher court cases, including dates, charges and the decisions made by the court. Here you can do a search on your name, or even see a list of all the arrest warrants that are out in the county or city.
    1. Sometimes the websites will not show the warrants since every city and county goes by its own rules. Even though the records of your arrest might not be posted on the site for everyone to see, it will be included in your personal information.
    2. Look for anything like a page with posted warrants, and dangerous people who are in the area.
    3. If this doesn't work for you, then check the city or county's sheriff or police department website for information. Some sites get the community's help when searching for people who may be dangerous and loose in the area. This usually includes people who have warrants.
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    Check a larger website that can also provide information on warrants, not only the city or county but the whole US
    Some of these websites will blatantly show all arrest warrants without any restrictions. Small towns or cities will be less likely to post warrant information, as they are not used to posting such things on the internet, and some places like to keep certain issues private.
    1. Use the Google search engine to find sites where you can search a person's name and get all of their records.
    2. These services are sometimes free, but most services will cost you money, though not a large amount.
    3. They will give you arrest records, last known addresses, charges and more information pertaining to a warrant put out on the person in question. Some sites will not give you all the information that you seek, but you can always go to another site and search there as well.
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    Call the clerk's office in all of the areas where you have lived or have committed crimes
    The clerk's office will be able to let you know if you have an arrest warrant against you at the current time. Sometimes the clerks will be able to give you all the details and information you're looking for, but sometimes they will refuse to give you information about a warrant for your arrest over the phone. After all, they can't know for sure if you are the person who is asking for this information, and even if you are, they don't want to give you cause to make a run for the border.  
    1. If they tell you that you need to come in to find out, you may want to take it as a hint that you have one, and that they are trying to get you to come in so they can arrest you.
    2. Be careful what phone you call from, as they may send an officer to get you unless you are too far away or are calling from an unknown number.
    3. A good and safe way to perform this without having the police come to look for you is to have someone else call on your behalf. Again, the clerk may not be willing to talk to them about your personal information.
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    Go to the courthouse in the county where you believe there may be a warrant for your arrest
    At the courthouse, the employees will be able to search all the records to see if you have a warrant out for your arrest, however, you must understand that you can be arrested when you present yourself. They will not look at the situation as you being honest and turning yourself in, but only as a wanted person who needs to be arrested.
    1. Some county or city law enforcement officials will lock you up on the spot, regardless of whether your offense was major or minor.
    2. If you do not wish to visit a courthouse, you can just ask a random police officer, who will be able to check the records and see if you have a warrant. You will probably need to ask a cop in the area where you believe the warrant was issued.
    3. The best police officer to ask will more than likely be a state trooper in the state where you committed a crime, as their database will show information from the entire state, and will not be limited to just one city or county.
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What to do When You Have a Warrant Out for Your Arrest

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Upon finding out that you have a warrant for your arrest, you will need to figure out the details of the warrant.

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    Find out when the warrant was issued
    Sometimes people may not even know that a warrant was issued against them because people aren't always notified.
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    Create a statement regarding why you haven't turned yourself in
    Include reasons, like that you were out of the country, or you weren't home when the warrant was issued. There may also be fines that you have incurred, along with your charges, and they may be large, especially if your warrant was issued long ago.
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    If you find out that the warrant was issued a long time ago, then you will need to take care of the issue ASAP
    Ask the courts and the police about the charges against you so you can get an estimate and come up with a plan to pay for the fines against you. If you take care of the fines and fees, you may be able to avoid being arrested.
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    If you cannot pay the fines, you will more than likely be arrested for the charges against you
    In order to avoid going to jail, you may consider contacting a bail bondsman to help you plan and prepare for turning yourself in and to help pay your bail if needed.
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Should You Turn Yourself In If There Is a Warrant For Your Arrest?

