Electronic Coloring Book for your Kids to have fun in summer time

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Well, it is summer time; kids tend to get around us working on our Laptops, although they sometimes have their own PC to work on. I have found a very amusing PC coloring program for the kids to enjoy. It is super easy to teach them how to work on it, and they can print also a colorless hard copy on the printer to use it in crayon coloring.

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You may download a free trial version which is limited to 5 Pictures, or purchase a full version from here: Coloring Book

A Tour on the program

  1. 1
    On the main program, you can find the Scroll up and down buttons on far bottom of the window
    Scroll and Clear.png
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    When you press on above buttons of a color, all the pallets will give a multiple shades of that color
    Shades of color.png
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    You can get a large variety of coloring books, each book is related to a certain topic, as Like Alphabet Train, Baby Animals, or Plants...etc
    Coloring Books.png
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    You can hit the "Print" button to print a colorless hard copy on your printer also
    when you hit print, you will be directed to your default assigned printer.
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    Kids can color each continuous space of the picture by touching any part of the space with a brush after setting the desired color.
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    Hitting the "CLEAR" will clear the whole picture at once
    So kids can go over coloring again.
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    You can also download other kids programs like "Find the Differences", "Matching Game", "Puzzles", or "Sticker Book".
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Tips Tricks & Warnings

  • I have given my kids another challenge, which is to draw by hand some of those simple pictures on a paper, the one who gets it more perfect will get a hard print copy to water color it.
  • Kids tend to play online games a lot, and also other locally installed games, we need to give them also something easy and fun to do aside of those games.
  • Always share fun things with your kids at first, and then let them play and explore around.
  • Don't give them everything on a sliver plate, let them discover around and figure things by themselves.

Benefits of Coloring to Kids

  1. 1
    It allows them to have a good sense of color and builds their imagination on where colors are best suitable
    Although kids would usually tend to just put any color randomly, such as green color for cows or pink color for dogs, eventually, they will learn to become more precise. It will widen their imagination and they begin to start comparing what they see in real life and translate that into the coloring book. They begin to learn the process of comparison and alignment of experience to something conceptual.
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    It enhances their concentration and patience
    Although the task looks very simple, it practices kids to focus on one thing that they are doing and pushes them to become patient to get to their goal. They start to learn the basic process of setting targets for yourself and working on it to achieve it. In this case, they will target to finish the task and they will learn to focus on it in order to come up with an output.
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    It develops their creativity
    Not all coloring books are simple translations of what you see around you. For example, it may be a simple drawing of a house, which can be colored in so many different ways. In this case, you will be able to see how kids think creatively on how to put color into a plain house. You can also see their personality with the way they decorate and color certain things. If your child is the conservative type, he or she will tend to be rather stiff in the way he or she colors. She will stick with traditional ways of coloring. On the other hand, if your child is more on the artistic side, you will notice a lot of deviations from what's normal. It's definitely interesting to see these types of tendencies as you observe how they color.
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    It keeps them busy
    It is always good to keep children preoccupied with activities because that's how they learn. Most children will be able to do coloring for a long period of time. Therefore, you are able to keep them busy and their brain is also processing different things that may be able to help in their development.
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