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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Long term (6 years) girlfriend cooks dinner for a guy friend?

My motive is to cope up with my jealousy issue. My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 years, and recently I even proposed to her and now we are engaged. So she is actually my fiancee (Wow). We are in a long-distance relationship for the past 2 months when she met this guy at work. She has been teaching him to cook, and she visits him at night on quite a regular basis in-order to cook dinner for him while teaching him. Other than that they have become very close, they went camping together, they have dinner parties and late night drives together. Sometimes there is one more girl or a guy with them, but sometimes it's just the two of them. When I visited her last month, I saw some bruises on her shoulder and she told me that; that guy held her tightly in one of their friendly fights. That was my jealousy breakdown point. The next day she introduced me to the guy and I tried to get to know him, but till now I am unable to cope up my issues. Am I overreacting? What should I do to make things right? I trust my girlfriend with my life, she is my soulmate, but I keep feeling weird about her and that guy. We even had a discussion about this, and her reasoning was that she wants to make new friends as that is how a relationship is enriched, and I fully agree with that. In-fact, I was the one who had suggested this earlier, but the line is getting crossed here? How to make things right, so that I do not feel weird about them and she also does not feel weird about me being weird about this.. I have tried: I tried to get to know that guy. Chatting with him, etc. I think it was caused by: No idea, but really need to solve it

The "friendly fight bruises" and camping trip are red flags and you have a valid reason to be wary. She is telling you that there is nothing going on between them and she is just teaches him how to cook and perhaps this is just a close friendship. You are trying to connect with this guy which is a great start to regaining your trust of her. She accepted your proposal recently which says that she is planning for a future with you. There is nothing wrong with expressing your concern to her that their friendship is close to crossing the line. Explain that you are happy she has a friend, but you need some boundaries, especially since right now while you are away.

Does my girlfriend like another guy? I love her and don't want to lose her?

Well we have been dating for 9 months now and we were friends before we started dating. One time I left for 2 months to help out with stuff and when I came back she was happy. a little while after I came back and we started dating she said after I left and we didn't talk she missed me and started to like me. Soon after that we started dating. But now about 9 months later one of her friends came back after them not talking for over a year and now she seems to be really happy talking to him. The other day she lied about who she was talking to and she seems to turn her camera on for him no problem. When they Skyped, but when I want her camera on it takes a bit. (were skyping right now because I'm in another state and the other guy is in England) I'm really worried she's starting to like him

If she is lying about contact with this other man, there is a developing issue in your relationship. The delay to answer your video Skype call does suggest that she was already using her camera to video Skype call someone else. This may be nothing other than your girlfriend reconnecting a friendship, but from your information, the most likely answer is that she requires attention and this person is filling the void at the moment. Providing attention from another state can be difficult. Here are some ways to provide attention to your girlfriend in a long distance relationship:

  1. 1
    Flood Her With Information
    Send good morning texts, several picture texts throughout the day, and your last thought of the night for a good night text. This will keep you constant on her mind and she will feel that you are thinking of her often.
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    Snail Mail Romance
    Write a love letter for everyday that you are away and send it to her. Pay attention to details and phrasing in these letters to express how much you long to be in her presence again.
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    Play Games
    You can each have a deck of cards and play war on Skype or play Words With Friends together while talking so that you feel you are both right there and can open a playful banter.
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    Laughter brings out the "warm and fuzzy" in everyone. Pick something from your day and twist it comically. Watch a YouTube video of your favorite comedians together. When all else fails...crazy animal videos always cause laughter.
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    Suggest that you both plan together a weekend away. This not only will be something to look forward to, but you will also have something to discuss that will involve you both for planning. Try to pick somewhere that you both have not been to so that you will be able to spend time with her searching online and sharing links and new information we learn about our partner excites us.
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Finally, be upfront with how you are worried about losing her. It is better to bring it up and clear the air rather than let it fester inside your imagination. You are just one state over and he is across the ocean so you have the advantage.

My girlfriend was bought beer and was dancing in some guy's room and when I came to take her, she went to say goodbye what is that?

Is she cheating on me or was I mistaken. I have tried: I tried to question her but she denies it all. I think it was caused by: I don't know yet

She was just being polite and saying goodbye to someone that she just met. There has probably been no connection between them and no reason to be jealous because after all, she went home with you.

I'm confused if my girlfriend likes her own brother?

Last year I saw that my girlfriend was holding his brother's hand, though I was beside her. When I asked her later on about that she replied that she didn't remember when she had done that. She also says that her brother looks better than me. They are very close since their childhood. How can I know if my girlfriend has an affair with her brother?. I have tried: I checked her WhatsApp and Facebook chats with her brother.. I think it was caused by: She does not love me that much.