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Definitely. You should turn yourself in if there is a warrant for your arrest. Here are some reasons why:

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    Peace of Mind
    You won't have to keep an eye on every person you meet, thinking to yourself that any one of the people around you will arrest you for the offense. You can also have a good night's sleep without worrying that you may get arrested the next day.
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    Avoid Humiliation
    You won't have to experience the shame of getting caught and handcuffed in public. No matter what your offense is, it will always leave a very bad impression of you in others' minds if they see you getting arrested. If you turn yourself in, you will avoid any shame and humiliation that goes with getting arrested in public.
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    Right Timing
    An arrest during your vacation can ruin the whole plan and mood, not only for you, but also for everyone with you. The activities may still continue without you, but the damage on the mood of everyone will be affected. Turning yourself over to the police will make sure that you are on top of the situation, and you can schedule it so that it won't mess up any other planned activities.
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    Good For Your Reputation
    The police and the judge will have a more positive impression on a person who turn himself in, than the person they have to track down. It can even be an indication that you are innocent from the offense you are being accused of. Although turning yourself in is never proof of innocence, it can be a proof of good will and good character, and will establish the fact that you are a person who does not run away from responsibilities.
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    Better Treatment From Law Enforcement
    An angry police officer will not treat you well at the precinct, especially if you gave them a hard time catching you.
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    Avoid Getting Stranded at the Precinct
    Being caught at certain times and dates may force you to be in the jail for longer than expected. Holidays and weekends can spoil your early release from prison, especially if the necessary documents are coming from a certain agency or company that is closed. So rather than getting caught by surprise, it would be best to turn yourself over to the police, preferably on a Monday.
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If there is a warrant out for your arrest, and you turn yourself in, what happens?

If there is a warrant out for your arrest, and you turn yourself in, what happens? 50754.jpg

Voluntary surrender or turning yourself in is the best thing to do. Since there is an existing warrant for your arrest, you will still be formally arrested, and undergo the proper proceedings, according to what the charges are. The court will schedule a hearing for you to post a bond if the case warrants a bail. The court might consider reducing the amount of the bond when the law provides. Once you post bail, you will be granted temporary liberty and will be responsible for attending the hearing as scheduled. Failure to attend a hearing without due cause can be grounds for the suspension of your temporary liberty, and the judge will issue another warrant for your arrest.

If no bail was set, you will still be in jail and will also undergo the proper proceedings. Turning yourself in will make an impression on the judge. The amount of time you spend in jail before your hearing depends heavily on the verdict of the judge.

Is there a site that I can see if I have any warrants?

Yes, there are many websites that offer warrant searches online. Some are paid websites and some are free. There are many search results of paid warrant search websites on Google or any other search engines. Do not be fooled by all of these, because some are scams. They ask for your credit card and other personal information, which can be dangerous.

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As a matter of fact, searching your name, or someone else's name is limited to checking warrants online, especially on paid websites. If you search a person's name on a paid warrant search website, they will only give you limited information, because they want you to subscribe to their services first. And if you join, they will promise you a comprehensive result, which is often a lie.

The most effective and safest way to know if you, or someone else you want to know about, has an active warrant, is to go to the nearest police station or local courthouse. But if the place if too far from where you are, you may want to use the two public and free warrant search websites below, where you can type in and search your name, or the person's name that you are checking up on, or suspicious of.

How to Find Out if You Have an Outstanding Warrant Online for Free

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    Go to the website of the city, county, or state police agency in the jurisdiction where you committed your crime
    For instance, if you wrote a bad check in Cleveland, Ohio, you would go to the website for the Cleveland police and search its warrant database for your name.  
    1. For federal crimes, use the FBI's database
    2. Most government-kept databases are free to use.
    3. Government websites will always end with the suffix .GOV. If you land on a website that claims to be maintained by the government but does not end in .GOV, then it's NOT a government website, and you shouldn't trust it with any of your information.
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    Public Records Online Searches is a website that maintains links to many of the law enforcement websites across the United States
    The site itself is free to use and organizes its links by state, then within each state, by county and city. Here is how to use Public Records Online Searches to find out if you have a warrant:  
    1. On the Public Records Online Searches Warrant page, click on the state where you were living or were in when you committed your crime. I'm going to use New York for this example.
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    2. Scroll down through the listings to find the county or city where you committed your crime. If a state agency would have your warrant, a listing of state-wide warrant databases is included at the top of the page. I'm going to pick Chemung County and click on the link for Warrant Search.
      Find out if you have a warrant for your arrest 42783.jpg
    3. In this case, the website turns out to be the Chemung County Sheriff, and it allows you to search for warrants by name. You can also see if you are among the top ten most wanted people by choosing this in the category box, and you can search in Chemung County and Tioga County, too.
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Questions and Answers

