Figure Out if He's Cheating

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Lovers usually have a mutual trust of each other. But when a girl gets complacent with her guy, sometimes she can miss a little hole in their relationship that can get bigger and bigger, if the guy is doing monkey business. This article will teach you how to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.



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    Be a human lie detector
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    Always observe him and ask simple questions that are not noticeable. Get the information you need and construct it piece by piece and formulate a hypothesis. Examples of these questions are, "Where have you been?" "How was your day?", and "Have you eaten?". If you really know him, you'll notice if he gives odd answers to simple questions you ask him. Watch his body language. Is he avoiding eye contact or fidgeting? If he answers defensively and tries to change the subject, he is hiding something.
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    Observe his before and after attitude toward you
    This may be common for all lovers, but doing this is helpful. If before he was sweeter than he is now, this is a bad sign that he's starting to like someone else, and he doesn't want you to know. He's hiding it because he knows he's going beyond your relationship- boundaries. Is he creating emotional distance between you? Picking fights for no reason? No longer as physical with you - fewer hugs or hand holding can be a sign of cheating.
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    Try borrowing his gadgets
    Because communications have a wider scope nowadays, your boyfriend can contact his a girl with every gadget capable of communications. The easiest way is through WiFi, and almost every gadget has WiFi capabilities. Ask to borrow his phone, if he refuses to let you borrow it, then maybe something fishy is going on (not on all cases, obviously). On the other hand, he might let you borrow his phone, but if he has an activated lock screen or password, this could be one of the signs. Look for apps that delete messages as soon as you send and receive.
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    Trace his whereabouts
    His whereabouts could be one of the factors that can lead you to find out that he's cheating on you. If before he would go straight home after work, but lately, he has added places, like going to a bar, a fast food chain, or another restaurant every day or every other day, it might be a sign. Take note - every day or every other day only. A sudden change of frequency is a little bit questionable.
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    After all those steps are done, it's time for you to be a puzzle solver
    Put everything together and think about it, but it will be your gut feeling that will finally decide if he's to be accused or not.
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Some More Signs He's Cheating

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Being cheated on is downright distressing. If you have detected some infidelity signs that your boyfriend is showing, and now you are trying to figure out if he's really cheating but isn't sure how. Below are probable reactions you can get from him. See if your guy has the same tendencies.

