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Genuine entertainment does not always need to come with a hefty price. If you are too broke for a trip to the theaters or to the movie stores, you can count on your good old buddy Internet to save your gloomy day. So long as you are connected to the web, you can access and download videos without paying. While there are a lot of ways to watch and download videos for free on the Internet, not all of them can be categorized as legal and legitimate. To help you steer clear of spam sites, and more importantly of copyright infringements, here are some legitimate steps on downloading videos legally without paying.

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    Check out free online movie archives
    These archives do not have the latest box-office hits, and mostly do not provide high-definition videos. However, with their enormous collection of media files, you might just find hidden gems that either made it to the mainstream, but a couple of decades back, or were simply not built for the mainstream. Here are some popular free movie archives on the web.
    1. The Internet Archive [1]. Loads of free media - yes media, not just movies - can be found in this sizable archive. The archive has more than a million videos and over 10,000 movie-related ones, including full-length films, documentaries and short films. Other categories of videos that can be found in this website are community videos, cartoons and animations, computers and technology, arts and music, cultural and academic films, news and public affairs, spirituality and religion, sports, television, v-logs and video games. Aside from videos, it also offers live music, audio, and text content similarly available for free and legal download.
    2. Entertainment Magazine On Line (Emol) [2]. If you'd like a dose of Charlie Chaplin or Bugs Bunny, Emol is exactly what the doctor ordered. While it also offers a couple of other movie genres, the site is mostly popular for its score of classic comedy and cartoon films available for free download. If you are looking for a funny trip down the classics lane, you should definitely give Emol a try.
    3. AngryAlien [3]. Well, you will not get free full-length movies here, but you might just get a laugh or two with free 30-second parodies of popular movies acted out by bunnies and other cartoon characters.
    4. PublicDomain Torrents [4]. If you are looking for a healthy stock of B-Movies, this site is for you. The movies are available as torrent files, so you will need to have a torrent program to download them for free.
    5. Mininova [5]. Once among the top torrent sites for copyrighted content, Mininova is now home to videos that are legally free to download. The torrent site removed any copyrighted content from its listings a few years back.
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    Install a Torrent Program and Download Torrent Files
    When people hear of torrents, they usually think of illegal downloads of movies, software and music among others. However, the Bittorrent technology, the underlying technology that makes sharing files via torrents possible, is as legal as it gets. A torrent file is the file that holds the information necessary for your movie or video download to commence. The video itself is not contained in this file. Torrent downloads work via a method called "peer-to-peer" or P2P. Your torrent program will download the video piece-by-piece from "peers" or other torrent users who have a copy of the video and make it available to the P2P network via a torrent program. Therefore, the availability and the speed of your torrent download will depend on the quality and quantity of "peers". Downloading torrents becomes illegal if you share or download copyrighted content. So how do you legally download movies via torrent for free? Here are the steps:
    1. Download and install uTorrent. This is a popular and lightweight program for downloading torrents. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android systems. You can download the application here: There are also good alternatives for this application like BitTorrent [6], Vuze [7] and ABC [8].
    2. Download a video torrent file from a legitimate source. Torrent files can be downloaded from many popular torrent sites. However, most of these sites host copyrighted content. To ensure that you are downloading a video that is free of copyright restrictions, only download torrents from PublicDomain Torrents or Mininova. Once you have downloaded the video torrent file of your choice, open it with your torrent program and start the actual video download. One advantage of torrent downloads is that even if you pause the download and shut down your computer, the download resumes from where it left off the next time you turn on your computer and start the torrent program.
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The site is selling it but I don't want to pay any money to them

You cannot borrow or lend these, as this is a commercial product. There are no free versions of the kit available legally. However, you might want to wait until holidays to get a discount when buying those at Sporty's Pilot Shop.

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How to download videos from manyvids?

I want to download videos from manyvids but I don't want to pay, please help. I have tried: Downloader which makes me do surveys. I think it was caused by: Don't know

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