Who has warrants around your area?

If you want to know if someone in your area has a warrant for arrest, you can ask the court. Since these are all public records, you can get the information you need. There are also websites that the court uses to check for names of people with possible warrants.

For personal reasons, I will not be able to give you that information on another persons warrant for their arrest. Only a person can get information pertaining to their personal warrant record.

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If a person's name is on someone's bond, and they have a warrant, will that person get arrested also?

If you are helping a person who committed a serious crime, should report him or her to the police for your own good?

If you are referring to a bondsman, then he or she will not be arrested. The purpose of bond agencies or organizations is to help a detainee out of jail until trial. Usually, the court sets a higher amount of bail or bond money for the detainee so that he or she will be permitted to be out of jail, but is required to come to the court on the date of his or her trial. If the accused cannot put up the money to the court, then he or she can ask for help from a bond agency. He or she will then put up a percentage of the bail money to the agency.

In this case, a bondsman can put up the whole amount of money to the court. If the detainee shows up to the court, the court will refund the detainee, but the percentage of the money paid by the detainee goes to the bond agency. A bond agency may also ask for collateral from a detainee to ensure they will get their money back.

If the accused does not show up at court, and he or she is on bond, the bondsman will not be arrested, but he or she will forfeit the bond and get collateral put up by the detainee. The agency can be the court's allies.

If you are referring to helping someone who has a warrant, then you may be prosecuted, depending on the crime he or she committed. If the person you are helping is notorious and has committed a felony, then you can be arrested as well. There is no reason to tell the police you don't know about his or her record, because of the public, including you, knows that he or she is renowned for committing a serious crime. If the person you are helping was issued a warrant because he or she violated traffic laws, then you won't get into trouble.

Yes, even if it's your friend, you will need to report him/her, because you can be considered an accessory to the crime which can land you in jail with your friend, or you could be charged with him/her for this crime. It's not snitching if your life is also put in danger because of their actions.===How often will police come looking at your home if there is a warrant out for your arrest?===

As long as you have a warrant, police will keep looking for you. When investigating, they will usually ask people you know about your current home and work addresses. They will keep searching for you until they find and arrest you.

They do not have a set time when they come to your home. They can come as randomly as they want in the search for you at your home. They do it randomly so they do not give away a pattern to the person, so their chances of catching him are better.

Will you get arrested for having a warrant and going to the courthouse?

Yes, you could possibly get arrested when you to the courthouse. A warrant can be served wherever you are. However, the only time you can get arrested when you go to the courthouse is if the police or other authorities are aware that you are there.

Yes, if a person of the law recognizes you from a warrant, a poster, mug shot, or by simply by you inquiring about a warrant. They are free to contact the local authorities in order to have you arrested right there.

How can I find out if someone has been picked up on a warrant that was issued for them?

You can call the local police department and ask if there was a warrant against a person, and if he has been picked up. This kind of information is public, so you are free to inquire about it. You will be able to get information such as where the warrant was issued, and in what jail the person might be detained.

There truly is no way to figure out if someone has found out they have a warrant issued for them. A sign that they might know there is a warrant on them, is if they are hiding, or they avoid going to certain areas in the city where they know they have a warrant out for them, and might be recognized. Also the person may not want to travel to a specific city or state where the warrant was issued.

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Are you handcuffed when you turn yourself in on a warrant?

