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It's important to eat before you drink alcohol, but knowing how to eat the right food before drinking can be challenging. Some believe that if you eat before you drink beer that you should have different food than if you are drinking wine. This is not true. The best food to eat before drinking is a combination of lean sources of protein and healthy fats. These are foods that will slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. They are also much better than the refined carbohydrates you may be craving, like chips, cookies, or white rice.

That said, if you're still asking yourself what to eat before a night of drinking, we've got the answers. This wiki is filled with great things you can eat that will help slow down the absorption of alcohol. Best of all, they're also (mostly) good for you, and will help you avoid having to sober yourself up later, or get rid of alcohol breath the next day.

Why should you eat before drinking?

Knowing why you should eat before drinking is important. In this case, it's also pretty easy to explain. Basically, alcohol is absorbed directly into the blood stream through the stomach and intestines if it gets that far. Put simply, the faster alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream, the more quickly you'll get drunk. Getting drunk too fast means you'll be more likely to lose control, and also means that you're not drinking responsibly! Read on for our list of 16 delicious and healthy things to eat before you drink.

Appetizers and Light Snacks to Eat Before You Drink

  1. 1
    Celery, Raisins and Peanut Butter
    This is a great snack because it's packed with vitamins, lots of good carbs, and a nice dose of protein thanks to the peanut butter. If you're watching your weight, celery is a great choice, and a little peanut butter goes a long way.
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    Apple Slices and Peanut Butter
    Another great way to get some good carbs and protein is with peanut butter and apples. Apples are also a great source of iron. That's why they turn brown when you leave them out.
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  3. 3
    Surprise! These are a great healthy snack to make sure you aren't drinking on an empty stomach and make a great appetizer or addition to a main course (like tuna or salmon). Best of all, eating pickles with other foods can help increase the good bacteria in your gut, and can also boost the probiotics of your main meal.
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    Avocado and Whole Wheat Toast
    For years people have raved about the high protein and vitamin benefits of avocado. Couple this with whole wheat toast, and you've got a great snack to eat before drinking.
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    Baked Potato
    The toppings here are optional, but contrary to popular myth, potatoes are actually a 'good carb' and do a lot for you. Consider topping them with some broccoli and chicken bits for an added boost.
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    Fresh Pita Bread and Falafel
    Falafel is a great addition to your regular diet, and just one of many healthy Middle Eastern foods. The addition of a good pita bread means you get some extra good carbs to go with the meal.
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    Fresh Salad with Olive Oil and Cheese
    You can dress this one up a bit using goat cheese, feta, mozzarella, or anything else you want. The olive oil is a great addition to a meal when drinking too, with some cultures known to actually consume straight olive oil before a night of drinking.
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Main Courses and Meals to Eat Before You Drink

  1. 1
    Egg and Cheese on Whole Wheat Toast
    You can pack a lot of good proteins into this little sandwich, even adding some lettuce and tomato. If you're cooking on low heat with olive oil and then toasting the bread in the pan, you'll benefit from the olive oil too.
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  • 2
    Salmon or Tuna
    This is an outstanding dish, best eaten lightly seared with some fresh vegetables. You can also eat it as sushi, just remember that white rice isn't really going to help you much with slowing alcohol absorption.
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    Chicken or Turkey Sandwiches on Whole Wheat Toast
    We left these out of the appetizer list because when prepared properly, they are a meal. The meats are filled with proteins, and the whole wheat is a great carb, while the process of toasting increases the antioxidants in the bread (ask mom).
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  • 4
    Beef Noodle Soup or Chicken Noodle Soup
    We're not talking about a little bowl of Campbell's Soup here. We mean the full deal that your mom would have made with potatoes, carrots, fresh dill and parsley on top and, of course, a healthy noodle with lots of protein rich meat to help slow alcohol absorption.
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  • 5
    Chicken Burritos
    Oh the delicacies of Mexico and South America, of which burritos are at the top of our list! These are filled with protein-rich beans and chicken and laden with good carbs that will make your dinner before drinking a true delight.
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  • 6
    Spaghetti Bolognese
    Ah, the Italian in me delights at the fact that one of my favorite dishes is on this list. This one has lots of good carbs if you're using good noodles, meat for a dose of protein and healthy fats; and it will help refill your body's glycogen levels (the body stores this in the liver for extra energy; so, it's good stuff to stock up on before a night of drinking).
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  • 7
    Sweet Potato and Lentil Chili
    Now this is a delicious vegetarian dish that is packed with proteins, good carbs, and a bit of chili to help your digestive system stay on track if you drink too much. It's also a great thing to eat in the winter months before those office Christmas parties and New Year celebrations!
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  • 8
    Broccoli and Buckwheat Noodles
    These ones are sometimes called Soba, from the Japanese buckwheat noodles it uses; but the dish is simple. Just toss together some Soba noodles, broccoli, sesame oil, red pepper, and a dash of vinegar. You'll get a great meal with a protein rich carb source and some high-value broccoli.
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  • Tips and Suggestions

    • Be careful of what you eat at the party. Things with a lot of bad fats can actually increase alcohol absorption. That's why you didn't see chips, burgers, onion rings, and fried foods on our list. They're bad things to eat when you're planning on a night of drinking.
    • Don't forget to hydrate before, during, and after drinking alcohol. This means you should drink lots of water when you eat before drinking, while you are out drinking, and when you get home. You'll feel better and thank us in the morning. If not, then please refer to our article on how to get rid of a hangover. You're going to need it.
    • Remember that no matter what you eat before you drink, drinking too much can still leave you a mess later in the evening and completely wrecked the next day. Drink in moderation and drink responsibly!

    Got your own ideas, suggestions, recipes or additions to this wiki? Let us know, or update the wiki article yourself!

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