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Christmas is a day of celebration and family get-togethers. But, this year, if you are alone and have that festive spirit inside you, you can gear up and do a lot of things to make this Christmas a memorable one. And yes, just by yourself! Christmas is indeed a happy occasion and one feels eerie to be alone on a day as wonderful as Christmas. However, there is a whole lot of difference between being alone and lonely. Just because you are alone on Christmas, doesn't mean that you are lonely. You can find a million ways to cheer yourself up. Moreover, you don't have to do anybody else's Christmas thing, you can finally do what you like. Remember, if there are reasons to frown, there are also reasons to smile, which one you choose depends entirely upon you. Plus, why should you be frowning on a day that always calls for Celebrations! Celebrations and more Celebrations! So, what if you are alone!

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    If loved ones are far away, find a way to reach them
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It is the internet age and the miles that technology has travelled, one should definitely not be feeling lonely. After all, your family and friends are always going to be "clicks" and "calls" away. If your family and friends are miles away or are on the other side of the globe, call them or use the internet to get in touch with them. Tell them about the festive happenings in your neighborhood and ask them about the same. Send greeting cards, give them your best wishes. Tell them that you love them and miss them. Remember, distance isn't much of a matter, if you have the heart to oversee it. And definitely not in an age like today. Moreover, if hearts are united, distance can't ever do anything to them. You could celebrate with your loved ones through a webcam. You could show them your decorations and see theirs as well. It would be a delight to judge each other on Christmas decorations. You could show them that one thing you always said would look awesome but no one ever listens to you. Plus, so what if you can't be with them. Ship them gifts in advance.

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    Gift yourself
    Who said that gifts should only be given by others and to others. This holiday season, give yourself a gift that you have been waiting for and hinting your friends all along the year to gift it to you and failed. A gift to yourself can make you more cheerful that you could have ever imagined. Moreover, spending on yourself and pampering yourself is a relishing and enriching experience. If you don't love yourself, then how do you expect anyone else to. Hence, gift yourself the spa session or the stilettoes that you have been longing for since forever but had to resist it for some reason or the other. Holiday season is the time to indulge and splurge and being able to do it on yourself, is a delight not many can boast of. Hence, go buy yourself the best gift in tow.
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    Make new friends
    If you are a people person, then you would hate to be alone on that day of the year when you should be surrounded by people you love. No worries, we all have our bad days. Go out. Smile at neighbors, wish them a merry Christmas. Go to malls, buy sweet gifts and give them to strangers. After all, it is all about Christmas spirit. Who knows, you might end up making a great friend who could make your Christmas memorable. If not friends, you can distribute chocolates to the homeless and the street kids and you shall never forget the gratitude on their faces. You could find support group or some club of some sort where there are more people like you who have no choice but to celebrate Christmas alone. Join a new class or hobby and you might meet someone there. If you have been putting off, going to the basketball court since eternity, now is the time to do so.
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    Your community is always in a need of you. This lonely holiday could be an excuse to give something back. Volunteer at local churches, old age homes, orphanages or animal shelters. There are a million things that seek your participation. Buckle your shoe, and participate. At the end of the day, you will come home with a heart full of gleaming joy and a smile on your face. There are plenty of NGOs, old age homes, shelter for street children etc. and other such like out there. Go out there and make someone else's day who might be as alone and as lonely. What's more, you could buy gifts for them as well. It would definitely make their day. Not into the charity and self-help thing? Why not volunteer at your church itself. For, these are busy days and everyone could use a little help.
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    Celebrate with your own self
    In this fast paced world, we always crave to be with ourselves, even if it is just for a few moments. Now, you can do just that. Build a small Christmas tree of your own, decorate it. Bake a cake and your favorite cookies. Watch your favorite TV show all over again. Do crosswords. Read that book which you have been dying to read since eternity but never found the time to do so. Only those are lonely who cannot enjoy their own company. This is your day and there wouldn't be a better excuse to just to be yourself. Moreover, remember, there is no one to stop you from drinking as much as you like? Also, you are in your own house and hence, you can pass out and wake up with a dizzy head the next morning. Only, you will have to make your own coffee.
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It doesn't sound half as bad a deal, does it? Happy Holidays! Have a great time!

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