  1. 1
    He is always angry at you
    This is the first sign he's cheating on you. If he always makes up stories that are not true just to pick a fight with you, or if he gets angry at small things, and if he wants a fight and provokes you to get one, then he may be cheating. And when this happens, you will likely declare breaking up with him, which he actually wants from you in the first place.
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    He has less time for you
    If he only texts you when he needs something from you, he may be cheating on you. If you text him, and it takes him a long time to reply (which is not normal), he may be cheating on you. These situations may not be accurate, but these are possible scenarios as a result of infidelity. He might be with someone else while you're texting him, and that's why he couldn't reply to your message immediately. Another clue of infidelity is when he rarely asks you out, perhaps once in a week, or worse once a month.
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    This one goes completely against what seems logical, but it happens a lot. If he's suddenly bringing you flowers or gifts without there being an occasion to celebrate...while you are swooning in the love, consider that he's doing this because he feels very guilty about an affair he's having. Let's face it, men give flowers more often for something they're sorry for than any other reason.
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    He has an additional SIM card
    Try to check his wallet, because he may have an additional SIM card hidden there. If there is, try to insert the SIM into your phone to see if there are messages from an unknown girl. If so, then he may be cheating on you. If a guy has an additional SIM card, there may be another reason he has it, but you, but you should still check it out. Why does he need an additional SIM card? What is it for? If he is not hiding anything from you, then what's with the extra SIM card?
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    He is moody
    He may be happy one moment, but the next, he becomes a different guy. He is sweet today, but tomorrow he will be blue (no its, not the holy grail song). He messages you that he wants to see you, and a few hours later he changes his mind. These can be clues that he may have another woman in his life. Guys become moody if they have other women. They think twice because they are careful about themselves and their surroundings when they are outside.
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    He always makes lame excuses
    Was there a time that he made lame excuses in order to keep you from coming to his house? He may be using excuses like he is busy doing house chores or going out later to buy something. If this happens repetitively, then there is a possibility that he is cheating on you. Make a surprise visit to your boyfriend any time of the day. If he is really busy, then he is telling you the truth. If he is busy with someone else, specifically a girl, then it's probably true he's cheating. Don't be judgmental (what if it's a cousin or an activity he is not proud of?).
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    He always makes up "what if" stories
    Real men do not make "if, then-conditional" sentences. If there was a time that your boyfriend asked you these "what if" questions, for example, questions that are about another woman, then he may be trying to reveal the reality. He may have another woman. He may have fallen in love with another.
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    He is no longer interested in you physically
    If there have been times that you tried to flirt with your boyfriend, and he didn't react to your advances, then he might be having an affair with another woman. He might have spent his time with the girl before showing up to your house. He gave his strength to the other woman...if you know what I mean.
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    He is not sweet anymore
    Before, he was very sweet to you. He gave you gifts, flowers, etc., to show that he really loves you. Now, he's changed. He just stares at his cell phone or lies in bed all day long. This may be a clue that he is cheating on you. He might have given or preserved his sweet traits for the other woman.
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    Suddenly, he has different interests
    Before, he was fond of listening to a specific genre of music, and now, his taste in music has changed to a different genre. He might have been influenced by his other woman. This can be a clue that he is practicing infidelity.
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    He always hides his mobile phone from you
    His phone is in silent or buzzing because someone might be calling or texting him, and he didn't answer it in front of you. He just said that it was just nothing. You asked him for his phone because you haven't seen it for a long time, but he did not show it to you. You are now doubtful, and you are thinking he may be hiding something from you. Based on the above situations, there is a possibility that he is cheating on you. Why would he hide his phone from you, if he isn't hiding anything, right? It seems when a man looks at his phone and doesn't respond to a call or text, he either is hiding someone from you or hiding you from someone else.
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    He accuses you of cheating
    Some men accuse their girlfriends of cheating, even when they know it is not true. This is because they are projecting their mistakes onto their girlfriends just to hide their faults. Some men are like this, and accusing their partners is their natural instinct. They will likely question whether their partners have done the same as them. That is why they accuse their woman.
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    Sometimes men accuse their girlfriend of having an affair, when it's actually them because people are self-centered, and always assume other people are doing the same crappy things they are.
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  • You were not born to cry a river for a mere man. There are so many fish in the sea, so don't just settle for a cheater. You will be able to find the right one at the right time and place.
  • Never underestimate his abilities to hide. His sweetness can sometimes be his dagger.
  • Keep an eye on him ALWAYS. That will keep him from getting away from you.
  • Love him every day. Your care can often be the deciding factor of whether or not he will cheat on you and look for others.
  • Cherish every moment with him. He will always love you for that.
  • Too much jealousy kills. It's fine to be jealous sometimes but too much. Jealousy may sometimes make him fall out of love with you, and if he's a bad boy look for another guy to pay attention to immediately.
  • Do not be a martyr for a guy who is not deserving. There are still many other men available. He may be not the right one for you, but just so you know, there is someone out there who is much more deserving. Do not search for Mr. Right - just wait and he will come to you at the right time.
  • If you've caught him cheating, and confronted him, for goodness sake don't let him blame you. This happens way too often, and he's the cad.

Questions and Answers

How would you know if your guy is doing something fishy with another woman?

It's not always easy to tell if your man is cheating. Many cheating men have only progressed into becoming better cheaters, after learning more ways to cover their tracks. Therefore, how will you know if your man cheating on you with another woman? Here's how:

  • He wants too much privacy. Has he become a very secretive person lately? Does he take phone calls from an unknown number frequently? Or does he walk out of your house to talk to somebody? Men do that when they're talking to someone they really shouldn't be talking to. Try to observe his expressions when he's on these calls. Is he smiling or red-faced? If he walks back into your house without giving you any information about the call, this may indicate bad news for you. Also, if he quickly shuts down the browser or his Laptop suddenly when you walk by, you can probably figure out what that means.
  • He guards his cell phone. Does your man keep his cell phone near him all the time, even when he takes a shower? That's strange, right? How he behaves with his cell phone is always the biggest sign your man is having an affair. Does your man hoist his neck and try to see what you're up to every time you touch his cell phone? Or have you discovered an empty or clear inbox and call list? Maybe your man even locks his cell phone with a security password, and he isn't willing to share it. Any of these actions may mean something fishy is going on.
  • The old alibi - stuck or caught at work. This is the most unconvincing excuse, but amazingly it is also the most effective. There is nothing you can do about it either way. Is your man telling you he's at work for more than a few hours after quitting time? Then there is a good chance he is sweating for the wrong reasons.
  • He begins caring more about his appearance. Does he spend more time than he used to in front of the mirror grooming himself? Or has he started indulging himself in stylish new clothes and fragrances? It's fine if your man wants to look nice, but if he has just started doing all those things, then it could be that something is in the air, and it's not just his new cologne.
  • He goes out with friends you don't know. Does he have lunch or dinner with someone you don't know? Or does he hang out with somebody you haven't met? That's a sign there's something strange going on.

Did my hubby truly cheat on me with the house help?

I always leave the house early for work and leave my hubby and nanny in the house since he leaves later for work. Recently a neighbor told me that my house help had been telling the other nanny's that my hubby gives her airtime and sends her money by M-Pesa without my consent. She had already become big headed somehow.

It depends on your hubby's nature and history. Some men will instinctively feel they need to help anyone under their roof. Perhaps this nanny gave your husband a sob story and he bought it but didn't tell you because you wouldn't approve. Only you can best assess this possibility. However, whether he cheated with her or not, if she has become "big headed" and is not pleasing you anymore I recommend you remove her from your employment. Have this discussion with your husband. If he defends her too much (some is normal) then you will have an idea there's something going on between them. If you really must know, install a "nanny cam" at various points throughout the house. Nanny cam technology has increased greatly in the past few years. You can now buy nanny cameras that are disguised as common household items like an alarm clock, smoke alarm, iPod dock, Take a look here to see some options.

Is he cheating or just scared?

My boyfriend and I were going to move in together but he told me it was best that I live by myself because I have never done so before. Now that I am about to move, he is acting very different and now asking for a key and wants to move in. We have been arguing for weeks a long story. Short - I came across a number in his wallet on a blank receipt. This is the first time and he usually asks me to get things out of his wallet. He is very honest and always tells me the truth. I did call him out on this matter and he doesn't recall the women or how he got the number.

If he destroyed the number and wants to still move in, keep an eye on him but most likely he is not cheating. It's normal for someone to use a receipt or piece of paper from their wallet to jot down a number while on the go, like a message to call their doctor back for example.

It is odd however that he is saying he does not remember the woman rather than there was no woman. Just be more watchful of his behavior for a while until you feel you can fully trust him again.

Is he cheating on me with his ex-wife at work?

My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs. I met him last year in July and things went great, then he got confused and moved out this past May. Recently he decided he wants to be with me and he moved back in. He was very sweet when we first met, he bought me flowers all the time and called and sent texts every day but now he does none of that. He was very sweet when he came back but 2 weeks later his tune changed. Now I have to beg him just to spend time with me and I have to beg him to touch me or snuggle with me in bed. Last night I saw that his ex-wife had sent him a text asking if he was going to let her off of work today at 4 pm. I looked at her Facebook page and found that she has been working with him since last January but he has failed to tell me that she even works with him. I also recently found out that he has become confused again and is not sure what our relationship is. I told him when he came back I am not looking for a friend with benefits and that I love him and all I want is the same in return, and that he needed to be sure that this is what he wants, because when he left in May it almost killed me and I didn't want to go through that again. He doesn't really talk to me about feelings or emotions and when I try to talk, he clams up and won't speak to me at all, and then he comes up with some excuses like "we don't have a relationship after I get home from work (which is because he is a recovering addict and his new addiction is making money so he works all the time). He does make good money, but now I am wondering if its what he would be making if he only worked 40 hours a week and he's just telling me he is at work when really he is with his ex or if he is really working the 60-70 hours a week he says he does. HELP! I have tried: I have not told him that I know any of this. I don't want to lose him but if he is cheating on me then he needs to go regardless of my feelings for him. I think it was caused by: I have no idea.