It depends. Typically, police will handcuff you only if you are violent and/or notorious. In order to stop you from damaging something or hurting someone, they will handcuff you, if necessary. If you comply with their requests and you are calm, there is no reason the police would need to handcuff you.

Yes, because you are considered a person who is either on the run or in hiding. The handcuffs are used to ensure you will not get away from them while you are in their custody. As bad as it seems, when you have a warrant out for your arrest you are considered dangerous, and a possible flight risk.

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How can you find out if there is a warrant on a closed case?

The best way to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest after the case is closed would be for you to contact the local authorities in the area that you live in, or wherever the warrant was issued.

The only way you can easily come by this information is to call your local police, or district attorney's office. If you are concerned about having a warrant out on you, it might be best to have someone else call for you. Other than that problem, your local police station should be able to provide you with the information, or at least a place to find it.

Can a police department hold a warrant so you can't see it in there list?

No, the warrant will be on their list of warrants or people who have warrants out for their arrest. No one is special when it comes to this information being made public and being made known.

Depending on the severity of the crime, the police can, in fact, hold a warrant separate from the other warrants they have active. There can be a number of reasons why they might see it fit to hide the warrant from the rest depending on the situation.

If an officer stops you and does a check on you do any active warrants in any state show up?

Yes. If there is an active warrant out for a person's arrest and they are stopped by an officer, it will pop up to alert the officer.

For the most part, yes, police can see warrants from other states. Now whether or not they will act on them, is up in the air. They generally won't do anything for a warrant in another state. Only if the issuing state wants to extradite you will they do something. Usually, this is if you are already in police custody. Also, the distance to the issuing state and severity of the crime have a role to play. They don't want to waste money shipping you across the country for something small.

Are there free sites that tell you?

I got a call from a Highland Financial saying they have a pending warrant.

This warrant is not the same as a police warrant. This warrant more than likely pertains to financial institutions regarding a payment that needs to be settled. Contact them and ask for more information so you can get a better understanding of the reason for the warrant.

Your best bet is to contact Highland Financial and ask them what the warrant is for, in order for you to get the details. Also you will need to ask them in which city and state has the warrant been issued, so you can contact the local police to confirm the warrant for you arrest.

A warrant shows up in a city website but not county?

If the warrant is relatively recent, this could just be a problem with the website not being updated. If the warrant has been around for a while, it is possible it just didn't get transferred to the website properly. I wouldn't take this as a sign that the county won't see a warrant for you if they run your name. It's more likely a technical problem.

Texas Warrant Is it legit?

The website that you have provided is not an owned site. It is in fact, a domain that's up for sale online, waiting for someone to purchase it. So for your answer, this site is not legit for it is not an owned site at all right now.

I have been notified that law enforcement officers dropped by my property on multiple occasions to inquire if I was there. When asked, they just said that they were there to drop off some documents. Do I have some sort of a summons or an outstanding warrant?

I have been notified that law enforcement officers dropped by my place to drop off something. The officer did not divulge the contents of the business. On another occasion, my real estate agent met with a law enforcement officer on my property, and the officer wanted to know if I was on premises. When asked, the officer said that he was there to drop off some documents. Now, I don't know much when it comes to the law, but when did law enforcement officers become your local postal deliverymen? I am currently out of the country, and I am a bit apprehensive about traveling to the states without knowing what this is all about. Any clues?

Law enforcement is often used to serve court documents in civil or family cases. Call the clerk of courts in your county and inquire if there are any cases pending against you. A notice of child support enforcement, for example, may be served by law enforcement.

Will my warrant show up when I apply for a library card?

If I got my library card, can the police see that and come arrest me on the spot? Would they be notified?

Applying for a library card is not police related, unless there is a stolen card issue and you need a police report regarding the stolen card, in order to attain a new one. There have been illegal situations in the past that police were involved in, and this is likely when the police obtained a warrant to search your library activity after a crime.

A NYS Trooper called me about 18 months ago and told me I have a warrant, but didn't know why. The NYS Trooper said he would find out, and call me back, which never happened. When I called the NYS Troopers, they refused to tell me and said just come in and find out.

