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Ever been at a loss for what to wear for your first date? Everyone wants to make the best first impression which is not wrong at all. First impressions last forever and you only get one chance! Relationships can be founded on first impressions so it's up to you to make sure that you look beautiful on that first date. The first date is an opportunity for you to forge a relationship or connection with your date.

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A few tips on how to ascertain you get a second date from your crush.

1. Do not go overboard on the makeup- it's so simple, too much make up is going to scare your date away! Ladies please keep it simple, use colors that compliment your skin tone. Make sure your hair is neat and well made. Keep in mind less is more.

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2. Don't were anything too sexy, strapless or extremely low cut- well, men are simple creatures and have difficulties focusing on the date or you if your skin is all out. It's very crucial to keep it classy for dinner dates, do not wear anything too revealing or else he will be focusing on everything else except your face. Through a man's eyes a woman in a dress looks more feminine and sexy.

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3. Were comfortable clothes, shoes etc- wear clothes that fit you perfectly and make you feel beautiful. When you are uncomfortable it will be difficult to hide it, even when having fun with your date. You will be in a rush to get back home and slip into much more comfortable attire. Being comfortable brings out your confidence too. Slip on a stunning comfortable pair of heels for that desirable feminine look. Your body is not a cloth hanger for displaying high fashion.

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4. Dress for the occasion-dressing up is fun, ladies love it and we use any excuses to get the glamour on! When meeting a guy for the first date, you do not under any circumstance want to make him feel awkward or uncomfortable by over or under dressing. Don't wear jeans or miniskirts to a dinner date. Don't wear a beautiful sequin dress and pearls for a burger and fries date either, it's absolutely unnecessary.

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5. Avoid wearing anything too trendy- a top or a dress that is made for the red carpet should definitely be kept for that purpose. Your new guy might not even recognize it. Just wear something comfortable but not too trendy ladies. Men care less about cloth labels. Whether Gucci or Prada he might not even be aware. Make sure that you flatter your best features though.

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6. Cleanliness and color- you should ascertain that your clothes are freshly laundered. You want to be near your date so don't make it awkward. Avoid masking dirty laundry with perfumes. Secondly choose colors that work best for you. Choose a dress that flatters your skin tone and don't be shy to ask for help from a friend.

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