All the things you mentioned are signs of cheating. He did not tell you that he is working with his ex. He is less physical with you is hardly speaking to you when he is home. You should contact the ex on Facebook and see if she is seeing him again. Also ask him outright about working with his ex and why he felt the need to hide it.

Even if he's not sleeping with his ex-wife he's lied by omission. That's a very important thing about his life he failed to mention. He's not treating you well, not being intimate, he's evasive and works crazy hours. Even if he's not seeing his ex, there's enough stuff there that should send him packing. IMHO, he doesn't love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Why is my boyfriend on and off on Facebook when he tells me he is never on it?

My boyfriend is on Facebook all the time and when I confront him about it, he says he is never on it and if he is, he only looks at funny videos

First of all, think about it: why would he not tell you that he uses Facebook? He definitely has something to hide, but one can never be sure what he is not revealing to you: Facebook is definitely not a good source for funny videos.

You can ask him to switch to YouTube and see if it helps to get him off Facebook. Otherwise, his behavior is unusual and may be a sign that he is following, if not flirting, someone online.

Mine never lets me see his. When he is on it, he logs out if he see's me. He unfriended me he says he is single. And he go's into mine all the time. So yeah, what do I do??

Unless your guy is not very smart, everyone knows you can click on certain people so they don't see when you're online. He might be more embarrassed that he spends so much time on Facebook. On the other hand, if you think he doesn't know how to stop someone from seeing him on Facebook, you might have something to worry about. At the very least, he is lying to you.

I'm sure he is cheating. I just don't know if it's physical or if he's having a fantasy sex life?

My husband has problems in bed. He is on blood pressure meds. and won't get help from the Dr. He is texting another woman, but denies it even when I see him doing it, he will say he isn't. I don't know how he could actually have a physical affair but don't know if it is more of a fantasy?

A Fantasy Affair can be extremely damaging to a marriage. It is most likely occurring because he feels inadequate in his actual life circumstances so he is creating a fantasy world. The problem is that this fantasy world overlaps with reality. Emotional affairs are far more destructive to a marriage, and fantasy affairs can morph into this quickly.

At this point, if you are not in marriage counseling, then you should be as soon as possible. There are programs possibly in your area like [ Celebrate Recovery] which you can join even on your own as the partner of someone with a sexual addiction issue. It's very likely that his fantasy life has become an addiction. Whatever you do, have someone that you both trust to help you confront him. A pastor or long time trusted friend is suggested. Be careful to not choose your female best friend for example, because he will feel ganged up on and shut down. Avoid using family members as well. The person you choose should be impartial to both of you.

If my boyfriend always goes on my phone and accuses me of cheating when it is not true at all, what is the cause of this?

My boyfriend was all nice and sweet to me at the start of the relationship and then a month or 2 down the line he has been acting differently. He has been not so loving but then he said I should move in so I did. The whole first week he was fighting and being nasty towards me and then started accusing me of talking to my ex's on Facebook which I have not been doing. I couldn't believe he accused me of that. Then the fight got out of control and he pushed me up against the wall and had his finger shoved into my face. He has never been like that before and then he said he thinks its best I go live with my Gran, but then we ended up making peace. I'll always have that fight on my mind. I don't know what to do. I love him very much but I'm always scared to say or do anything, what is your best advice I'm really desperate

Sounds like he may be deflecting his guilt about something he did to you. Obviously, you were not talking to the ex but he has mega insecurities popping to the surface. Hopefully, he will relax or get over whatever is bothering him so that this relationship can grow or prosper.

If you have another altercation, it is best to hit the pause button and move out for a period of time. Once is a mistake but twice is the beginning of a pattern. Look for signs of what is actually bothering him like financial, depression, lack of compartmentalizing his feelings, or cheating. If you get a chance, go through his phone and look for anything suspicious.

Someone putting you up against the wall is no mistake. You need to get away from this guy. He's controlling and a bully, and just reading your statement, I noticed you said, "But then he said I should move in so I did." This concerns me. For someone to take a controlling role in a relationship, the other has to take a submissive role. I think there is someone out there who will love you the way you deserve to be loved.

