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For centuries, alcohol has been a part of entertainment. It has always been associated with parties and also with relaxation. However, some drinking nights end up with unexpected failures or even alcohol poisoning. For this reason, it is important to know some useful tips concerning drinking alcohol safely in order to take pleasure in drinking and not to suffer the next day. If you are planning a night of drinking, make sure you're familiar with the tips below so you can drink alcohol reasonably and stay safe .

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Eat Before and While Drinking

Eating both before and while drinking slows down the process of absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. This is why you should never drink on an empty stomach. When you have food in your stomach, your body starts to break it down. When you drink alcohol after eating, the alcohol will be broken down faster because it will undergo this process at the same time as food. However, not all types of food should be eaten while drinking. For more detailed information, check out our article called "How to Eat Before You Drink Alcohol".

Do Not Forget to Stay Hydrated

When you drink alcohol, you lose water that has accumulated in your body. That is why it is highly recommended to drink water before, during, and after drinking alcohol. Staying hydrated will help you feel much better in the morning. If you still do not feel well in the morning, make sure you read our article called "How to Get Rid of a Hangover".

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Do Not Rush with Drinking

Reasonable drinking is not a competition. You don't have to show anybody how fast and how much you are able to drink at one time. It is always better to take breaks between shots or drinks to see how alcohol influences your body and how you feel.

Beware of Mixing Different Types of Alcohol

Try to stick to one type of alcohol. You will be better able to estimate the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream and keep track of how much you have had to drink. If you start mixing stronger types of alcohol with weaker ones, you will underestimate the amount of alcohol that you will have had, resulting in your drinking too much and becoming drunk much faster.

Never Drink Alcohol of an Unfamiliar Origin

If you are drinking in a club or in a bar, you may be sure that the alcohol there has been bought legally; and you don't have to worry about its origin. However, if your friends are considering buying alcohol that has been smuggled because it is cheaper, then stay away from it! You can never be sure what kind of liquid is inside the bottle. It may turn out to be harmful to your health or even to your life.

Plan Your Limit According to Your Possibilities

If this is not your first night drinking, you may be able to rely on previous experience and you may already know the amount of alcohol you can reasonably drink. If you have an important meeting to attend, the best case scenario is not to drink; but if you do, then try to plan your limit and stick to it.

Avoid Constantly Sitting When Drinking Alcohol

If you are active while you are drinking, it will be easier to recognize when you begin to become impaired. It is also recommended to dance, if possible, while drinking alcohol. This will speed up your heart rate and prevent you from getting drunk too quickly. Do note that if you are already drunk, then moving may not be the best idea since you may injure yourself.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol When Taking Medicines

Alcohol does not interfere with most of the vitamins that you take regularly. If you're taking medication, especially an antibiotic, read the warning label or speak with your doctor. Mixing alcohol with medication may slow down your treatment or even have dangerous side effects.

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Do Not Accept Drinks from People You Do Not Know

You may never be sure what is in a drink that you get from someone you don't know. You may also never be completely sure of the intentions of a person you don't know. Both men and women had had drugs slipped into their drinks and ended up being robbed or violated. It may also happen that someone would mix different types of alcohol to make you drunk faster.

Remember that you will not find one definition of drinking alcohol safely, because every person reacts differently to alcohol. The best advice that you should always keep in mind is to be aware of your limits. Also, remember the tips provided above. If you stick to them, you will definitely enjoy your night more!


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