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Backup Data on Samsung Galaxy S5

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Does the Galaxy S5 store data on the actual phone or the SIM card only? Which one?

My screen is completely black due to the cracked screen and I can't see anything. Before I exchange it, I would like to know which part of the phone my photos are in -- the phone itself or the SIM card. Which one?

SIM cards cannot store anything other than contacts and your carrier account information. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is, however, capable of storing photos, videos, music, and other files on a microSD card. If you have a microSD card, some files may be stored there, depending on how you set it up when you inserted the microSD card. If you didn't purchase a microSD card for your Galaxy S5, all of your data will be on your phone. If you didn't use a password to get into your phone, you can download Samsung Kies 3 to backup your data so that you can restore your data on your new Galaxy S5. If you did set up a password for your device, you won't be able to use Kies to backup your data.

I am backing up my data on Kies and it says that I can't back up my videos and pictures until I un-hide them, how do I un-hide my videos and pics in order to back them up to Kies?

I am backing up my phone to Kies and I need to back up my videos and pictures and it says that I need to un-hide my pics and videos first how do I do that. I have tried: I tried googling how to un-hide my videos and pictures and no positive result yet hence I am here. I think it was caused by: Maybe they should give an option in Kies in order to back up videos and pictures without having to un-hide them

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I want an application that will allow 100 % data backup and restore without rooting my phone?

Most of the software I have checked require a rooted phone to allow this action. I want my new phone to contain all of the settings, home screens, data, documents, etc., to look exactly the same when restore the smartphone.

Unfortunately, rooting is required to obtain a decent back-up image of the smartphone. The best solutions for non-rooted back-up can be Helium - App Sync and Backup with its second part of installation located on the computer: you will have to download both to back up your device. Also, G Cloud Backup has an expansive list of backed up items without rooting your smart device.

I get a message 'Unable to back up' - 3 days since last backup?

I've been getting this for a long time now, and not sure what is having a problem being backed up. I'm planning on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S6 that's sitting in the box but I want to make sure I'm all backed up and that everything will automatically get loaded onto my new phone.


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When I backup through Kies its fails to backup applications?

I want to backup my phone and format and reinstall as I keep getting different screen pop ups and sometimes the phone acting funny by launching application of its own when I click on an application. Also when I am on phone sometimes a different application is launched. Just a little confused what is wrong.

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