Hi, I am in a long distance relationship. I am sure my boyfriend has a 2nd SIM card. How can I know about that? I don't understand what to do.

He was very sweet and supportive all the time, but nowadays, he is totally a different person. He turns his phone off most of the time, specifically at nights as we are from two different states. I really feel helpless. Please tell me what to do. I have tried: I searched in net if there is a way to find out the 2nd SIM number, but didn't find any help from internet.

He is distancing himself. Loneliness and isolation in a long distance relationship can make a person push their significant other emotionally away as a coping mechanism. At this point, it is time to surprise him with a visit. Just show up on his door but be sure to be able to stay somewhere if you find that things are haywire at his residence.

There is no way to tell if someone is swapping their SIM unless you see them doing it. Most likely though, he is not swapping SIM cards, though he may be on apps like WhatsApp and Skype talking to others. Go see him and get his attention if this relationship is important to you. It may be time to start making plans to be in the same location soon or more often than you are now.

My boyfriend has cheated on me more than once. He now says he won't again, should I trust him?

We've been together for 6 years, and he's had 3 affairs. I'm so hurt and I feel it's me. That I'm not the woman he wants me to be. My self-esteem is so low and I stay because I don't want to start over. The men in my life have all been the same. I don't believe there is anything different. Lately, I'm getting back on my feet emotionally and financially and I feel like he is going to pull me down again. Maybe I'm just paranoid of everything he does. He claims he wants to save us and will do everything possible to not do this again. Am I just stupid for believing he can change? I have tried: I've tried talking to him. I'm trying to communicate with him and work on our issues. I think it was caused by: That he wanted more from me, wanted me to be something I was not. I used to think he was amazing and I don't anymore. He hates that and wants to be treated like he is, so he got it from someone else. My feelings are he hasn't earned to be treated like that.

Let's start with you. You are carrying these affairs on your shoulders as if it was your fault. It was not. The only reason for cheating to be assigned blame falls with the person who cheated. The fact that he feels that you do not love him the way you used to is his fault because he destroyed the trust you had in him. Play all the female anthems you know such as I Am Woman Hear Me Roar. Empower yourself and watch how his attitude towards you changes. Look in the mirror every day for one month. Write down one positive thing about yourself and put it in a jar. At the end of the month, take them all out of the jar and speak them out loud.

Now as for the relationship, after your 30 day self-confidence renewal, take the next 30 days and ask him to work with you to each write down something you love about the other person. Put them in individual jars and at the end of 30 days, plan a romantic date at home where you take turns reading the contents of the jar to the other person.

After the romantic date, take the next 30 days to evaluate how the relationship is going. Note any progress or regression to determine at the end if this is a relationship that you both can flourish as a unit or if it is toxic. The 90 days to complete this will overhaul the entire relationship dynamic. Try it out!

Girl to girl, you seem lovely, and you don't deserve this from any man. Very common for a man to convince the woman it's her fault, and it isn't. Maybe you need to leave him. Maybe you need time to work on your self-esteem on your own. Find out who you are, before you give yourself over to another relationship. You deserve to be loved for exactly who you are.

I'm trying to figure out if I should trust my gut feeling?

He is usually distant from me. He has so many friends who are females, one whom he calls his sister, but he is always deleting texts between them. He gets mad when I ask him if he has talked to her or anything like that. He has changed the passcode on his phone. He has changed the Verizon password so I can't see if he has been texting her. I don't know what to do, please help. I have tried: Getting into Verizon, tracking his phone, getting into his Facebook, email. I think it was caused by: I'm not sure

Deal with your boyfriends female friend is a VisiHow article you should read. Does he socialize with these female friends and you at the same time? Feeling threatened by a female close to our boyfriends is a normal reaction but it sounds like you have deep distrust. He could be feeling violated in how you have been monitoring him but you do have a right to be concerned that he is deleting his messages with this girl. Either you each come to a middle ground of trust or you may as well walk away.

Today I borrowed my boyfriend's phone and he refused to lend it to me?

Today I borrowed my boyfriend's phone and he refused to lend it to me. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I don't know

Some people are super particular about their phones. Imagine if he asked to go into your purse or log into your bank account. That could be the same reaction. If everything else is good in the relationship then there is no need to worry about his reaction.

