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Despite the rise of sophistication in the world of fashion, you can still find a lot of individuals who are amazed and interested in wearing vintage clothes. Are you wondering why? It is simply because vintage pieces are unique thus ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece. Unlike the mass produced clothing pieces of today, you will stand out with vintage clothing.

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There aren't too many vintage clothing shops around nowadays, however, if you try a little harder finding one will not be too difficult. So where can you find good places for vintage clothes shopping? Read more and you'll find what you are looking for.

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Where to Go For Vintage Clothing Shopping

  1. 1
    The Power of the World Wide Web.
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    Yes, you have the technology to bring vintage clothes shops closer to you.
    1. First, narrow down your search. Find a place within or near your vicinity. You might not be aware of an old or small vintage shop in your area that has been there for years. If your search leads you nowhere, then try searching in a wider scale.
    2. There are plenty of online shops that offer unique vintage pieces. You can also use the web to search for physical stores you can visit. This way, you can feel and try on the pieces before purchasing.
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    The Magic of Antique Shops.
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    The chances are slim, but you may still try finding authentic pieces found in antique shops. After all, you will never know until you try.
    1. If you find one that piques your interest, you may ask the seller for a bit of history regarding the item.
    2. You might just find out that you are holding one of Marilyn Monroe's mom's favorite skirts.
    3. Antiques and vintage pieces offer these kinds of surprises and a ton of history compared to new items with nothing but factory and shipping memories.
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    The Treasures in Garage Sales.
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    People who offer their pre-loved items for sale want to hit two birds with one stone, getting rid of old stuff and earning a few bucks while at it. That's right, old, history rich and vintage pieces that might be a wonderful addiction to your collection.  
    1. Be very patient when fishing through the items on sale and you might just get lucky enough to find a good piece.
    2. Some individuals holding garage sales are not even aware of the treasure they have.
    3. These may be sons or daughters selling their mom or pop's 50s clothing that might be just around your alley. So keep your eyes peeled and get digging.
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    The Riches in Closets.
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    Sometimes you do not have to go any further.  
    1. Try asking your grandma, your mom, an aunt or anyone else you know who keeps vintage clothes. Chances are they have turned a new chapter in their fashion story and are saying goodbye to drop waist dresses and spectator shoes.
    2. Another option is suggesting a swap with a friend who also has vintage clothes; if they have really good pieces that are high quality and classic do not hesitate to trade in your more modern pieces.
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    The Power of Confidence.
    Alterations are likely to be needed on these clothes, so be patient and fix them. Decide what fashion era you want to dress like, and check out fashion sites for suggestions. Remember to wear your vintage pieces loud and proud, this piece is unique and you must flaunt it.
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Tips and Tricks for Vintage Clothing Shopping

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    Vintage versus Thrift: A smart shopper must know the difference between thrift and vintage pieces. One great adage to follow when shopping is that a good looking vintage piece can find its way in a thrift shop, but an obvious thrift piece will not be found in a legit vintage store.
    1. When one uses the word "vintage", this means something special.
    2. A piece that has lasted decades, timeless, high quality and has history.
    3. A tip to identifying pieces that were manufactured before the mid 60s are checking for metal zippers, edges that are saw-toothed, blue union labels and side snap closures.
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    Go for Classics: Beginners in vintage shopping must consider classic designs when buying their first vintage piece. The timeless pieces are a good start in building your vintage wardrobe, these are basics that can easily be mixed and matched with both old and new items.  
    1. Some ideas are a cardigan or a little black dress from the 60s.
    2. Choose pieces that can be worn over and over with different pairings.
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    Size is everything: Not the body size but the sizing of the item. This is one problem with purchasing vintage clothing; the size may not be exact for your body.  
    1. Also, every fashion decade builds on different silhouettes like girdles, bullet shaped busts and etc.
    2. These also require specific undergarments to achieve a certain silhouette. So when shopping, consider the alterations and the undergarments needed to get the perfect silhouette you are aiming for.
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    Learn Fashion Eras: The easiest vintage items a shopper will find are those from the closest era, there are plenty of items to choose from. However, if you are leaning towards more contemporary pieces and styles choosing items from the latter half of the twentieth century is ideal. Items before this time must be approached with research to learn how to incorporate the style in modern day fashion.
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    Vintage versus New: Great quality vintage pieces can be as expensive as new items, so why do some people opt for vintage clothing?  
    1. This is because the chances of the vintage piece being made better are higher. When it comes to vintage designer pieces, the older the piece the higher the quality. This kind of quality is rarely seen today especially with the grave reduction of resources.
    2. With vintage items, as mentioned above, your piece is unique and one-of-a-kind you will not have to worry about showing up in a party wearing a jacket someone else is sporting.
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    Feel, Try, Decide: Before buying anything always feel the fabric or material. This is important to determine if the item is still in mint condition. Afterwards, try it on. The piece may be fabulous but if does not work for your body type, skin tone and such it is not a wise choice. After contemplating as well as weighing the pros and cons, decide if the piece is really something you must have.
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With this information, you can get started collecting high quality vintage pieces in no time.

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