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Colder nights, breezier afternoons, and darker dawns. These are some of the signs that are saying that the holiday season is almost here. Christmas is one of the season every year that excites us. Telling the story of Jesus Christ's birth, setting up the bright and colorful decorations, being with your love ones, wearing the latest holiday outfits and trends and of course shopping for the most wonderful presents for your friends and family. Though we all know that the last part isn't always easy. That's what you think. Finding the best Christmas gifts is fun and easy, if you know how.

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To find Christmas gifts this 2013, you must:

  1. 1
    Prepare your budget. Before anything else you must know what you have and what you want to spend
    You must simply place a ceiling point of your expenses. Plan when to start saving and how much you'll save up. It is most effective to have a weekly savings plan that allows you to set aside a certain percentage of your income. The amount is really up to you but it is better to have saved a little extra than to not have enough for all the gifts that you'd like to buy.
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    Make a list of the people you'll be giving gifts to. Now that you have your budget planned, you can make a list of your recipients
    Forgetting to buy a gift for someone is a big NO-NO, so double or even triple check this list. Make sure you've forgotten no one. You can also do this in combination with the first step.
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    write down possible gifts for your recipients. On the opposite side of your recipient list you can write down what you can or what you want to give them
    Start with things that they use often, maybe a new book for the avid reader on your list or drumsticks for that one drummer friend you have. You can also go for the latest style of clothing for your fashion fab friend or even the latest gadget for that techie cousin of yours. Just imagine them and what they do or need everyday. If you can't think of anything, you can always go for something personalized. A necklace with their name, a mug with their photo or the like.
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  3. 3
    Canvas the items that you've chosen to buy. If you chose to buy someone a new gadget for example, you have tons of choices on where to purchase it from
    Shopping malls, mobile centers and even online shops. Do a bit of canvassing of every product that you wish to buy. This will lessen the chance of spending too much money and too much time. It's better to be sure about what and where you'll buy something rather than just going to someplace and purchasing it. To canvas for a possible gift also gives you the chance to do more choosing. Try going to thrift stores and rtw shops for clothes, or maybe online stores for pre-loved ones.
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  4. 4
    Finalize where and what you're going to buy. Decide on where to buy the gifts you've chosen for your loved ones
    Choose those with more benefits and ease on you're side.
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    Schedule your shopping days. Create a schedule for when you will buy the gifts that you've listed
    You'll want to shop as early as possible. Maybe even consider days with first day of sale instead of last, when most people go to. But, if you decide to buy your gifts online then this part will easy. If you chose to buy from different places outside the internet, then plan your shopping days well. Avoid shopping right before Christmas to spare yourself the experience of the mad rush at malls, but avoid shopping too early as well. After all, shopping is part of what puts you in the holiday spirit.
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  6. 6
    Shopping time. You're finally going shopping now
    You already know what and where to buy the gifts you'll give away. If you created a schedule, be sure to follow it to avoid hassle. However, don't forget to have fun with it. Add in items that you think best fit your personality and will remind the recipient of your friendship. Check the lists that you've made earlier. Don't forget to shop for gift wrappers and gift cards to go with the items you've purchased.
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • It doesn't really matter how much you spend or how glamorous your gift is. It's always the thought that counts.
  • Being more personal and thoughtful when thinking of gifts will make it easier.
  • Avoid expecting something in return.
  • Christmas is not all about the gifts you can give them. Again, being personal and thoughtful matters.
  • Last minute shopping is not advisable if you really want this year's best Christmas gifts.

Keep in mind that the greatest gift that you can give someone on Christmas, is for them to accept the birthday celebrant in their lives. Share Jesus Christ's act of salvation to them. Let them accept Jesus as their personal Lord and savior and that's a gift that will never be outdated. The gift of salvation is priceless.

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