Some families are far more touchy freely than others. Siblings also compliment each other all the time. For instance, I tell my youngest brother all the time how handsome he is. I do not do this because I have the "hots" for him, instead it is my way of encouraging him during his divorce after his wife had an affair. When she was holding her brother's hand last year it could have been for several reasons like he was anxious and she was providing comfort. It is not like she was making out with him in the corner of the room. Give her the benefit of the doubt. Deal with your insecurity. Why do you feel that she does not love you? She has been dating you for more than one year, so obviously she is into you.

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My girlfriend does not want me to put our pictures on social media, she says she wants to be low key?

My girlfriend does not want me to put our pictures on social media, she says she wants to be low key. I have tried: I told her I won't but I still did and she gets really mad, I don't know if she has another side boyfriend. I think it was caused by: I really don't know

Do you see another guy commenting or liking her personal pics all the time? Maybe she is just not ready to shout to the rooftops that she is in a relationship. On social media she has family, friends and possibly co-workers and perhaps keeping you secret gives her time to get to know you without all their questions and opinions about her love life with you.

She once lied to me, she once said she will be somewhere else instead she went to see another guy she knew from her cell phone, can this happen another time?

It was once when I tried to borrow money from her and she refused to give it to me personally instead she sent her friend to give it to me, she said she will sleep. But she went to the mall to see this other guy!

It is possible that she will lie and see someone else again. Unfortunately, she does not think you are in a serious relationship together, or she wants to see if there is someone better suited to her out there in the world. She lied to you and should be asking for your forgiveness. This was an elaborate lie where she included a friend in the lie as well. Be wary of her and try to clarify with her what type of relationship you are both in.

Does she like this guy she keeps texting?

My partner spend all her free time when I'm not around texting this guy, he likes her that is obvious, she stopped talking to him when I'm home because I asked her not to

Emotional cheating is one of the first ways that women cheat. Women usually do not immediately go into a physical relationship with another man before they feel that this man will fill some emotional void in their life. You have asked her to stop and she has not. Try a new tactic and throw her off her game by asking what this man has that you are not providing for her. If she says there is nothing, keep pushing the issue because there is something there that they feel the need to text about all day.

I saw her holding another guys hand, what should do?

She doesn't want to talk and the other day we just got back together. Now she's saying let's wait a few weeks. What should I do? I think she's manipulating me.

It sounds like you may be correct about being lied to. If your gut is telling you something is off, and you notice flaky behavior (especially holding some other guys hand...), taking a break might be the best option. Make it very clear that attempting to manipulate you is not acceptable.

Just needed to know whether my wife likes my friend?

We migrated to Australia and stayed with a friend of mine for 2 weeks before we moved to our new apartment. We all naturally grew very close, my family, him and his wife. My wife and my friend would constantly text chat and get quite close. There chat sessions would initially be around 6 to 7 times a day. He'd send her daily good morning messages informing her about the weather etc. I conveyed to her about my displeasure and things were not very good at home. I even checked her messages and found out that he kept deleting many snippets of their chat conversations. She told me that she was scared about what I would feel and hence deleted those messages. She always conveyed her love to me and almost takes care of every need of mine. He is always excited to meet her and makes all efforts that we should meet every weekend. I am not a phone person so I don't speak much on the phone, but he can have like 30-40 minute conversation with my wife. She also confides a lot of personal and family issues we have had in the past, what happens in the office etc. The real problem is also that since we didn't have a car, he'd take her for the weekly grocery shopping etc. They would spend about 2 to 3 hours out of home on a Saturday. This has happened at least on 6 to 7 occasions. Initially, when I put a stop to it, he would still want to meet up under some pretext or so. On one occasion, he also asked whether she would accompany him to a market, this was after I said no when he asked me if we all would like to join him. Things have quietened down considerably, but I still see a lot of effort from his side to be in touch and visit us. I almost think there must be a story to this and my wife has recently backed out of this, but there is still some sort of attraction and unfinished business from both ends. I have tried: I keep noticing both of them and conveying his actions to my wife to inform her that I was on constant vigil. I also put an end to the weekly shopping stuff that they both go for.. I think it was caused by: A lot of instant messaging I think, this made them get very comfortable with each other. Sometimes what you can't say, you can almost type in very easily. My wife has not been very truthful in this regard, but she probably wants to salvage the relationship as both families have gotten very close.

Okay, you have three possible scenarios here:

  • She felt the need to be friendly with him since he was providing her with rides to the grocery store. This situation would mean that she did not want to hurt him with any rebuffing and she let him basically chase her, but did not return the sentiment but instead just played the part to keep him happy.
  • They are friends and nothing else and he is just the type to be chatty and clingy and she is indulging him politely.
  • An affair definitely happened and you are right, she backed out after she realized she may lose you. Honestly, this hopefully is not the case.