I'd worry. I'd lend my phone to a stranger if he needed it so I would certainly lend it to my lover.

Wondering which apps delete messages?

I've been dating a guy for about 4-5 months and I don't know - seems like I frustrate him more now, but he holds me more often. He's always getting mad when I ask if he's cheating. If he is good at hiding it, I just want to know the truth. Seems relationships aren't worth the wondering anymore. Maybe I'm paranoid because so many exes have cheated. I have tried: Looked through his phone but only when he has let me. I think it was caused by: My insecurity?

If a person has been cheated on in the past, they will have a difficult time trusting in a relationship. Do not let past actions of an ex-boyfriend hinder your relationship now. It is not easy to overcome insecurity but it can be done. Value yourself above all else and treat it as his loss if he is cheating on you. Monitoring him non-stop will only drive both of you crazy, especially if he has done nothing wrong. There are apps that do auto delete, as well, as he could have his text messages set to auto delete. However, he probably is not cheating on you. Instead, you are transferring past relationship mistakes into your current relationship. Apologize to him and tell him that you are going to work on trusting him.

My husband returns home with his pants both his zip and button broken and some discharge marks on his pants is he cheating?

He today returned home and gave me his pants saying that in washroom his pant zip broke and then button. Later I found there was a discharge mark on his pants too. He has cheated me before too for around 4 and half years. I'm confused. I have a daughter and we've been married for two years now. As said in this article, I have noticed my husband before in my engagement and the first year of marriage. In the beginning, he seemed to be same as described here, but then when I caught him three to four times, he started behaving very natural and normal as if it's only me in his life. Again, after four months, I accidentally read his one message, which made it clear he was still cheating me. So now after what happened yesterday, I am scared that is he again cheating on me.

Not only does it seem he absolutely is cheating on you, he's handing you his pants to wash and mend for him. What has happened in this man's life that makes you think he's changed his cheating ways? Being married, is no guarantee, in fact, many men feel safer to cheat when they're married because it's so much harder for the woman to leave. If I were you, I'd leave.

Many men often get better at hiding their infidelity after they get caught. He may have some sort of sexual addiction but instead of being scared, you need to confront him about your suspicions. Unfortunately, he has already betrayed your trust more than once. It is highly likely that his recent actions were a result of something strange. Zippers and buttons on pants do not break easily for a reason. They are meant to hold the pants in place. It is possible that what happened was innocent but you will not really know unless you confront him. Living in fear that he will cheat again is no way for you to live. That is not fair to you and a definite destruction force for your marriage.

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I don't know what to do?

I asked to see my boyfriend's phone last night and he told me no, and I don't understand why, when I let him see mine. I also told him how I felt like it was something he was hiding and he still refused and I tried giving him a chance to clear himself and be honest of what he was hiding and he wanted to make a big deal about it. I have a gut feeling he is not being honest with me at all, he carries that phone around with him 24/7, it's crazy and I don't understand it at all, and on one occasion I asked to see his phone and he erased something out of it before I could get it out of his hand, this is crazy and I just don't feel like he has no respect for me at all. He always wants his appearance to look good before he leaves for work, he takes a shower at night time and make sure he wears nice new boxers and also he sprays himself with fragrances, I mean it is so sketchy to the point he really makes me think he is either attracted to someone else, or he is making an attempt or he is really cheating..

Are these sudden changes in his behavior? Do you have periods of time when he is not at work and not at home yet you have no idea where he is? Does running errands take longer than it should? All of these are further signs that he may be cheating. Perhaps he is just doing these changes for you, though.

What to do if you look through your boyfriend's phone and find out he is talking to other girls?

I found my boyfriend was acting weird, bringing his phone in the shower with him, and freaking out if I pick it up, today I noticed at 2 AM, he had 2 messages on his phone and when I looked it the message content were hidden, so I remembered his password and look through his phone, and found that he is been talking to several girls, calling them "baby" and other pet names asking to hang out, and even at one point he asked 2 girls out. I don't know if he is actually done anything physically or if it has just been talking to these girls, and I'm not sure what to do because we also live together and due to the fact I'm only working part time due to a concussion I suffered in late November and can't afford to pay rent and other bills on my own right now, what should I do? I have the proof that he has the intention to cheat, but I'm not sure if physically he has done anything or if it's just been all talk. I live with him and struggle financially to pay everything on my own due to a concussion I am still suffering from late November.

