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Questions and Answers

It's how to change my toolbar from to Google or Yahoo?

My toolbar was changed on my mac, and I can't get it back on my own. It's at, I am using Firefox and I want to use Google or Yahoo, how to change, please...

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Is it a good thing to suck on lemons before performance?

Someone told me they believe sucking lemons before performing could help improve my voice a great deal, is it true?

I think it works except then you have a sour taste in your mouth during the performance.I usually gurgle water or salt water.

The question is; I decrypted the encryption policy and unable to see images?

The question is; I decrypted the encryption policy and unable to see images


Whether the images earlier were shown at it's encryption state? If you have decrypted, probably the image provider has used some additional protection mechanism so that it is not allowing you to view the image. If it is proprietary, it may refrain you to view of change the logic even after decryption.

OK, so it sounds like you have 2 problems compounding on each other. The first being that you need to recover your Google account information and the second being that you need to update that info to your phone.

To be able to recover your username or password for Google, use this link on a PC or other computer. If you do not have a second computer to use, try the library or a friends house.

Once you regain access to your Google account, you should be able to log into that account on your phone and all will be well.

However! IF you are for some reason unable to recover your Google account, you will need to do this instead: 1) You will need to perform a Factory Default Reset on your device. 2) When you first boot the device after the reset, it will ask you to sign into Google or create a new Google account to use on that device. 3) Choose to create a new account and work through the account set up ( MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR THIS ACCOUNT) 4) Once you have established a new account, you will then be able to proceed with your phone's initial setup and then on to it's usage.

My PC won't start normally my laptop has a blank screen when starting normally but starts fine in safe mode please help me because I need to use it?

My PC has a blank screen when starting normally but starts fine in safe mode please help me because I need to use It.. I have tried: Setup repair. I think it was caused by: I have no idea

The most probable cause for your problem could be that the explore.exe might have corrupted or some startup process (probably a malware) is not allowing it load explorer.exe properly.

As you mentioned that you can get into safe mode, so please do the following steps:

A] Checking Startup 1. Start>Run "msconfig" 2. Identify the startup items and uncheck all unnecessary programs 3. Once you apply, it will ask to restart the system. So restart to see if this solves the problem. If not, then follow B]

B] Start> Run "services.msc" 1. See any windows services those are not required, set to automatic. This is important because unless your OS is not hardened, there is every possibility that it will be prone to malware attack. I would suggest to change the startup option to manual or disable for services that you do not need. Here I can't exactly recommend, what are the services that you don't, unless a manual inspection is done.

Optionally, please use some cleaning program like CCleaner that will cleanup all temporary files as well as registry items those are seems to be fake. you may also use "BleachBit: portable setup from USB that will give you better result.

C] You may also try to to load the OS from Last Known Good configurations by pressing F8 at the time of boot. This will load last good OS that worked. If you had a restore point configured some time back, you may also restore the system to that date.

D] If nothing works, then please do a manual investigation for all files under C:\Windows\System32 directory and under C:\users directory to check most recent files those are either created or modified. If you find, some of the files are created newly, just when this problem started, you may simply delete those files unless you had manually installed any programs.

Finally, if all fails, then better do a OS repair by replacing all System files under C:\Windows

Regards, Arind

How to find an international version Samsung smart phone?

I want an easy way to identify an international version Samsung phone from others

There isn't really a physical differences for the most part. Certain models do have some slight differences but nothing major enough to just look at the phone (with the screen OFF) and immediately tell. At least not for the major product lines (Galaxy Series, etc).

However, if you have the device in question physically with you there are some ways to easily ID a phone as being built as an international version as opposed to a localized one for whatever region you are from (NA, SA, EU, Asia).

This can be done 2 ways, the IMEI and serial number info you will find if you remove the back plate and battery from the device. Some of the formatting of those numbers is different regionally.

But the easiest way to find out is to:

Power on the device Wait for it to boot Go to the Settings Locate - About Device Locate the Model Number -

          • These "model" numbers vary by carrier and region. Generally for Samsung they use

something like this: SM-G900T (this example model number is for a T-Mobile branded, Samsung Galaxy S5) as the model number where: -- SM means something (pretty sure it is noting the difference between a CDMA and a GSM device) - since this is a T-Mobile device it is SM for GSM or Global System for Mobiles radio - basically a programmable SIM card device). -- G900 is the actual device designation (in this case an SGS5) -- T is the designator for T-Mobile in the USA.

So to help you decide if it is or is not an International Version, let's concentrate on the very last letter of the model number. For the most part Samsung uses these same designators for all their devices so a T on an SGS5 and a T on some other model of phone always means it is a T-Mobile device (NOTE: T-Mo and AT&T in the use both use GSM and their products, even if not listed as an international version, are easier to use overseas due to the fact that Europe also uses GSM and the change over can be done simply by switching the SIM Card)

Here is a list of Samsung model designators to help you ID a model / version at a glance:

F - International version - Qualcomm Processor. H - International version - Samsung Exynos Processor. I - Oceania (Australia, Pacific). L - Korean. M - Central and South America (from Mexico South). R4 - US Cellular (that is a brand name of a provider). T - T-Mobile US. P - Sprint US. T1 - Metro PCS US. W8 - Canada. S - Korea(?).

There are also a K version but I am not sure where that is from.

How can I watch my movies on my tablet via TV?

How can I watch my movies on my tablet via TV

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well you could download this app called popcorn time from the inter net and all you have to do is search this app then download it and find a movie you want to watch

OK, so when you backup your device, it backs up the log in credentials as well (username / password) so when you restore it, those two pieces of information will be the same.

Since it is an Android, you have some recourse that will work for you but the issue with that is that you will most likely have to do a full reset on the device and then go through the setup again - logging into your Google account and creating a new device password. Once you are in and access the Google Play Store, it should begin to install all the apps that you previously had installed. The problem with that is that once they are installed, you now need to access your backup file and start migrating the data you wanted to keep from your SD card backup into the device storage itself. There are several, several folders involved in this depending on how much customization you had previously done to your phone. If you need more detail on what folders and what contents look to somewhere like xda developers for more detail on exactly what folders you can and can not move or alter. But most of the things like app data and such can safely be migrated into the device so that you can pick up where you left off on your games, etc.

How to block spying on Tweet messages?

My Ex is able to see and read my text messages. How do I stop this?


If so-

There is a very simple solution to this.

1) Open Twitter - on a computer, phone, whatever. 2) Navigate to your ex's profile 3) Click "Block" 4) Navigate to your Twitter Settings and ensure that your Tweets are not being copied / forwarded to any other social networking sites that the ex uses.

IF the problem persists, repeat the above steps for your other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, G+ (if that is even still a thing), etc.

Now, on the other hand, if your ex can actually read your SMS/MMS messages that you send from whatever messaging app you use, it can be a bit different.

1) IF you are using a 3rd party messaging app (Chomp SMS, Evolvesms, Go SMS Pro, etc.) than uninstall the app and move onto a new one. 2) IF you are using an iPhone, you both may be on the same Apple ID, in which case the other person with access to that account will have access to this type of information. (I had no idea that this was true until recently when I texted my buddy and an hour later his wife was at my house threatening to call the police on me based on the conversation held between me and my buddy....long story that.) - To correct that issue, either set up a new Apple ID or if it is YOUR account and not the ex's, Change the password and then make sure that no other email addresses are able to recover the password on your account.

Ctrl, Alt delete not working to unfreeze windows 7?

Control, Alt and delete will not work to unfreeze my laptop windows 7

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