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Being single has it great advantages as well as being in a relationship, a lot of people who are single dream of having a boyfriend/girlfriend instead of being free to enjoy life without being tied down to someone. Just as single people wish they were in the relationships some people in relationships wish they were single so understand that you being single has its good and bad versus the people who are currently in a relationship. This article will tell you about how you can enjoy being single instead of being miserable hoping that you will finally get in a relationship which you believe will solve all your problems.

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Enjoy Being Single Instead of Being Miserable

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    Ignore the people who are in relationships and are always telling you to find someone already or to get into a relationship
    Understand that life is not about always trying to find someone to pair up with as a couple, where you will cling on to someone for the rest of your natural born life. It is not stated anywhere that if you are single that your life sucks or that your life depends on you finding someone right now and joining together in a relationship. Some people even go as far to assume that something is wrong with you for being single. Ignore all these remarks and also do not let them get to you for there is nothing wrong with you for you are probably just waiting for the right person versus just getting with the first person you meet and clinging to them as a couple. You do not by any means have to explain to anyone why you are single, this is just as disrespectful to be asked that question just as much disrespectful as if you were to go to someone and ask them why are they in a relationship? The only reply you will need to have to anyone when they ask you this question is that you prefer to be single and that it is completely your choice which it is officially. Also a fact that you can use for them is that half of the people in US are currently single and aren't in a relationship.
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    Embrace your friendships for just because you are single does not mean that you have to be lonely in your life
    When you are single you have to time to hang out with your friends more often and even the chances for make new friends in the world, embrace this because this is something that certain people (couples) do not have the chance to do as freely. When couples are in relationships they lose time to have friendships or even make new friends and friends can be a burden in a relationship for they can cause arguments and even break ups. Make it a mission for you to build on your new relationships and even your old friendships. With this you can strengthen your skills with communications and also enjoy the time with your friends to embark on new journeys.
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    Have fun and enjoy your freedom by tackling all you fantasies and journeys of which you have always dreamed of embarking on
    This can also bring you to someone who is perfect for you to be in a relationship for by you exploring new adventures you may meet someone who shares the same interests as you, introducing you to someone who will be a better fit for you being that you two already have something in common that is true. You can either embark on this journey alone or you can find someone who shares the same interests as you do and embark together.
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    Appreciate the fact that you do not have to answer to anybody in order to do something
    In a relationship you will always have to notify the other person on what you are planning to do and also explain your reasoning for wanting to do anything at all. If you have been in a relationship before then you will appreciate not having to answer to anyone for a little while after being tied into the questions, explaining and compromises. While being single you can be as much of a slob you want, stay out as late as you want or even not come home at all if you want for this is the advantage of being free of a relationship. If you are a neat person then you will love the fact that everything you own is in its proper place and organized without anyone touching your belongings at all which is also an advantage. When you are single you can out spontaneously without having to give any the word that you are leaving without a problem or a care in the world.
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    Appreciate the excitement of being able to enjoy the excitement of life for if anything comes up in life as an opportunity you can just take the opportunity without having to plan what your going to do and how you are going to do it at all
    These are opportunities that people who are in relationships cannot embrace for they will always have to put a dimmer on their excitement for they have to consider the feelings of their partner also and not just their own feelings which a single person has the freedom to do .
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    As a single person, you will have the privilege of being a philanthropist
    Because you have financial freedom, not being answerable to anybody, you have options to choose worthy causes that are pleading to be supported. One common way to share your money generously is to send somebody to school. If you have a relative who does not have so much in life in terms of monetary blessings, but has academic prowess, then by all means, support his schooling all the way to his graduation and his board exams. Along the way of your support, because he has high grades, he might just garner for himself an academic scholarship, which will render your monetary contribution moot and academic. Because he has no need for tuition money anymore, your share can go to his allowance and to his other needs for his chosen career. Or you can choose to donate to disease prevention research, or to funds for orphans. The possibilities are endless.
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When being single it may seem strange to others but in a single relationship you have the freedom to do and embrace anything you want whenever you want to without a care in the world. It can get lonely at times but if you keep moving and taking on exciting journeys you will not have time to feel lonely for you will be free as a bird and engaged in everything you wish. Ignore all the negativity from others about your status of being single for it is your choice and whenever you feel as if you want to change your status it is easy for you will know what you want better than a person who stays in a relationship for the freedom you have gives you time to figure out yourself and what you want out of not only life but a partner.

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