The intent is still the same as committing the act. You need to confront him with what you found. Could you live with a family member? If not, begin looking for a roommate situation. There is no need to be stuck with someone who does not respect you. Can you trust him if he says he will stop? Without trust, there is no point in staying in this relationship because it will not flourish.

Is he hiding something on his phone from me or am I over reacting?

Is he hiding something from me on his phone? My phone was dead and I was telling boyfriend I was going to look it up on my laptop. He sits across from me and I can see him clearing stuff off of his phone then he says I can use his phone to look it up. Strange right?

That is strange behavior. He could have just been closing down apps but you should ask him why he felt the need to clear stuff from his phone before he gave it to you. Maybe he was looking for a gift for you or perhaps vented to one of his friends about you. If he does not give you an answer that you are comfortable with, it is time to find out what he was hiding.

Am I over thinking? Or is my boyfriend messing around with his cousin?

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 5 years, and since I met him something always felt off about him and his cousins relationship?? She has some mental issues and was adopted, so she acts different? She texts him a lot and he always deletes all the texts, and pics between them. I confronted him on it and he says that he is embarrassed about it, because she is a little off, and everyone thinks she weird, but because his cousin he doesn't want to be mean to her and ignore her. When questioning him. I also did get out of him that she does flirt with him over text and it makes him uncomfortable, and he says he does not respond then. I don't know what think? Part of me is worried that he takes advantage of her, and enjoys the attention from her, and also par takes in flirting etc... What is your opinion on this situation? It is different because it has to do with family relationship and how far do you allow things to go and accept excuse etc.. I have tried: Ask him if he has been with her? Ask if he would let me see text records? I think it was caused by: I am not sure? We usually really good, until his cousin gets involved.

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My guy friend brought some gifts to me after an argument, is he cheating?

My guy had a nice dinner at a restaurant after church. We were driving along afterward and he started talking about dry humor which I didn't know what that was. The more he talked I realize he was heading toward an argument, this has happened in the past. I tried to agree with him and not say a lot but no matter what I did he just kept trying to make me upset. I finally gave into my emotions and started screaming at him saying what's the matter with you. He wasn't satisfied until he had made me upset. The next day he brought the gifts. He has called since then and wanted me to pick him up down the street from where he's staying in a halfway house type residence. My situation might be different because my guy is under a lot of stress because of court issues and he had been living on the street for 3 years.

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My boyfriend took a phone call from his ex on a Saturday night at 10pm whilst we were in bed, is he still in love with her?

He says his ex is now his friend and she only cares about how he is going. My boyfriend says that his ex has every right to call whenever she likes day or night because they are friends and she only wants to know how he is going. I have tried: I have tried discussing this issue with my boyfriend. I think it was caused by: I think that they both have not totally ended the relationship

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Me and my boyfriend lives together, and we work different hours, he always hurry home and call all night, but this last week hes been calling me 4 hours later than normal, could he be cheating?

He usually call about 3:30 and now he calls at 7:30. He calls all night long when I am at work, for the last two weeks, hes changed his pattern, he have been off work since 2:30 and I have not yet heard from him, could he be doing something, like cheating. I have tried: Nothing, I just wait for him to call and I don't just pick up the phone when he first call. I think it was caused by: Hes very insecure, but flirty, he always say I am seeing a guy, and when he gets like this , he won't talk to me and act like I am a stranger, he won't do nothing around the house, like take the trash out when he is upset at me and won't eat

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Number 7 on other signs he's cheating, it says "what if's" about another women what examples would you use to explain what he might have asked me about another women?

I don't recall him asking any what if questions about women, but maybe I don't remember because he made it seem like a regular question and made it seem like he wasn't worried about the girl but instead focusing on the rest of the question. what examples could you give me that he might have said to figure out if I remember anything close to it. also he is very defensive like almost violent over me touching his SIM card. his phone as well but mostly the SIM card. what could he be hiding?

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