Find a List of Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats

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Who wouldn't know one of the best games, Pokemon? If you're a fan, then read on!

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Pokemon is a syndicated game of animal-like characters with varied potentials. They are competing against each other in leagues which will determine the strongest and best Pokemon . From this, games online and offline are developed. Online Pokemon duelers have themselves in a Role Playing Game (RPG) to fight against fellow duelers.

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In the urge to be the best online dueler, some gamers are resorting to the use of cheats - a list of codes to fasten and unlock unknown potentials of the character or game level. There are various places where you can locate different Pokemon light platinum cheats online.

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How to Get a List of Pokemon Light Platinum Cheats

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    Being the world's number one search engine, Google is one of the best places to search for cheat like Pokemon Light Platinum. There are some downsides in searching Google's pages; particularly, you will see tons of various cheats available. Some of the resources on this site may not be reliable since anybody can upload and modify articles and materials posted online. Downloading cheats can also pass viruses onto your computer and can cause much damage to the internal software of your unit. Concerning the game, entering cheats found here is hit and miss. You may encode wrong codes that may totally wipe out your game and lose what you have so far achieved. So, be very critical in choosing a cheat on this platform.
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    Pokemon Website
    Occasionally, this website will publish cheats. It's better to keep up to date and frequently visit the website. The official website of Pokemon is You can trust that these are correct and you will also be able to find where the information has come from and contact them if they do not work.
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    Fan Sites
    There are lots of different Pokemon fan sites and forums that Pokemon fans can look at to find all of the different new clues and cheats for the Pokemon games. You can easily find the platinum cheats by typing "Pokemon fan site" in the Google search, and there, you can find many cheats to choose from. In fact, some cheats are even specific to varied kinds of online games.
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You should be able to locate a discussion topic about rare candy cheats, for example, but then if you can't, you can simply sign up with your username and password and begin the topic yourself.

Playing the game as it is supposed to be is part of the thrill factor. It is more accomplishing to successfully finish the game by the normal course as it should be. Using cheats to get ahead of other gamers can be less enjoyable, since you have "cheated" in playing the game. Though difficult to finish, the game is more fun if you stick to solving the challenges up front.

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It's strongly suggested that instead of playing the game and eventually relying on cheats, it is better to consult other gamers on how they overcame the different stages of the game. This way, you did play the game in a clean match. Be persevering and competitive while on the game and you will still be able to end the game victoriously.

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To enter the cheat codes in My Boy Emulator simply open the emulator in your phone and then go to menu and look for cheats. However there are a lot of problems and error inserting some cheat codes in My Boy Emulator, some says that to be able to make the code work in that emulator you will actually need to purchase the full version of that emulator.

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