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By the help of technology you can earn money even staying at home and by staying online. There are lots of online jobs to choose from and offers good payment for every job you finish. This is a bird's eye view on what online jobs is about and can help you find an online job that suits you.

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    Paid to Click
    Paid to click or PTC as the name says, pays when you click. It pays its members when they click ads that are available in the site. Most often Paid to Click sites are on free registration. It is an easy job but slow earning capability. But if you are serious about it you can join up to a number of PTC sites if you combined the earnings of all the site you have joined then you can have a decent amount daily.
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    Paid to do a Task
    There are sites that offers jobs that once you finish the job, you get paid for the job you have done. It's like outsourcing when companies needs something to be done instead of hiring an employee they offer the task online and let somebody do it for them. You can be paid either on hourly basis or just by the kind of task you have done successfully.
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    Paid to Post
    There are a lot of forum sites that pays members when they post on threads. Although they pay a little amount on every post,they not only allow for interaction to members but also let them earn something.
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    High Yielding Investment Programs or HYIP
    You must be careful when joining HYIP most of them are scams but you can also earn from this. Just make sure that you invest the money that you can afford to loose. Earning here is passive just invest your money and let your money acquire interest until it reaches its maturity and you can withdraw your earnings.
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    Selling Items Online
    There are websites that lets you post adds and if you have something to sell you can post an ad for free and sell your stuffs.
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    Doing Surveys
    There are sites that needs people to do surveys for them they pay you in every survey that you finish. These surveys comes from companies and needs people who will do the survey.
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    Ghost Writer
    If you are good at writing and very imaginative there are people that pays you to write stories about a topic and pays you for it.
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    Online English Tutor
    There are companies hiring teachers or any person with qualifications to be an online English tutor. If you are confident with your English and grammar this is the best job for you.
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  • Be careful when joining sites. Do a research about the background of the website first.

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