The silver lining is that she backed off and showed you that, she values you more than any situation with him. Personally, my husband and I are friends with another couple. The husband occasionally texts me to ask how my day is going or to tell me something that he knows I would have interest in. However, it is not all the time, but more casual and I do not hide these messages from my husband, Truthfully I connect more with him than his wife on certain subjects and that is mainly what we discuss like matters of spirituality.

Am I wrong for being hurt by this?

There's this guy that has been talking to my girlfriend, he is her ex. She broke up with him after two days because he got too clingy too fast. Ever since I've started dating her, he's done everything in his power to manipulate her, lie to her, guilt trip her into spending all her free time with him, he even touches her. (She claims against her will, but I'm starting to wonder) now what do I do? Am I wrong for feeling so angry at him and hurt by her?. I have tried: I've tried talking to her about the feelings I have. (Jealousy, abandonment, etc.) but I'm not sure that it helped.. I think it was caused by: I think I caused this problem. The guy and I were acquaintances before she started dating him. When she left him we hit it off... Am I really at fault or am the other guy?

If you asked her out after she broke it off with this other guy then you are not at fault. It appears that maybe she thought she broke it off with the other guy too soon and is regretting her decision. You can't make someone hang out with you out of guilt for too long yet she keeps doing it. It is time for you to tell her to either completely ignore this other guy or you walk away. This way you will know for sure what her real intentions are. If she can't walk away from this other guy then there is definitely something there between them.

Is this okay in a relationship?

She may tend to ignore you and focus most of her attention on the other person. She will most likely talk to him about his life or interests, and she may even tell a little joke during the conversation. This is not to say that she will be literally all over him, but she will seem overly interested in what he has to say and about him in general. Also, she may agree with everything that he says about anything, or closely listens and acknowledge things that he says more than you or anyone else in the vicinity. The reason that she will blatantly pay more attention to him and ignore you is because she is subconsciously pretending in her mind that you two are not in a relationship. She may not do this on purpose, but her mind will more or less take over her actions without her noticing exactly what she is doing. In fact, if you were to question her about it, she probably wouldn't understand what you were talking about because she wasn't consciously aware of her behavior.

Some people are just overly polite. This is probably what she is doing by paying attention to the other person. If it bothers you that she is seeming to play little games, confront her and let her know that you are feeling ignored when she does this. She may not even realize it is bothering you or that she is doing something wrong.

I found her underwear in her car?

Is she cheating on me, I ask her and she said they were for me. She put them there when she was on her way to my house

Since they were her personal garments in her car, there is no need to worry if she is cheating. If they were new then she just purchased them. Trust her response that they were for you but keep your guard up if there are other signs that she is seeing someone else such as she has less time for you.

Hi can you help me sir, please help me, I want her back?

My girlfriend makes friends with more boys and always says about them ? And now a days she is not talking to me properly and when I call her on her mobile will be busy ?

It sounds like she is losing interest in the relationship. It is easy to fall into a routine in a relationship. Look for ways to do something exciting to keep her interested. Do not make an issue of the friends she is making. Instead offer to meet them all so you can hang out as a group. Show her that you are interested in being involved in her social circle.

What should I do, tell me the best solution which can judge me?

Actually I am from Nepal staying in Qatar. from last one month I am loving one Filipino girl. she is also working in Qatar. our taking is always going on okay. my question is that there is no definition that how much I love her... and she know it very well. but problem is that she has a boyfriend she love more than her life. and my feeling what it is saying if she is loving someone else let her to love don't give any stress in her life. but I can't stop loving her... there is one question it is eating to my mind. I know one day she will go. and I become alone .. so before she go I should stop talking her or I should continue my love eventually knowing that she love other guy.. . . "what kinds of relation is this.... your and mine. she never can accept me. and I'm the one who never can forget her". Still we always talk but she love someone else not me ... she has only feeling for me as a friend just only friend nothing else, bit I love her ... one day if she goes what I do? so before she goes what is the best solution for me before getting hurt

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What do I do in this situation?

Girlfriend is a little flirty with a guy friend, she use to like him, but he kind of brushed her off at the time and since now that we're together, he said that he liked her and she kind of said along the lines "you don't like me" as if she was playing hard to get but also reassured me nothing would ever happen between the two.

Now I know this may seem like a case of just trust her, but I don't see how she couldn't just completely friend-zone him to avoid the "confusion" I suppose but I feel like she feeds into his lust and flirts back Also, this happens behind my back and I only found out because a close friend told me about it

We always want what we can't have. This guy is absolutely after your girlfriend and unfortunately she is walking right into his trap. Guys like this will chase you until you finally run into them. They drop you like a hot potato the second you give hint that you are interested back in them. Especially since he brushed her off before you two were together. The fact that you had to hear about this second hand means that you need to tell her to make a choice of him or you and if she chooses him, when he drops her there is no take backs. Hopefully having her face a direct choice will make her realize what this guy is up to.

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