Download and Play Flash Videos On Your PC

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We're going to demonstrate how to download and play flash videos on your PC. We'll mostly focus on applications for Windows, but some do work for Mac and Linux as well. We'll be discussing two browser-based extensions you can use to download flash videos straight to your PC, and then two programs you can use to convert flash video into a more common type of video file.

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    For Google Chrome, the extension is called FVD Downloader, which you can see right here. It's free and it has over 20,000 reviews. It's easy to use and very user-friendly. However, right now if you click on their reviews, there are forced ads that are put in the extension. This is what the author has tried to do to make more money. People generally hate it because ads are normally optional, but based on the reviews, they do not seem to be optional at this time. Although it's annoying and disappointing, it's still one of the best downloaders out there right now for flash for Google Chrome. There are plenty of other options, and those options are always changing.
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    Let's move on over to Mozilla Firefox. The one for Mozilla Firefox is very straightforward. It's called Download Flash and Video. It works for YouTube, Facebook, Daily Motion, Google Videos, and plenty of other things. It lets you download pretty much any flash file. They claim it even works for flash games, and it's very easy to use. As they show on the page itself, for most websites all you do is click on "Download Flash Video File" on the top right. It'll show you all the different flash files you can download there. Select whichever one you want.
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    Once you get all these flash video files, you need to be able to change them into a more common video format. That's where these programs come in.
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    As you can see, we're going to open up Windows Movie Maker. You just need to drop a video file in there, and it will automatically convert that into the program. From there, you can click on the top left and click "Save Movie". The movie will be saved as a more common type of video file. This process is not publishing the video, it's just converting the file to one that's used more often by other programs. This process is simple, but it doesn't support that many file types.
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    The next program we'll be discussing, VideoLAN, supports a huge variety of formats. It's just not quite as use friendly as Windows Movie Maker, but we'll get into that. VideoLAN, as you can see from the website here, is the program with the orange traffic cone. You may have seen it in some of the other articles VisiHow regarding this subject. It's a pretty simple music or video player that also lets you convert audio and video. Let's find out how to open the actual program first.
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    Click on Media, then Covert. Then you press Add - to add the file you want to convert, whether it's audio or video. Scroll down to the bottom to "Convert and Save," click on that. Click on "Destination" to choose where to save it to. The most important thing to remember is Profile right here. That's where you save your video or audio file into whatever type of file is going to work best for you. There's quite a variety of different audio/visual files you can convert it to, and for that reason and more, it's generally a very useful tool.
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    To summarize, you can use browser-based extensions to download flash videos, and once you download those flash videos you can use these programs to convert those video files into regular video files that you can use in a wider variety of programs. These are just recommendations. There are other things you can search for and find that will work as well. It's a good idea to check reviews and make sure they're not full of adware like the one mentioned earlier which had great reviews and was working well until recently.
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Thanks for watching this VisiHow video, and feel free to ask any questions.

Video: Download and Play Flash Videos On Your PC

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