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Millions of people have jobs that require a daily commute, which can mean an hour or more in a vehicle moving slowly toward an office building or similar location each and every morning and evening, Monday through Friday.

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Although the hours and days can vary, the reality is the same. This daily commute can have a huge impact on a person's time, not to mention the fluctuating gasoline or compiling public transportation costs. If you are familiar with this situation, you may feel that you have no choice. I have to work in order to survive in this world, and I have to get to work somehow, right? Yes, and possibly no. You may be able to work and earn money without enduring that antagonizing commute. Yes, legitimate work from home jobs DO exist, and you really can get paid working from home. I'm not talking about a home business or earning a tiny commission based on your ability to sell a home business opportunity. By a "legitimate job", I am referring to a position where an employer or company PAYS you to do a task or perform a service. I've worked in six different work from home positions in the past five years and have earned a fairly good income just working part time. These are not get-rich-quick schemes, but actual genuine jobs that are done via telecommuting from your home. Legitimate work from home jobs can be rare, but they are out there. You just have to know how to find them!

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    The first thing to do when looking for work from home is to become familiar with the telecommuting job market
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    Explore some web sites that offer free and honest information about working from home. The following web sites are great places to start. These are websites that have been around for several years and are known for providing helpful, honest and reliable information for home workers. Also mentioned are a couple of helpful job search sources.
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    Don't just spend all your time searching for jobs
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    Learn as much as you can about telecommuting and what it takes to be a home worker, in general, as well as in your desired job field. The more you know about what companies are looking for, the better your chances of getting hired.
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    Another important thing to consider is your first impression.
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    Since you typically only get one chance at this, try to determine how you can shine above the rest of the candidates
    This means creating a cover letter and CV/Resume that will get you noticed. VisiHow has a wealth of information on how to do this, so feel free to search for that on this website. Create a Resume or CV for US Job Market and Create a Great Cover Letter for Your CV or Resume are great places to start! To get a potential employer's attention, take the time to get your CV or Resume perfectly polished.
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    Research and connect with others who are currently working in your desired position
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    Visit forums and ask questions. If you come across someone working in a position that interests you, find out how they got there. Most telecommuters and freelancers are eager to share information with those who are new to working from home. However, keep in mind that you might have to work your way up from a lower level in order to reach your ultimate goal.
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    Don't expect to be hired for a top-level position without any experience in that industry
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    Companies hiring independent contractors, or freelancers, to work from home are looking for candidates who have proven to be outstanding in their field. Although some companies do hire entry level candidates, you need to be able to prove that you can do the job better than any of the other hundreds or thousands of candidates, and often, you'll have to do that virtually.
    Personally, I wouldn't expect to be hired as a computer programmer, as I have absolutely no experience in programming or coding. There can be ways, however, to break into a career if you have previous experience that relates to that type of job or that would help you to excel in such a position.
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    Knowing what your client wants is crucial
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    I've mentioned working your way up to reach a career goal. My entry into the transcription job market began with a small crowdsourcing position for very low pay. To prove I could do the work, I first emphasized my excellent typing skills, as well as my meticulous eye for detail. I knew that transcriptions had to be completely accurate for the clients requesting them. I had done my research, and I knew what they were looking for. If you know what a company wants, and you know for a fact that you could provide that service, find a way to assure them of that through your CV/Resume and cover letter. I had no previous experience in transcription, yet I was given the opportunity to begin as an entry-level transcriber for several companies. I believe this was not only due to my prior work experience in editing and data entry, but also because I had submitted a completely impeccable resume and cover letter. Once you have your foot in the door, keep growing and striving to become better. For me, my work in transcription has LED me to higher-level positions, including transcription proofreader and team lead.
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    You should never have to pay for a job
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    This is extremely important. I began my work at home job search looking for a position in data entry, since this was the last position I had outside of my home. I had also seen some job ads for companies looking for data entry clerks to work from home. However, I quickly discovered that data entry was one of the top work from home job scams. If a company starts asking for money before you begin working for them, this is a major red flag. Take time to study that company very carefully to find out exactly what that fee involves and what the actual job is all about. If you are offered a list of companies with a promise of a job after you pay a small fee, this is a scam. They can be very convincing, so be careful when you first begin your search. You really CAN find a job without paying ONE CENT to anyone.
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    Sometimes, it's all about whom you know
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    In several of my subsequent telecommuting positions, I was hired because someone I knew through online networking had recommend me. This was how I grew in my career as a general transcriptionist. I went from having absolutely no transcription experience whatsoever to working with several top transcription companies within a couple of years.
    I shared my experience with others who were already working in that field. I also learned some helpful tips from transcription veterans.
    Find others who share your skills and passions and get to know them.
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    One final thing to remember is be patient
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    Working from home is very competitive. You will probably not find that perfect job immediately. It could take several weeks or even several months to find a job you can do independently from your home or home office. If you have bills that need to be paid, and you need a job now, you might postpone your telecommuting goals. Working from home is certainly possible, but you might have to take a different approach. A fair amount of home workers started out with a company outside of their home. After you are secure in your position and have become a great value to your employer, you can approach your manager with the idea of your telecommutinga day or two a week. Of course, this is assuming that your job can be done just as easily, or more efficiently, by your working at home. Above all, don't give up on your search. If you believe you have a valuable skill, and most all of us do, keep searching, keep striving, and continue to improve upon those skills. Contrary to what millions of advertisers claim, most of us do not get rich working from home. However, with hard work and dedication, you might be able to find a position where you can earn enough to pay your bills. A very small percentage of us get a little bit more than that, but we did not get there by just sitting back and doing nothing. We worked for it. Interested? Come join us!
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