They won't tell me anything and I can't find anything online about a warrant.

Contact Warrant Section's Telephone Inquiry Unit at (718) 217-8484. You will have to give your personal information to the officer on the phone, which will help them do a search to see if you have a warrant. If you think you know what county the warrant may be issued from, you can also contact the clerk of courts from that location.

How long can they hold someone for a probation violation? It was for not showing up at court, because he had no transportation. He even called the judge.

He did call the judge to tell him he had no way to get to his court hearing - May 29th 2014. He called York County to see if he had any warrants and they always tell him no. Can he fight for that or how does that work? They've been holding him since Wednesday night into Thursday morning in Cambria county, and then they transferred him to York county on Friday and has been there since.

He has to appear before a judge before he will be released. If there are terms of fine payment, or jail time attached to his warrant, he will need to complete those terms before being released.

I have three separate unpaid traffic fines (speeding, no insurance and causing an accident). All were in 1999. What has happened between then and now? A warrant? Will it be cleared after all this time?

I had Florida driver license, and I had the above mentioned traffic violations in Washington State. I left the United States one week after I received the traffic fines. Do you think there will still be an active warrant, or will the record will be cleared after all this time?

Your record should be expunged by now. There may be a fine you'll have to pay if you wish to obtain a Washington State driver's license. Unless death occurred as a result of the accident, there should be no outstanding warrants.

I'm 19. Can I still have a citation from when I was 16?

When I was 16 I had a court date in Ft. Worth. I never showed up or paid my citation. Could it still affect me?

Yes. When you renew your license the fine will most likely need to be paid before you can obtain a new license. It also can cause issues trying to obtain a license plate, depending on the fine.

I need to known if the charge I have is a felony. I know it's a misdemeanor but?

Details up top. I need to know if there's a warrant for my arrest.

The websites and other means above are ways you can find out if your charge was upgraded to a felony. Employers checking for felony-related crimes do so by using websites like the ones listed in this VisiHow article. If you have a felony, it will appear in the search.

There is a complaint against me. I don't if it is threatening or extortion?

It was filed October 5, 2015, and I contacted the detective who received the complaint, but he still hasn't returned my call. Does the detective have the arrest warrant for me? I have tried: I tried to talk to the detective but until now I'm in the dark. I think it was caused by: I reported my former employer about their violations & they retaliated when they reported me for maybe threatening them, or extortion, because I had a claim with the labor commissioner

An arrest warrant has to be backed up by sufficient evidence of a crime. If there is not enough evidence, you will not be arrested. The detective has not contacted you further, so most likely there is not enough evidence to support an arrest, or he has seen the complaint as retaliation.

I'm currently on parole and had a visit with my parole officer today. I'm pretty sure if I had a warrant that would show on her side right?

Because after the visit to my parole officer there officer at my mother's house..she didn't open the door...but I don't know its weird. Well, that basically explains the situation. Because I'm not allowed police contact but at the same time I know I haven't done anything wrong. I just don't want to go through the full process of this.

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What should I do and what can I do for being arrested for someone with same 1st and last name but different middle name and DOB?

I was arrested for an arrest warrant that is not for me same last and 1st name but different DOB and Middle name but the officer didn't care arrested me anyways. Also, the pic they have for the correct person has a full set of hair I am bald and been with nothing but stubble since 20 years of age but yet I was still arrested and now I have a court date for this other person. what can I do what should I do? This does not pertain to this article I just saw this popup and thought just maybe and got hope so I reached out for help. I have tried: Showed California ID / Drivers License had wife show up as a witness with a birth certificate the didn't even look at it,. I think it was caused by: Identity theft?? I don't know..I never saw that person before I have no clue of who they are or how they know me or got my info

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I am inquiring about a warrant involving insurance?

I have been in a case where the landlord has filed a case which may be criminal because of insurance payment made on the property.I would like to find out if a warrant has been issued.

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