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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Does pineapple juice clear your singing voice?

Pineapple juice has a natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe the throat. It can also prevent phlegm buildup in your throat. In addition to that, it can moisten and hydrate your mouth and your esophagus area. These benefits are very helpful in clearing your singing voice, but you should drink it two hours before singing, to fully feel the efficacy the juice gives. Pineapple juice also has vitamin C that can help you boost your immune system and prevent you from getting diseases, such as common colds and flu, which can damage your singing voice. Having problems of saliva production when singing? Having a hard time swallowing your saliva at the right time during your performance? If so, there is a solution for that, too. Pineapple juice can help reduce saliva production, which will help you sing continuously and smoothly. To consume pineapple juice properly, dilute it with lots of water and drink daily, or suck fresh pineapple fruit two hours before your performance.

Does eucalyptus oil clear a cracked voice?

Yes, it has been recorded as a way to clear a cracked voice but ensure that you use the recommended amount on your bottle for not all of these oils are made from the same company or brand meaning the dosage will change up for each brand so read carefully and take as instructed.

No, it is recommended that you not take anything that contains menthol or eucalyptus in it as an ingredient for it can cause your voice to sound deeper. I doubt that a singer would want to deepen their voice from where it is at this time of your singing expedition so stay away from these types of ingredients.

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Can chewing raw ginger help a cracked singing voice?

Yes chewing raw ginger can help restore your voice especially if you appear to have a cracked singing voice. Your voice could have been adversely affected by cough or laryngitis and it can be remedied by ginger tea or chewing raw ginger root strips like candy. Ginger root juice is known to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties to combat variety of illnesses. This is also known to relax and soothe throat muscles especially for those who tend to use their voices too much like singers, lawyers, or teachers. This also helps with digestion or those with acid reflux as this can also affect vocal quality.

How can a chorister take honey to clear her voice within one hour?

A chorister can mix honey with a hot cup of tea, especially green tea which is rich in antioxidants. The combination of tea and honey will help in soothing the throat, as well as clear away some phlegm or mucus, if there is any. However, make sure that when you select tea, you choose one that does not contain caffeine, as caffeine can actually make your vocal folds drier, thereby making it more irritated. Also, while the intake of honey together with beverages will provide some level of relief within an hour, this should not replace the importance of regular and continuous hydration. It is best to take in water more consistently, rather than just relying on the intake of throat syrups, honey, or other forms of lubrication right before or after you need to use your vocal cords.

You can simply mix it with the hot cup of tea. By combining the tea and the Honey, you can actually make an effective drink in which can help you sooth your throat before singing. And also, you will need to also drink up lots of water to prevent the dryness of your throat.

The ingredients in honey will help to relax the throat and promote better singing. This can help if the throat is swollen or tired from the constant singing. Taking honey will help to relieve swelling thus by relaxing the throat muscles.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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What does a chorister take to clear the voice after eating fried food?

Fried food is usually oily and it causes the vocal cords to feel rather sticky or have a sensation similar to having phlegm or mucus in it. It is best not to drink cold beverages right after eating, because low temperature causes the oil to solidify, therefore making it more difficult for the oil to leave your larynx. Hot beverages will aid in washing away these oils from your throat. The best comparison here is when you refrigerate a dish with beef to preserve it. Just a few minutes in the fridge and you will automatically see fat solidifying on top of the dish. That's how fat usually reacts with anything cold. Therefore, if you know for sure that you have eaten oily food, make sure you drink hot beverages immediately right after.

A chorister can take some of the following drinks in order to help clear up their throat:

1. Orange Juice

2. Apple Juice

3. Honey Tea

4. Spoonful of Honey

5. Lemon Juice

6. Lemon Tea

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What drug can I use to get my voice clear?

This depends. If you have allergies, you can use anti-histamine to help clear your voice. When you have cough, you can either take cough medicine or do it the old fashion way and drink a cup or two of boiled ginger or lemon juice in water with no ice. This helps clear the passageways of any mucus.But if you just wish to get a clearer voice, just practice and drink boiled ginger juice as it soothes the vocal chords as well. You do not really need any drugs to help get a clearer voice.

One drug that you can use in order to help aid your throat and breathing that can help clear your voice is Mucinex. This medicine can help in order to clear up mucus or phlegm in your body to help you to sing clearer.

What food or liquids help improve my singing voice?

Well I'm a good singer people have told me so and I always sing when I want to but sometimes my voice kinda dries out and hits wrong notes I just want to know some foods or liquids that can help me protect and improve my voice

You can try ginger tea or green tea to help improve your singing voice. They can help soothe your throat and will keep it from drying out. You can also drink pineapple juice with honey.

If the taste of raw ginger is bearable, you can use it like a candy.

Aside from these, you can also consider these fruit juices like apple, orange and lemon juice to help clear the throat.

Now that you know the foods and drinks that can help improve your singing voice, you also have to know those foods that you should avoid to have a good voice.

How to fully clear the passageway leading to my nose and mouth?

I've tried multiple times to clearly remove anything in the way of my throat and nose to give it my best in singing but even though my nose and throat is clear of mucus, and I have drank water a lot, there seems to be some sort of extra mucus up there in my nose but when I blow my nose again, nothing comes out. it's there I know because when I make squeaky noises and block my nose passageway I can feel it there. How do I get rid of the extra layer of mucus up my nose? It is ruining my vocals! HELP!

The best thing I can recommend would be to buy an over the counter sterile saline nasal spray. It will just help clear it all up. You should not need any of the kinds with medicine in them, the normal one will work fine.

Is pineapple good for choristers?

Yes, pineapple can be good for your overall and for your voice. Pineapple juice exhibits natural anti-inflammatory properties, can soothe your throat and prevent phlegm build-up. Pineapple juice can also help boost your immune system and keep from getting sick, and it can help stop overactive saliva production. Try to consume pineapple juice, or fresh pineapple a couple hours before singing to feel the full benefits.

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Does eating raw egg protect my throat because I am talking too much everyday . My job is an ESL teacher. Thank you?

Does eating raw egg protect my throat because I am talking too much everyday . My job is an ESL teacher. Thank you

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Please help as my career is on the line?

I am a singer and a salesman, I talk on the phone telemarketing 6 to 8 hours a day. My voice has not been right for over a year. I went to see a Doctor, he said that my vocal cords are burnt due to acid reflux. He prescribed me some antibiotics and predazone which helped temporarily. The doctor said that I don't have noddles. They diagnosed me with Laryngitis. I desperately need help with this problem

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I want to sing higher key but I find it more difficult, what can I do to attain that?

My voice is coming lower, what can I do make it to the normal level or even higher?

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