Fight Skin Aging

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Almost everybody is afraid of growing old. You can't stop yourself from aging, but following the most excellent skin regimen is the best thing to do to keep yourself looking younger. A good skin care regimen, including gentle cleaning and proper sun protection can help you get healthy and glowing skin for years to come. If you do not have the luxury of time for intensive skin care, you can still achieve beautiful skin by pampering yourself with the basics. The right healthy lifestyle choices and good skin care can help you delay your natural aging process and, in turn, keep you away from various skin problems. So what can you do to fight skin aging? Here are some tips.

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How to Fight Skin Aging

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    Protect yourself from too much sun
    Protecting yourself from too much sun exposure is a very important way to take care of your skin. Being exposed to the sun too much can cause age spots, wrinkles and other skin problems. Plus, you are at high risk of developing skin cancer when you expose your skin too much to sun. To have complete sun protection, use sunscreen regularly, preferably those with an SPF of at least 15. Reapply the right sunscreen every two hours, especially when you are going to be mostly outside, and increase the application often when you are perspiring or swimming outdoors. You must also avoid the sun especially between 10 in the morning and four in the afternoon because it is during this time when the rays of the sun are at its strongest.
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    Do not smoke
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    Smoking can greatly contribute to wrinkles and can make your skin look older. It narrows your body's tiny blood vessels found in the outer layers of the skin, which will eventually decrease blood flow. When this happens, the oxygen and nutrients needed in the skin are also depleted. Smoking can also damage the elastin and collagen, the very fibers that provide the skin with elasticity and strength. Plus, the constant movement of your face when you smoke - the pursing of your lips when you inhale - can contribute to forming wrinkles. For smokers, the best thing to do is to quit.
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    Treat your skin with care
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    Always be gentle when treating your skin. Too much shaving and daily cleansing can take a toll on your epidermis. Thus, you need to limit your bath time, especially when you are keen on taking long and hot baths and showers. Instead of using hot water, go for warm instead because hot showers can remove the natural oils of the skin. When you shave, you can lubricate and protect your skin by using lotion, shaving creams or gels before shaving. Make sure you use a clean and sharp razor and shave in the exact direction of the hair growth.
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    Eat a healthy diet
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    By having a healthy diet, you can make your skin look its best. Eat lots of fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables. Although there is no solid association between acne and diet, studies suggest that having a rich vitamin C intake and eating unhealthy fats in moderation can help promote younger and healthy-looking skin. Also, make sure you are able to manage your stress, as this can trigger acne breakouts as well as other skin problems.
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